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No, my monthversary gift wasn’t the sun – though Petros takes me to the moon every night. Then again, you see, it’s not too hard to keep a girl happy, even when she insists on writing silly wish lists just to confuse her partner, hehehe

What’s the secret ? The most obvious of them all – keep it simple ! In my case, it totally made my day to be led to one of my favourite stores (League, in this case) and be asked… to choose whatever I wanted, hehehe

And since this is one situation where a girl should never be shy… so I did, LOL. I chose a set which is sold separately, thus allowing us to match a top with leggings. I had drooled over it during previous visits, but had always bought something else instead – so this was my chance, I made a party out of it and took home three different tops and some new leggings.


YAY! I do love you, babe !! *grabs Petros’ hand and drags him home, closing the door behind the two of us*


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Wish list

Apparently, someone was in great trouble yesterday. To ease your day, babylove, here goes my wishlist :

* sun * beach * a house in Bora Bora * four homestead sims where I can build the swamp of my dreams and disappear for three months while displaying objects randomly around * work from home * double pay-check at the end of the month (so I could afford tiers of said homestead sims) * a lawyer to take care of my pending issues on the basis of a final percentage over my reimbursement * dinner at “O Madeirense”, my favourite restaurant

See ? Now you cannot complain, you have eight whole items where to choose from… and no, don’t need to thanking me for making your life so much easier – you know I do it all for love !! ❤

Ah! If anyone else feels an unexpected generous mood, I am not picky as to who is offering, hehehehe *winks*

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