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In spite of AnaLu‘s too kind words, I am no master in terraforming, lol – or in anything else, for all that matters. However I do enjoy explore and see what I am able to do with the tools I have at hand. Usually, the results don’t really match the images in my mind, which only proov my poor technical skills.

But – one thing is certain, I am never happy with what I do and always think I could do better. I often envy other people’s skills and talent, and wish I had at least some myself. I recognise that I was gifted with imagination and critical perspective but often doubt that will lead me anywhere, hehehe

My recurring insatisfaction was, obviously, the genesis of Ephemeria. A few months ago, Petros insisted that I should install Torley’s windlight settings (yes, I am always that late in my findings, lol) and from that moment on, I started looking at the in-world with different eyes. I also installed gimp and began a self-learning journey which made me dance a bit around the fashion world, then I wanted to go further.

Some shoots across the grid were not that bad and I finally opened a flickr account. Then, as I captured a place here and a moment there, I began wishing this tree was taller, that coast was smoother, and that other mountain was higher… or lower, LOL. From there to messing up our home’s place was just a small step, but then I felt I was not being fair to our neighbours, hehehe (ah yes, 100Limite was this close from having really odd terrain textures, looool)

Finally, I found this island… which had been named in a way that I thought translated much of the whole concept of Second Life. Time is something we all deal with, constantly. Having a first and a second life, tends to push our time management skills to the limit and gives us a different look over the temporary nature of buildings and relationships – in short, Ephemeria was simply the perfect name for what I had in mind.

Lucky me, I have this guy by my side who fancies me as I am, LOL. He gave me the strenght and support to go ahead with it… and to keep it in spite of my [temporary doubts] hehehe.

And this is how I am now able to create the landscapes that are born inside of me, and then shoot them the best I can. This allows me to manage the whole creative process, from the scratch to the final image. Many of them can be seen in the Temporarium flickr group – we will welcome any photos of the place that reflect your own interpretation of the objects that I have carelessly droped on the land. Feel free to join in and add your images.

As for me…

I will keep painting the drops raining from my imagination

Ephemeral collection - Painted drops


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“Typhoon Ondoy [Ketsana] in Black September – The worst storm in 50 years hits Metro Manila triggering floods, landslide, power outage and stranding people in rooftops and malls. The storm kills 72 and hundreds missing. About 400 mm [15.75 inches] of rainfall in just 6 hours. The president declared a state of calamity.”

This weekend our friends in and out of Second Life™ were badly affected by the typhoon flooding in the Philippines. Miabella Foxley, Shai Delacroix and Kriss Lehmann are setting up a collection in SL that will be directly donated to the Philippine Red Cross. We are asking our friends and contacts to please help us raise money for the Filipino residents that were victimized by Typhoon Ondoy/Ketsana.

Donations will be accepted via a kiosk at Botanical, as well as Casa Del Shai and other locations. You can also donate directly at the Red Cross Philippines website link below. As I also reside in the Philippines, I will be personally donating 50% of all Botanical sales made in the next two weeks to local Filipinos who are in need of assistance.

Please take a moment and help make a difference to those who have lost their houses and possessions from the flooding.


Botanical @ Straylight
Casa del Shai

Thank you for your generosity,
Kriss Lehmann, Botanical Owner

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Quckie tip (part II)

Don’t take my word for granted, watch for yourself *smiles*


Complete outfit from Mix & Match, a special created for the S.O.S Hunt. Shoes included. Hair is from Lamb, and skin from Curio. Yay, I feel girlish, lol!

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A quickie tip…

… if you aren’t doing the Subtleties of Summer gridwide hunt – well, you should, hehehe

It ends at the end of the month, so you better hurry 😀

As usual, all the great tips to make your task easy are in the amazing The Hunt Locations blog – enjoy!

(yes, I took a break from Ephemeria… but just a short one, lol)

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Not going to comment any of it, but it surely made me think about a couple of things. Not being online as often as I used to, surely I now have another perspective of the in-world. No doubt it brings us all many things, many experience, expertise of new skills, and opens up our eyes to a lot of things that used to hang around us in more or less unoticeable ways.

I am not going to get into philosophy in here… just read this. It is a perspective. A way to look at it. A way to live it. And a way to die as well.

Carmen Hermosillo – A Virtual Life. An Actual Death:

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Someone should really do a machinima with this song:

It’s a re-interpretation of an old Amalia fado. A perfect song, deserving a special hommage in-world, i would say.

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With so many things happening at the same time at different levels, it has been hard to even find the mental availability to shoot anything in-world with which result I am at least reasonably pleased.

Today, though, I woke up and had one of my epifanies. And this is the result:

Ephemeral piano

Ephemeral - Greeters

By the way, even though the place has also suffered with my lack of time and inspiration, please feel free to visit the cluttered Ephemeria 🙂 Sometimes, good ideas come in the worst time possible… and this was the case. I only hope that me and Petros are able to keep it up for some more time so we can actually build our dreams in there .

Note: the pictures above were barely edited. In fact, we have so many tools in-world that most of the time all we have to do is… use them ! LOL

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