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It’s been a while. In between work and family, guess I have been sleeping. I have like a decade or so of sleep to catch up, so I am now sleeping for 10 hours in a row… and it looks like I needed that very much. One of these days I might just write a whole post on depression and the burn-out syndrome, but for the moments these are two subjects I try to keep out of this blog. I start to feel people are awaking to the consequences of pushing themselves over the limit, and that would be the reason for me to write it, much more than grumbling about any imaginary or real misery that may have happened to me, lol.

Moving forward – a major piece of information. If you’re still not aware of the Spring Bazaar going on, well you should immediately run… I mean, teleport, obviously, lol – well, just go there, ok ? Hope that, like me, you’re able to find all your favourite designers there *winks. Don’t forget to grab all the 1L$ Easter Eggs along the way, most of them are really a catch ! And did I mentioned every items there are 50L$ or less ? I did not ?? Oh my, shame on me! Anyway, that’s how I ended up with two almost similar Scribble outfits, hehehe… Aren’t they simply awesome ?

There’s a lot of other matters wandering around in my mind, but I rather keep it simple and will split all of that into several different posts – just as far as I can keep myself awake, writing is something that simply can’t be kept inside of me 😀

Until there, do yourselves a big favour and enjoy every minute of your lives, deal ?

Fashion details:
Hair: [ Love Soul ] Hair color sample-Auburn (hence the tag, but I surely love this hair, lol)
Skin: Touche’ Bria Tan – Cornflower
Outfits:~Scribble~ May Flowers Dress Prim (left side) and ~Scribble~ April Showers Dress (right side)
Flats: [astraia] Peep Flat
Poses by esme for (pda)

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I have not been able to manage all my lives within the 24 hours period that we are offered each day *smiles*. Had this meeting abroad (Budapest is such a lovely romantic city, I truly recommend it if you’re looking for a travel destination) and then upon my arrival my son was ill with the flu. It turned out that both him and me had to stay home until mid of next week.

With the upcoming moving to another house that was supposed to be a good thing, considering all pros and cons, right ? Well, not really, LOL. I always get very tired after those meetings, since it implies really looong hard working days, and coming back to balnk nights with my kid coughing all the time simply torned me apart. On top of that, I had to take care to a bunch of things related to the move and there… I’m sure that by now you’re able to imagine the whole movie, lol.

With not much time in-world, I still was able to take some minutes and had a quick shopping spree on Friday. Have I told you about Scribble ? One of the bestest sims in-world, a unique design offering visitors an atmosphere that I didn’t find elsewhere. I keep discovering different amazing details each time I set my feet there… and I couldn’t wait to dress up in one of their most recent creations.

Hope you like it as much as I do:

Fashion details:
Skin: Curio,:GP: Petal FREX [Light] April-Redbud 1
Hair: [ Love Soul ] Hair+Cap*003
Outfit: Scribble~Scribble~ Lodge Sweater / Skirt
Stockings: a piece of candy – lally light grape
Boots: !STC Suede Boot Coffee
Shot @ Spear Island

Ah! Brrrrr it’s darn cold outside!

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One of these hunts we’ve been doing in-world led us unexpectadly to Scribble. At first, it was the funny things at the Home of Sanu store that caught our eyes…


Then, we had a look outside, and before we knew it, we had climbed up the tree – which often happens to us anyway, hehehehe…


From up there we had no problems sighting the cats having their japanese favourite meal..


They were the ones pointing us a quiet spot down at the beach…


Wondering over the soft waves, we became aware of this huge dark building. Curiousity grew stronger than lazyness and we headed there. The travel seemed to last for hours. What had seemed to be a near place revealed itself a huge commercial complex at the end of a long hard walking path. The midday sun shined bright and harsh, the day turned so hot I had to jump on the first bath tube I found…


Feeling freshened up and ready for some more emotions, I followed Petros out – only to immediately fall in love with… Scribble mannequins !


A closer look revealed they were everywhere in the place ! In each corner I laid my eyes on, I spoted one, then another. Each an individual personality, each a different feeling…


I was so much in shock and awe looking at them that I only realized we had become mannequins ourselves when it was already far too late to scream for help…


A spell had been cast upon us. We became still mannequins on a window sill, doomed to look at those other human beings coming and going as they please. Will we ever be able to escape from this frozen reality and catch hold of our lives again ?

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