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If you’re sick of pinky hearts and already throw your lungs out every time you see any Valentine-related items, then you surely should try the Tainted Love Hunt. Starting point in ::Yellow JesteR:: and hints this way.

I became more and more selective in the hunts I follow – there’s no point in stuffing one’s inventory with crappy things or wasting one’s time opening boxes which content goes straight to the trash can, right ? So there, this one seems totally worth my time and even though I have jsut started, the first designers and stores were “must haves”. Ah, right, also I was conquered by the notecard introducing this hunt, which runs like this:

” The Tainted Love Hunt, a hunt whose theme is everything but the nice romantic love St. Valentines Day celebrates; obsessional love, love of pain, loving someone to death, the love of the suicide pact, these are the types of themes this hunt will explore. Having said that, we’ve collected some of the brightest (darkest) and best designers in Second Life, so if anyone takes offense it will at least be caused by an item of the highest quality.”

Can you resist a presentation like this one? Well… I couldn’t! hehehe and up to now, I’m really happy that I didn’t, hehehehe 😉

I just hope that you enjoy it and have as much fun as I am having. The object is a hard one so you better start it right now, cause it will be over by the end of the month! *smooches

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With so many Valentine’s item being constantly released all over the grid, I had my task very much easied by another of Clio Cardiff’s releases: the naughty Drousilla dress.


The pictures display the red version. Hope you’re able to notice the lovely assymetrical drawn lace work and how the skirt flows nicely around one’s legs (gloves and stockings are not a part of the outfit, though). The folder includes the perfect underwear allowing you to wear this outdoors as well – but follow my advise and give it a try without any of those beneath the actual dress… and be prepared to see your special one drooling over you…


❤ Is it too early to wish you Happy Valentine’s Day ? Mmm… oh well, sorry about that, you’ll just have to put up with my romantical moods I guess *winks

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