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It looks like Alice has left Wonderland for a while a decided to pay me a short visit these days. For one, there is this new Tim Burton movie with my fave actor Johnny Depp which I will surely not miss. Then, my dear friend anjali Insoo who had visited Never Never spotted this very cute outfit at BareRose and thought I might like it (I am trying hard to keep the sim away from the Alice theme, but it keeps coming back over and over, what can I do? lol). She was awfully kind and offered it to me… and you know what ? She was SO right, lol! I totally loved it and spent hours deciding on how to show it, since it not only comes in two colours (purple and red), it also has all sorts of layer options and both a skirt and short pants versions.

I finally decided on the purple skirt ensemble, and there you go… only I also had this lovely hair to show off and the rabbit told me he would keep my hat so I trusted him. Hmmm – hope he won’t flee away with it, hehehe.

Finally, before I forget, I am again wearing one of Tyranny Designs‘ amazing skins. My current favourites, and yet so many options lacking in my inventory, lol. But I haven’t lost faith and know that bit by bit all the fatpacks will be MINE!

Note: anji, I hope you have the outfit as well, ‘cuz I still want to shot that picture of both of us!

Fashion details:
Hair: [OH]::: (o_x)::: oh my ramen
Skin: .::Tyranny Designs:: Dinah in Fall – Toast -umbra –
Outfit (all included): ::: B@R ::: Lady Hatter (I am not wearing the hat, and the outfit also includes a short pants version)
Shoes: Stiletto Moody Pinup (Black Patent Python)
Pose: [LAP]


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It’s been a while since Miss Clio Cardiff launched her last release. So I was really happy to notice recently that she was coming back drawing her immaginative creations. Besides the nice floating feeling of her skirts which I have highlighted before, no doubt I love it when she flies away and is not afraid of putting together some unusual colour schemes.

It is the case with “Papillon”. That skirt does fell like you have wings growing from your hips. And the theatrical appearance of that, oh gosh, it was finally my chance to take that Vanity hair out of the drawer hehehehe

It looks like some more things are coming out frm this front, so I’m refraining my impatience, LOL

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New boots!

It’s a widely known fact that women have this particular relationship with their feet… or should I say bluntly with… shoes ? LOL. In FL last month I lost my head with two pair of boots, even though one of them were not exactly something I really needed to have at that point, lol. But simply couldn’t resist it *sighs

Barely a week after this last event, I confront myself in SL with a very similar one. Kookie has just release the most amazing boots I have seen in-world so far (mmm… didn’t I already wrote this before in another post? hehehehe). Well, this time I am telling you guys the truth! (again… *winks).

Now, you HAVE to check this out!And if you are wondering why I am only showing their ad display in the store… well, it’s jsut because 500L$ for a pair of shoes really does sound a bit too excessive. Can we please have a sale right away, Miss Lemon ? hehehehe

PS – Btw, just in case you haven’t visited the Cheesecake sim recently, well, that’s a must visit, I would say. They went through some remodelling latetly and a few mainstores gained some space for new items, hehehe. Totally worth to have a look!

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The Black Market


It’s sort of a sale of some of the best designers in-world, but not only, since you also find there lots of items at regular prices.

Another thing you will find there, is what I believe to be Miel’s first hair ever. And it’s lovely. Plus, it only costs 125L$. A killer I would say.

The amazing piratish set-up is a bonus. Run and enjoy, if you dare to face the lag, hehehehe.

To be found in here.

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Sand Shack has been one of my favourite stores for quite a long time already. In fact, since the very first time I ever set my feet on Emma Gilmour’s outlet at the time. That was in the beginning of October 2007, when I spent a while in-world dealing with Sand Posthorn’s destiny. Sand had been my first attempt to enter Second Life, a little bit before I came up with the idea of becoming virtual twin with my best friend at the time – and someone I learnt to turn to in times of trouble.

Oh dear, there I go again, lol. Anyway, I was only contextualising, lol. October 2007 was not exactly a good month for me – a set of circumstances led to my first breakdown in FL, which now I know was just announcing the end of a period in my life. As I slumbed down the hill in my First Life, Sand was taken out of the drawer and became a rebel stray. During one of my lonely rides across the grid, I found this amazing small store with some pretty awesome coloured clothes, and that is how I bought the denim jumper skirt Sand is wearing in the picture below, which became one of my favourite outfits – to these days.

shark sand_framed

Maybe because I thought Sand Shack was a “Sand’s place”, I never bought anything for me there. Maybe it was the name of the sotre, lol. You see, I tend to keep them apart. They share our home group and one or two common contacts in their list, but that is all.

Mmm… ahead with the Sand Shack story, hehehe. Recently I received a notice featuring some new releases and I got curious. I found they were sharing artilleri’s sim, which is a great place to hang around. I also discovered Sand Shack’s current mainstore, a large place full of light, with a beach-like atmosphere and clothes orderly displayed in a festival of colours. It is a true pleasure to visit it, and the words happy clothes immediately came to my mind. So much that I even took my daughter Eva to shop as well (gosh, that central garden is a danger for kids, specially when we cannot tie them down to our hands and they insist on running around the whole time!).

Bottom line – have a look at this dress, is it really summerish or what ? And the cute flip-flaps ?


Oh gosh, I had seen so many already, but none with the quality of this shading! Both items are available in about a dozen different colours and if you had a look at the picture below, you may have noticed how many days went by before I changed to another outfit, lol. Definitely, a place to air your credit card. I know I will be returning there, there’s a lot of things there I want to wear during my holidays, hehehehe

Fashion Details:

Sand Posthorn is wearing:
Tail: *Smitten Kitten ~Heavy Metal Fluffy Tail/Black*
Ears: Blooma’s Fishie Ears
Hair: :::: IrEn:::: Yasmina (blacks)
Eyes: ~Gracile~ “Illuminati” Red
Skin: (CS) Vogue Skin – Cashmere (Canimal Glow – Blue) Freckled
Shape: yours truly, Summer Wardhani
Tattoo: – Y7 – Tattoo Jaguar V2 1
T-Shirt: Stylebomb – boneshirt short
Skirt: Sand Sharck Surf Couture – July Jumper – Blue
Socks: Tealane, previously SYD – Rainbow Indigo Stripey Socks
Boots: BLD – Snippy’s Mice INfested Boots (sorry, store no longer exists, remember a wonderful sim called Earth Glass ? *sighs*)
Lip Piercing: Worldly Treasures Jewelry – Forget Me Not Lip Jewels
Choker: :::NEKO PUNK ! Leather choker bitter
Wristbands: Primitive Design – Leather Wristbands

Me is wearing:
Hair: Curious Kitties – Nyanotech 09-1A Hair – Owa
Nails: *Analise* Nailz Neon Dreams (Cobalt)
Eyes: *Sin Skins* Intense Garnet Eyes
Lashes: *Dawn Design* Megan Lashes
Skin: *YS&YS* – 20 – Adriana_Sunny_Glit_Freckles_EB_Carot
Dress: Sand Shack Surf Couture – Colleen (Navy)
Bracelets: Laure Farella, bracelet ANG 2
Necklace and Earrings: =IZUMIYA= PB Apr (PeppermintBlue Fashion Bar 090504 Newbie Assistance Pack – Free)
Flip-Flaps: Sand Shack Surf Couture – Freedom Flops (L) – Nav

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Yesterday I left a hint, today I am showing a Malt design which is one of the reasons I enjoyed the store so much. And while looking for a place to shoot the background, I discovered Galonge. I was in the mood for a bit of sand, but would have never dreamt I would find that many in just one place. Worth the visit of every desert lovers.

Malt in Galonge_framed

Hair: Novocaine Hair – Haruka – amber
Nails: Vextra Ultra shine Nail Polish #1 (burgundy)
Eyes: PIDIDDLE – Motion Sickness Eyes – MyMind
Lashes: Apparence *ApS* – Prim Lashes Desiree –
Skin: lessthan3 skins – sugar [skittles tan F]
Outfit: .:MALT:. Fashions – Alison Tunic – Purple Patch
Jewelry: *Primagine* Spring Bouquet set
Sandals: Kalnins Shoes – Coquette

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It may be a stupid idea, but maybe… jut maye, if different type of creators got together to develop complementary projects, both could win with the situation.

As I window shopping today, I came across some prim feet sandals I really liked. After a while, I finally gave up, at the thought of all the work I would have trying to match the prim feet to at least one of my skins. Then I remember… couldn’t skin designers and footwear designers work together ? I mean, I would love to have sandals matching my favourite skins, like Laqroki, Cupcakes, Unique, YS&YS, for instance. I bet lots of people would buy skins AND sandals that were for sale side by side, just for the sake of looking gorjeous.

I don’t know… but personally I wouldn’t mind paying 1200 L$ for a pack like that… specially if the sandals allowed several different colour options.

Same could happen, for instance, with house and furniture designers, or house and plants designers. Sometimes, we just don’t have the time to set up everything… or just don’t have the taste and prefer to have some kind of products key-in-hand, know what I mean ?

In the meanwhile… I will go on making visual love with sandals I will never buy – just because I am lazy *smiles

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