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For a couple of weeks already, me and Clio have been playing around with our Plurk names and after some intermediate versions, we ended up as Miss Smart Ass and Miss Cutie Ass – I suppose you will easily guess who was smart enough to get the name that makes most sense (not me, that’s for sure, lol).

After a quite hectic FL these last days (weeks?) I woke up and issued a national decree stating that today is my official national holiday after a series of hard working days and some not-so-good news related to the state of my private finances, hehehehe

So I went in-world about five minutes after I woke up, a warm cup of tea in my hand and had a stroll at the Pose Fair, where I found some cute frames at the aDORKable Poses stand. I uploaded a background, replaced the frame poses by others from (pda) and there I was all set and waiting for Miss Clio :P. Lucky for me, she had been hanging around on her bikini as well and her awesome sense of humour made her join my idea at once. Below, you will find the result of some really FUN moments, hehehehe – exactly the kind of break I was in desperate need, with an added mistery bonus: how come she changed bikinis and I didn’t even noticed ? LOOOOL Look closely, for the second picture was taken by her, while the others I shoot them myself… notice the difference ? hehehehe

Thank you, my dear Ass cousin, for being such a great pal! Hope you enjoy them as well!

Fully identified Ass Cousins

Picture by Clio herself ! See her different bikini ? LOOOL

Miss Smart Ass, the one and only

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It’s been a while since Miss Clio Cardiff launched her last release. So I was really happy to notice recently that she was coming back drawing her immaginative creations. Besides the nice floating feeling of her skirts which I have highlighted before, no doubt I love it when she flies away and is not afraid of putting together some unusual colour schemes.

It is the case with “Papillon”. That skirt does fell like you have wings growing from your hips. And the theatrical appearance of that, oh gosh, it was finally my chance to take that Vanity hair out of the drawer hehehehe

It looks like some more things are coming out frm this front, so I’m refraining my impatience, LOL

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One of Clio Cardiff’s most recent releases has a special name, who’s most dear to me. It’s called Marguerite, and this is it’s blue version. With a name like that I HAD to take my best at potographying it, in order to show you it’s best features, such as the long decoletée on the back and the awesome dress skirt which attaches to three different points (left, right and centre parts) and gives us the sexyest walk as we move.

Now… I hope someone get’s married soon in-world so I can wear it! 😉

Full credentials:
Hair: Lexi (brown sugar)
Skin: *M&R Gemini – BRANDY (Pewter Freckled)
Earrings: **RH Engel Jewelry – Never Ending Platinun Earring
Necklace: *Solange!* – Opal Necklace
Bangle: *~.PUARANGI DESIGNS~*, silver bangle bundle
Dress: (Clio) – Marguerite Blue Gown
Shoes: Maitreya Group Gift Pumps – Blue

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Shot at Moulin Rouge

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Shoot at Moulin Rouge

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It’s no big secret I’m a fan of Clio Cardiff’s creations. This is one of her most recent releases and goes by the adorable name of Queue de Paon. An outfit that immediately made me run to cabarets (pictures of that to follow – shoot at Moulin Rouge where the hostess immediately loved it as well, LOL).


One of the features I enjoy most in Clio’s dresses are the way the skirts swirl and move gently and I’ve mentioned it before. Well, this is no disapointment – quite the opposite! And a perfect match to the Tousled Isabelle hairstyle by the House of Heart.

And now, since Carnival is not totally over – I’m gonna run and dance the CanCan !! uieeeee !

UPDATE – As I finished to work on the picture above, I thought Clio might enjoy to have it, so I offered it to her in-world. And YAY! Ms. Cardiff enjoyed my picture enough to turn it into a board that she displayed on her store ! *drools*


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With so many Valentine’s item being constantly released all over the grid, I had my task very much easied by another of Clio Cardiff’s releases: the naughty Drousilla dress.


The pictures display the red version. Hope you’re able to notice the lovely assymetrical drawn lace work and how the skirt flows nicely around one’s legs (gloves and stockings are not a part of the outfit, though). The folder includes the perfect underwear allowing you to wear this outdoors as well – but follow my advise and give it a try without any of those beneath the actual dress… and be prepared to see your special one drooling over you…


❤ Is it too early to wish you Happy Valentine’s Day ? Mmm… oh well, sorry about that, you’ll just have to put up with my romantical moods I guess *winks

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