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Wish there was a place I could complain about the day having a mere 24 hours that rush through us almost unoticed… And I know it seems I have been very very quiet lately.

But oh no, not really lol. In fact, I’ve been doing something that left me quite excited (and I’m not exactly talking about the two international meetings I will have to attend in the next couple of weeks due to my Fl work, LOL)-

Anyway, I thought I better post anything at all… even though there’s a somewhat long post about something that’s been bothering me lately yet to be published…

For the time being, I leave you with this latest look, my best wishes of a lovely weekend and the promise that you’ll be hearing a bit about my adventures in a short while !

Ah! Can you please do me a favour and take advantage of each and every lil moment of joy that crosses your path ? Many thanks !

Hair: \LoQ/ Leah – Cherry
Skin: Curio :GP: Petal Frex [Light] Beach-Coral 1
Necklace: *Just Me* Funny Bow Grey
Bangle: 37-bracelet-forearm(BK2+W)
Dress: !STC Bella Red 1 60L Weekend Special!
Shoes: Stiletto Moody Pinup (Black Patent Python)
Pose by [LAP]

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Yeah… I haven’t been writing much, I know. You see, I don’t know exactly why but I always tend to write much less whenever I feel happy – and this has been a particularly happy season for me in my FirstLife, which not only lets me less available to be in-world but also leads me to do other things 🙂

Anyway, I felt that I could at least bring what may be my last post of the year, and thus I looked for something that could communicate how comfy it is to be here where I am. That is, in my new home both in-world and in FL 🙂

I know I wished you all already a lovely Christmas Season, but I wanted to add: above all, in this time of the year, I hope that you are able to share yourself with those that you love and have some days off filled with joy and peace. Have a look inside of you and pay attention to what your heart is saying, than follow its way, that would be my best Christmasy advise to you.

Exactly what I am doing at the moment.

My heartly friendship to all of you who come around for some news once in a while and please, please… be HAPPY, will you?

Fashion details:
Skin: Curio :GP: Petal Frex [Light] Beach-Coral 2
Hair: fri.day – Jennifer – Passionate Red
Outfit: *League* Grandad Braces with the new Thermal mix’n’match pieces
Undertee: fri.day – Basic Cami (White)
Jewelry set: MIEL LUN
Boots: Maitreya Billow Boots – Cherry

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I have not been able to manage all my lives within the 24 hours period that we are offered each day *smiles*. Had this meeting abroad (Budapest is such a lovely romantic city, I truly recommend it if you’re looking for a travel destination) and then upon my arrival my son was ill with the flu. It turned out that both him and me had to stay home until mid of next week.

With the upcoming moving to another house that was supposed to be a good thing, considering all pros and cons, right ? Well, not really, LOL. I always get very tired after those meetings, since it implies really looong hard working days, and coming back to balnk nights with my kid coughing all the time simply torned me apart. On top of that, I had to take care to a bunch of things related to the move and there… I’m sure that by now you’re able to imagine the whole movie, lol.

With not much time in-world, I still was able to take some minutes and had a quick shopping spree on Friday. Have I told you about Scribble ? One of the bestest sims in-world, a unique design offering visitors an atmosphere that I didn’t find elsewhere. I keep discovering different amazing details each time I set my feet there… and I couldn’t wait to dress up in one of their most recent creations.

Hope you like it as much as I do:

Fashion details:
Skin: Curio,:GP: Petal FREX [Light] April-Redbud 1
Hair: [ Love Soul ] Hair+Cap*003
Outfit: Scribble~Scribble~ Lodge Sweater / Skirt
Stockings: a piece of candy – lally light grape
Boots: !STC Suede Boot Coffee
Shot @ Spear Island

Ah! Brrrrr it’s darn cold outside!

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Often, one thing leads to another. This time, I got curious about this store called fri.day… and the lovely hair made me finally change clothes hehehehe.

That… and the fact that I was exhausted last night and fell to sleep at 9 pm. I guess that was the reason why I woke up at 4.30 am today. Oh well, just in time to jump into the shower and get ready to another working day.

Skin: Curio
Hair: fri.day
Dress: Tyranny Designs
Jewelry: Miel
Flats: Lassitude & Ennui

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My favourites

Once in a while I like to dress a bit classy. And no, nothing to do with gowns… which I only remind using when I was a hostess at Sweethearts, lol. I am usually to lazy to dress up, that is the truth. Sometimes, though, I am lucky and somehow the things that I digg up in my inventory seems to match really nicely.

As it was the case today – with some of my favourites from Sn@tch, Lamb and Curio *smiles

Feeling classy

Skin: :Curio: :GP: Petal FREX [Dark] April-Redbud 1
Eyes: *YourSkin* – EyeReal_brownut
Hair: !lamb. Stargaze – Mango
Outfit: :::Sn@tch Le Jazz Hot:::
Tattoo: **BE**FlutterMe Tat
Flats: Deviant Designs, Black Keys Flats

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