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Hot Summertime

I know, everyone on the northern hemisphere keeps complaining that it’s too hot and everyone’s just waiting for Fall to come or even Winter.

So… What about a fresh summer fruit salad ? *laughs

Hair: >TRUTH< Julia Streaked – copper
Skin: *Leafy*Miso Loom
Face Tatoo: [Stellar] Freckle Face Tattoo
Nails: seshil nail flower purple
Dress: Lemania Indigo Designs- Orange Julius (includes shoes not shown in the pic)
Pose by dfo!

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Some colour

I am very well aware this blog has been all too serious lately. So, time to put some colours around, and introduce you to two of my recent fave outfits, hoping that they may help your own shopping sprees:

Hair: [Aden] Autumn (Hazel)
Skin: .:::GARAGE:::. Elli skin
Dress: BeBe DoLL Designs – Dina Dress
Ring: {theosophy} Melville Ring
Scarf: Adjunct – Bohemian Scarf
Socks: [bubble] Lace Knee Bands
Sandals: {theosophy} Dowlais Sandal (River)
Pose by dfo!

Hair: !lamb. Soma – Rotten Carrot
Skin: .::TD::. Sweet Augustine – 5 -S.O.S Exclusive – Fire Engine
Freckles: [Stellar] Freckle Face Tattoo
Hands tattoo: [Plastik]-Feather-Faded-
Dress: Mimikri – Calypso (black)
Socks: **Malizz Yiyuan creation**GirlySocks(orange)
Flats: ShinyThings – Criss cross ballet flat (black)
Bangles: Topaz Square~Black Bangles~ Fem
Necklace: YUM *Candyum Necklace
Pose by dfo!

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My overloaded FL has been giving me the blues about the time I spent on my own in SL. This picture, celebrating Zaara‘s sales, should have been shot about five days ago at least, lol.

But yesterday, I finally found two minutes to take it, and today another two to crop it and collect the due credit details. So here it is… hoping that in a near future I’m able to return to the things I really enjoy doing inworld (having fun fun fun, loool):

Hair: >TRUTH< Michelle – carrot
Skin: .::TD:: Dinah in Fall – Toast autumn
Necklace: JZ design – Angie Wrapped Pearl Necklace *white*
Bangles: Gypsy Jewel Bracelet White by AliciaKay Kilara
Top: Zaara ZC : 4 Kavi top *charcoal*
Skirt: Zaara ZC : 8 Larin Skirt prims *copper-rust*
Sandals: INTERAZZO Sandal "Goddess" (l) brown-silver
Pose by [doll.]

Open source wall paper

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I came across DYN Clothing in one of my hunting tours. I was soon conquered by the lay-out and décor of the store. A huge bright place with plenty of room to walk around, where items are very well organized, with the female and male sections clearly identified and articles well disposed around.


At the entrance, everything one may ask for – there’s a yummy Lucky Cup Cake, a funny game where you can try to earn some lindens, a Midgnight Mania Board and a couple of freebies both for newcomers and for older residents.

Above all, it was the fashion displays that caught my eye. Over the all-whitey walls, the vibrant pictures seem to shout at us irresistibly. Well chosen poses, beautiful model avatars, amazing colourful backgrounds, those pictures have it all!


BUT… oh hell yes, there are some buts. First, I noticed the vendors make you pay without the chance of looking what is inside of the pack – I really don’t like those type of vendors, for I enjoy knowing exactly what layers and prims I am buying.

In spite of that, I had closer look at the items, trying to decide what to buy in the first place, hehe. Here and there, however, I detected some flaws, which didn’t seem to result from lack of competence.

That led me to try the gift that was in the hunt package, soe pyjamas where once again I noticed these tiny flops. The top was plain white with an illustration, and at the neckline the cuts are not really even. The tissue seemed to lack a dimension, as if it was simply… flat, a blank unprocessed texture.


It made me stop, although the clothes looked gorjeous on those fashion boards. Up to now, I am still trying to make up my mind on whether or not to spend some lindens over there. Some of the creations look really very good in terms of design – but then, the actual manufacture of the product seems to have been done on the run.

Of course, such things would not bother me much if I thought the relation quality/price was alright. I have nothing against buying dresses at 200 or 250 L$. However, when a single top costs that same price… and the same happens with some short pants or blouses or skirts – there, I tend to think twice before I spend my money. At the end of the day, that means a whole 400 L$ spent in a single outfit. I regret it a lot, but for that price I demand a perfect work.

It will nevertheless be a store I will keep an eye on. I hope that in time they come to correct either their prices or the quality of their work. One thing is certain: I’m afraid the two don’t match.

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Total Betty

I first got acquainted with Total Betty during one of these last hunts. I recall I had a hard time finding the store (not the main store, obviously, just one of their 13 affiliates), not really the egg I was looking for, lol.

Recently I learnt about some new releases through the FashCon group, and a particular joyful set with shorts caught my eye. Today, I headed to their mainstore, only to be totally conquered by the lay-out of the store, the quality and variety of their designs and even the kindness of her staff. A particular thank you to model Bree Mirajkar for making me feel very welcome and for the chit chat. Hope you have a grand return to SL, girl !

Ah! Yes, this is where I shut up ’cause you want to see the pictures, right ? Alright, here they are:

Gemma was the outfit I was telling you about, the one that drew my attention and actually made me visit the store. It can be found in other three colours and is perfect to hang around in a leasure day, feeling comfy yet elegant at the same time. Easily spotted, this is totally a summer(ish) choice !

Rachel was the second item I bought, just because immediately loved the somewhat retro feeling of this set – there was something about it that made me dream of the 70’s and disco, probably the pants *winks. Anyway, later on, as I got dressed, my eyes laid on the delicate lace of the top and on the details of the pants, and I felt so elegant that I couldn’t resist matching it with a Frangipani hat. Too bad no one was getting married at that moment, I just felt so ready to go, hehehe

At that point, my wallet started to resist, lol. I took a mental note to come back soon (even because the clothes are pretty much affordable so it is not that hard to become a regular customer) and slowly moved to the exit. However, I could not go out before taking this Delia mini-dress along as well, its dark green warm colour seemed to be calling my name out loud and in fact it prooved to be a right choice, for I wore it all through the day – with my personal body guard following close, obviously.

Besides the outfits, which most of all seduce us through their amazinly detailed texture and care of composition, there is a whole lot of accessories to be found at Total Betty. Styles vary from daily funny outfits to lovely formal gowns, set in a modern atmosphere that qualifies this store in a very special position, at the same level though apart from the elegant though cold top stores in-world. Akaya GossipGirl and Redsoledrea GossipGirl, the two talended ladies in charge are totally to be congratulated on their nice work and taste!

(For the full fashion details, please consult my flickr stream)

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@ Sn@tch


Ivey Deschanel from Sn@tch has designed hairs! Her first creation was two amazing sets of dreads available in several colours (score for a starter, hehehe), each package including several options that allows us to create different styles with the very same product – something I had never noticed before in SL hairs.

In the picture, I am wearing :::Sn@tch Dreaded Ponies (Red)::: with just the base hair, back pony and V bangs. However, you can wear only the hair base, or combine it either with the Bettie Bangs (short and staight cut), the Dread Ponies (two dread ponies on top of one’s head) or the Dread Puff (updo dreads on top of your head).

If you didn’t drop by the new Sn@tch main store yet, do so. Quite an improvement, when comparing with the old one. Items are now organised in different nicely identified rooms, with a spacious lay-out that allows customers to take their time looking at the items. One of the things that often prevented me from visiting the store for longer periods was exactly the cluttered dark atmosphere and although I understand it went along the general style of most of the outfits, I have to admit this new store fits my own personal taste a bunch more !

Being there reminded me that I have so many Sn@tch outfits in so many different styles – and since I am not feeling that punk lately, I digged into my closet and fond this elegant Starlett ensemble.

Full details:
Hair: :::Sn@tch Dreaded Ponies (Red):::
Skin: M&R Cupcakes – Gemini (Brandy – Cat Eyes – Freckles)
Outfit: :::Sn@tch Starlet:::
Tattoo: :::Sn@tch Badass Tatt:::
Shoes: Style Starts Here! Heels – DANGEROUS Texture and Tint Changing Heels

Happy shopping!

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After loosing twice the path I was selecting in Gimp, I became lazy. True, my skills in photo editing are nothing special and I do prefer to take advantage of spots and light in-world. One time or another I do enjoy cutting and pasting and stamping and correcting light creating backgrounds, etc.

Today is no such day. However, I really wanted to show how great the Maitreya Sculpted Top & Belt matched the Pastas Trash Jeans. After several trials attempting to get the result I wanted through post processing, I gave up… and came up with a new method to replicate myself, totally in-world. The result is below: an image shot in-world and scarcely edited, since it was only canvased, signed and framed in Gimp. And now – now, I have a couple of ideas to make some fun pictures, hehehe


If you are trying to guess – no, I didn’t use an alt, though the idea as crossed my mind previously. I did some accountability, however, and concluded it would not be cheap to have two accounts buying hairs, clothes and skins so I quit on that as well. I can assure you no double loging was involved in this as well.

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With so many Valentine’s item being constantly released all over the grid, I had my task very much easied by another of Clio Cardiff’s releases: the naughty Drousilla dress.


The pictures display the red version. Hope you’re able to notice the lovely assymetrical drawn lace work and how the skirt flows nicely around one’s legs (gloves and stockings are not a part of the outfit, though). The folder includes the perfect underwear allowing you to wear this outdoors as well – but follow my advise and give it a try without any of those beneath the actual dress… and be prepared to see your special one drooling over you…


❤ Is it too early to wish you Happy Valentine’s Day ? Mmm… oh well, sorry about that, you’ll just have to put up with my romantical moods I guess *winks

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This all started as another Sweethearts’ story. *smiles* Yes, I do have many of these, most of them unpublishable, lol. Which is not surprising, when you think that is a place full of life, with people constantly coming and going.

A non-expected IM suddenly opened in my scree, from the talented Clio Cardiff from Clio pret a porter, asking me if I’d mind she dropping on me something. I have to admit it that at first I didn’t link together the name with the store, and my first stupid reply was like “As far as it doesn’t kill me…”. How idiot does it sound, huh ? Lucky for me, she thought this was funny, and was kind enough to ask about my favourite colours and then…

…tcham tchammmmm! Here they are.

Gwen gown in pink
A sweet pink gown with a shorter front skin that smoothly grows longer on the back. It flows gently as I walk and dance and I couldn’t resist putting it together with my ballerina shoes from Shiny Things. It totally makes me feel cutie and sweetie like a ballet doll. And in this picture, obviously, AnaLutetia‘s pose do help *winks

Embrace Darkness gown in black and red
And this vibrant black and red, with a three parts skirt (one in front and another one that attaches to each leg) that envolves me in a cloud of mystery and catched the eyes of everyone in the place – it’s not everyday I am invited to dance by three different guys *winks* and have IMs cumplimented me on my outfit, which obviously gave me the chance to thank her publicly for her kindness.

You know, I wish more designers had similar initiatives. No, I am not putting myself forward to some more gifts. But hostess over there have to be on their best formal look everytime, and I am sure you can imagine what this implies in terms of financial effort. Being the center of the whole place surely makes everyone turn their eyes on you, and I am often asked for landmarks of the stores where I got several items I wear – from jewelry to shoes (oh yes, amazing where people close up their cameras, hehehe)

To Ms. Cardiff, who made me feel a princess for two whole shifts, my heartfelt THANK YOU. To all of you, be welcome to have a look at her mainstore in here – I am sure you will find something you will like it, amongst so many different styles…

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My love story with the Couture Ankle Boots started at Club Majestic, during a live concert by Pa Decosta. The hostess was wearing them and for some reason they catched my eye AT ONCE. It was a serious case of love at first sight – and soon I found myself inspecting them… only to find out they were built by Stephen Psaltery, in which profile I only saw references to Simone Stern’s store.

Ignorant me, I had never heard of Style Starts Here, Simone’s new venture, and therefore was unsure about the information I had just picked up. Then, Petros kindly offered to ask the girl where had she bought those boots (yes, I know this is how he gets my agreement on him opening IMs to strangers LOL).

Having confirmed the information, I headed to this *new* store… and immediately noticed THE BOOTS on this huge board. I have to confess it was really hard to pick up the black ones amongst all those amazing colours, just because I finally convinced me at least they would match any outfit colour – and I moaned and moaned about them not having a fat pack.

I took my moans and whinnings to plurk and Ana Lutetia & Cat Magellan encouraged me to send an IM to the designer – and so I did. Now, just imagine how delighted I was when Stephen reverted to me saying that a fat pack would come soon.


There… drool, as I did. They are… just purrfect. My favourite heels and an amazing shape. Several other colours available besides these one – purple and blue, for instance. Detailed faultless texture and a built-in menu allowing us to turn heel walk sounds on and off and adjust the ankle prim size. *Holds her boots and pets them*

And the colours, oh myyy! The fat packs allow us to choose between ankle prims with text and ankle prims without text. Just a small note, out of my personal taste: it would be awesome to have one of the brown tones without text, for they are totally yummy… and no fat added, thus being good for your health *laughs*.

What made me feel even healthier ? When I returned to the store, I met Stephen’s most recent creation: the Better Than Sex boots… these come with a totally new and awesome feature: a drop-down menu that allows to decorate the boots with up to eight different tiny little charms designed by Simone herself. One can choose to wear the whole set of charms, or pick up those we want to wear at a given time – isn’t that NEAT? Plus, one may also choose among several sole colours… and of course, resize to best fit our lovely ankles *winks*

Have a look:


… one thing for sure – these shoes are not to be thrown away at no one !!! *laughs maniacally and runs away, still holding all her boots*

LATEST NEWS – seems that a new boot style was just released… oh myyyy *clicks desperatly on tp there*!

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