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I have had my ups and downs. These last couple of years, well, I was mostly down, and didn’t even bothered much in hiding my state of mind, even though this blog and Second Life™ have been quite efficient ways to drift me away from a series of events that are yet far from being over.

This day, I feel balance coming closer by the minute. And even though I am not very much into advising (being opinative is quite a different thing, lol) I decided to share some of the scatered lessons life has taught me during these recent times. Who knows, they may be useful to others. If not, well, they will no doubt be useful for myself since from now on I will be able to come here and remind me of some important matters:

So here it goes, a bit of my acquired experience:

* Each one of us is the only responsible for our own lives. Therefore, don’t let any one else, whoever that person may mean to you, take control over it. Just don’t. Or you’ll be seriously f***ed up, sooner or later.

* Love yourself in the first place. And in the second. AND in the third. Even if you’re a parent, understand that your child(ren) are human beings on their own and that they will learn their own lessons, in spite of all the efforts you may develop to protect them.

*Love for the others will come as a result. Others will love you as a result of you loving yourself.

*But. Love comes and love goes. In the broader sense of the conceipt, this applies to all types of relationshis. I regret to inform, feelings don’t last forever and they change along the time. Thus, on one side don’t ever take no one or anything for granted in your life. But then again, be also ready to accept that the people you rely upon may just turn their back on you whenever you need most.

*Listen to yourself. Carefully. Your body always has a word to say, your heart as well. Then, follow the paths they show you – and yes, I am aware that far too often they say opposite things, so…. give them both a try, then go back and start all over again.

*Be yourself. Each and every moment. Don’t blame yourself if something went wrong, cause blame is just a social conceipt rooted inside our personalities to keep us “in line”. We all make mistakes, but most of the time we just do whatever we need to do at a certain point. Life is not a popularity game, those who really care will be there for you exactly as you are. The others, pfffft… if they are not, it’s just a sign they were not worth of it.

*Find professional help if needed. Not one of us is a superman or a wonderwoman and therapists are not only for “insane people”. They actually help you find your way back to yourself, when you are at a lost (edited and added after talking to a friend, thought this was really important too).

*Most of all, try not to give up. It is hard and I know it from my own experience – often, it really feels much easier just to let everything drown around. However, there are always ways to go back and start anew. Happiness comes from the inside of you, not the other way round. So… look for things or people that fulfill your soul and give you good vibes. Learn from them, grow up each day and yes, you’re fully entitled to to whatever you feel or need to do with your life – because you are a human being.

Every angel inside and thank you rio for being such an inspiration


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As I move forward and learn about the world I realize that in this after-life of mine all I can do is sharing my weak wisdom with the younger ones who still struggle to find themselves and drop on them some useful insights, such as the importance of free-choice. After all, life is just a travel through self-knowledge, and it’s up to each one to choose where to go, when, how and with whom.

Thus, if you want to live, open yourself and let the world come into you. Invite people around you to set home in your heart and pick up some divinity to live in your soul. After that, you will only need to let yourself go. Don’t be afraid of hurting or being hurt – it won’t kill you and it won’t kill the ones around you, it will merely teach you all some lessons about life itself. You will fall, for sure, but you will get up on your feet sooner or later. Face the unknown and challenge it to play with you. And before you know it, you will see how fulfilling it all can be.

Above all – don’t waste too much time thinking. Some of the replies are too complex for us to understand their full meaning, so there’s really no point on asking the questions. Therefore, stretch your wings and breathe in and out, deeply. Silent your mind and open your heart… you’ll do just great !

(so, you may ask, what skills do I have to teach classes on Life ? Well, I’ve been there and I’ve learnt – hope that is enough. No, I am no Guru nor have any diplomas. But I’ve been paying attention for the last 42 years and now – while I wait for the next stage to come – is where I have time on my hands to at least try to help you keeping ghosts and fears out of the way :P)

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