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Home in SL

Today I returned home in SL. To be totally honest, I cannot quite remember how long had it been since the last time I had been there. For the last couple of months I’ve been passing most of my time in-world at Ephemeria – which no longer exists as I built it.

Life has its own timings, I guess. In a way, it is curious that the same day I signed a new rental in FL, I also receive a note from my SL landlord saying I was delayed in paying the tiers, which I had totally forgotten to do. It’s great that at ACS theya re very organized, that way I could simply remove my things and abandon the land.

Anyway, I couldn’t help finding it a bit odd that I was writing dismissal letters both in FL and in SL. With a mixed feeling of sorrow and hope I became conscious that I am moving on and choosing my path, which I expect will be healthier and happier than this last stage of my life.

In SL, I am obviously keeping my home and land in 100Limite and have no intentions of letting it go. At ground level, I might have my neighbours complaining about my sometimes odd tastes in landscaping and building, but there’s where I will now set up the scenarios for my pictures.

In FL, I am finally going back to a proper appartment, after a year and half in a temporary location which was my refuge from a world that I sensed as a threat but actually looks more like a bunker than like a home, lol. My future bedroom will have TWO windows, and oh boy for someone who hasn’t seen much of the day light at home this is a luxury!

But in a way, I am sorry to leave from there. My current landlord is the mother of a dear friend whom I first met in-world. They were a huge help and probably saved my life… and I mean it literally. They gave me a place to hide when my whole life came apart and my fears overwhelmed my senses.

It’s time to move on, however. Now that I finally accepted that my ex-partner is dishonest enough to want me to pay half the house while he asks the court to grant him the whole place with no reimboursement to me, I had to face the fact that I totally misjudged him and for eight years was able to love him and his daughters dearly. I guess that we all make those kinds of mistakes, once in a while in our lives. In a way, I pity him for not being able to support himself and his family and for having to take advantage of other people in order to fulfil his basic needs.

Me, on the other hand, I am on my feet again, in spite of his attempts to bring me down. I am being helped to trust myself again, and I was lucky enough to find this amazing guy who has been standing by my side in so many dark moments, supporting me in every possible way.

Bah, I didn’t intend o write such a long post lol. I belive I needed to landmark the moment, that’s all. I have my head full of images of my new place now and yeah, some of them are a bit… different, let’s say hehehe. In time and with a lil help I will be able to set it up the way I would like it to be. We shall see. Yesterday, I was smiling just before I fell asleep… you know the feeling when you’re coming back home ?

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In spite of AnaLu‘s too kind words, I am no master in terraforming, lol – or in anything else, for all that matters. However I do enjoy explore and see what I am able to do with the tools I have at hand. Usually, the results don’t really match the images in my mind, which only proov my poor technical skills.

But – one thing is certain, I am never happy with what I do and always think I could do better. I often envy other people’s skills and talent, and wish I had at least some myself. I recognise that I was gifted with imagination and critical perspective but often doubt that will lead me anywhere, hehehe

My recurring insatisfaction was, obviously, the genesis of Ephemeria. A few months ago, Petros insisted that I should install Torley’s windlight settings (yes, I am always that late in my findings, lol) and from that moment on, I started looking at the in-world with different eyes. I also installed gimp and began a self-learning journey which made me dance a bit around the fashion world, then I wanted to go further.

Some shoots across the grid were not that bad and I finally opened a flickr account. Then, as I captured a place here and a moment there, I began wishing this tree was taller, that coast was smoother, and that other mountain was higher… or lower, LOL. From there to messing up our home’s place was just a small step, but then I felt I was not being fair to our neighbours, hehehe (ah yes, 100Limite was this close from having really odd terrain textures, looool)

Finally, I found this island… which had been named in a way that I thought translated much of the whole concept of Second Life. Time is something we all deal with, constantly. Having a first and a second life, tends to push our time management skills to the limit and gives us a different look over the temporary nature of buildings and relationships – in short, Ephemeria was simply the perfect name for what I had in mind.

Lucky me, I have this guy by my side who fancies me as I am, LOL. He gave me the strenght and support to go ahead with it… and to keep it in spite of my [temporary doubts] hehehe.

And this is how I am now able to create the landscapes that are born inside of me, and then shoot them the best I can. This allows me to manage the whole creative process, from the scratch to the final image. Many of them can be seen in the Temporarium flickr group – we will welcome any photos of the place that reflect your own interpretation of the objects that I have carelessly droped on the land. Feel free to join in and add your images.

As for me…

I will keep painting the drops raining from my imagination

Ephemeral collection - Painted drops

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With so many things happening at the same time at different levels, it has been hard to even find the mental availability to shoot anything in-world with which result I am at least reasonably pleased.

Today, though, I woke up and had one of my epifanies. And this is the result:

Ephemeral piano

Ephemeral - Greeters

By the way, even though the place has also suffered with my lack of time and inspiration, please feel free to visit the cluttered Ephemeria 🙂 Sometimes, good ideas come in the worst time possible… and this was the case. I only hope that me and Petros are able to keep it up for some more time so we can actually build our dreams in there .

Note: the pictures above were barely edited. In fact, we have so many tools in-world that most of the time all we have to do is… use them ! LOL

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Dead is final. Or not.

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but unable to go to bed before posting this, LOL.

Not sure yet about this terrain, LOL

Not sure yet about this terrain, LOL

Welcome to Ephemeria

Ephemeria - terraforming

Still terraforming, but could not resist planting a couple of things before heading to bed. Feel free to have a feeling of the place if you want to… tomorrow it will probably be a bit different, hehehe

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Raw Ephemeria


There is a place where time has no meaning. Where time may be whatever we wish it to be. A past time. or a time there never existed before. A paralel time, or time of other planets, where the day lasts for longer. Maybe even a stuck time, a frozen frame that we wish to never erase from our minds or souls.

Something totally different…

Yes, there is such a place in-world – it’s called Ephemeria, and even if it doesn’t look like something grand now… it will, LOL

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