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I’ve been shopping…


and I’ve been hunting, hehehe


But most of the time, because my FL major meeting in Brussels is so darn close, now, I’ve simply been…


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As if they guessed I was dealing with the matter: I just heard that Isle of Wyrms turned from PG to Mature. In time, I wonder how many estate owners will take the same decision. How many PG lsites will remain in a couple of months ?

I understand the owners’ reasons: there is no need to risk penalties, after all they cannot control what is going on their sims, all the time. This made me think that even video games are age-rated, aren’t they? Well, what the hell is wrong with an adult-oriented virtual environment that would allow each and everyone to express exactly how they feel, using the words/images they feel like using? Are we not equally free to avoid any place that is not in line with our own beliefs?

Please… this is the 21st century. Grow up, huh ? Let us focus on teaching our children how to deal with reality and how to protect themselves, so that they start thinking with their own heads and deciding what choices are best for them.

I feel that “concern for children” is being used by LL as an excuse to lower corporate costs and to discontinue a product which was not that successful (how could it be, if in Europe I was never able to create an underage account for my kid ?). The real consequence is that soon we will be whispering instead of speaking, and finding word-codes to mean what we really would want to say. Portugal lived like this for over 40 years, in recent decades. I remember my parents and grandparents complaining, I remember people departing from this country because of that, and I’ve read enough about emprisoning and suffering on account of that same matter: the one called censorship.

Other countries have lived that as well, people went through this sort of things before… didn’t we learnt anything from our common past as human beings ?

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It’s not a big secret I’ve been a fan of Ivey Deschanel’s work (Sn@tch) for quite sometime now. Her provocative style appeals to that not-so-mainstream part of me and often make me smile, and those are the main reasons I have joined her subscrthingie group some months ago – ah! that and, obviously, the delicious notecards she sends out every week together with notices of her new releases. That is the way I usually start my saturday mornings, reading Ivey’s notecards with my first cup of tea on hand and enjoying her funny enthusiastic commited words.

When I heard of a Sn@tch VIP Group, I decided to join in, even though that implied leaving yet another SL group – and I am glad I did it, for I quickly understood this would not be just a group to receive some gifties here and there. The first material proof is the picture here under:


What is the pointof all this? Well, be patient and go through Ivey’s words, which I quote right away. I am not changing a single word of hers, for they translate my own feelings – both as a mother and as a SL resident – about the subject:

“I’m the first one in line to protest the plans of Second Life and the Lindens to restrict the search of certain chosen keywords from supposedly non verified avatars. While I understand that children will make their way into the adult grid without the consent or even knowlegdge of their parents and I’ve had first hand experience with this, I don’t believe it is Linden Labs’ job or responsibility to police adult content. Sending all adult content to a separate mainland smacks of segregation, censorship and inequality and will unfairly punish certain content creators, club and mall owners and residents. The adult verification system itself is flawed and easy to manipulate, even for very young children.

This is my opinion and that being said…The fact that certain words will be banned from your search without this flawed verification process is in itself ridiculous. Words do not damage, they are not evil or bad. Even though some words are banned, others will take their place to get the same points across. If we censor now, it leaves the door wide open to censor ANYTHING that any individual deems distasteful or rude. Is that what we want SL to be?

This outfit, though simple, is a statement from me and I hope from a lot of you when you wear it. I ask that you please don’t wear it in PG areas. I do have respect for people who want areas where they can be away from mature content, but I hope you will wear it and I hope it makes people think because after all…they are only words.


PS: Ohhh and welcome to the Sn@tch VIP group! -hugss-“

There – so my advise is: go ahead and join the group!! Easy to do, just look for Sn@tch VIP under Edit/Search/Groups. Take the outfit and wear it as much as you can! At the end of the day, it will probably make as much difference as the previous protests against other LL measures, but anyway… we only have to loose if we don’t even try, right ?

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Last week, I was following flickr links and came over Monicuzza Babenco’s blog – Feel Beautiful. As soon as I looked at her pictures, I started drooling over the skin she was wearing. It was a wonderful smooth skin, and… it had hair painted ON the head (yes, you know, that area we usually don’t have a single hair) !!

I went on reading her blog (and awwweing at her pictures, lol) and realised she was the actual designer of those wonderful skins. Considering that I have been looking for a good hairy female skin for almost two years now, you can easily imagine I droped by YS&YS (Your SKin & Your Shape) as soon as I could.

Unfortunately, the new Summer line (yessss, that’s how they are called, lol) presented again the same issue I had come across before: there are skins for blondes, brunettes and even red-haireds… but those beautifully painted curls over the heads were either too dark, too light, or simply too out of tone for me to choose any of them.

Right… at that point, faith decided to have a party and put Leilah Nishi in my IM. When I mentioned Monicuzza to her, Leilah immediately started praising the italian designer both as a professional and as a real sweet person – and this was all the incentive I needed to message Ms. Babenco and make her aware of my rants (hehehe).

Yesterday evening, as I slowly unpacked some more stuff from the late SLD Hunt, Monicuzza knocked on my virtual door. And the result was this skin below:

YSYS skin

It costed me exactly the same amount as any other skin in the store. It costed Monicuzza some extra work and three previous demos until both of us and her friend Monyka Benelli were fully satisfied with the result. I have to confess I felt a little guilty for keeping her up way beyond her bedtime but awww… now I have a skin that will allow wearing different hair styles – some of which I absolutely love but couldn’t help thinking they were too much of a wig for me to spend any lindens on them.

Ah, no doubt this is me in my best vain mood, LOL! But please, have a closer look at the pictures above! I did not edit them at all and even used the most harsh lights I could get to show how they behave under different err… weather conditions ? hehehe

The face is beautiful, with perfect eyebrows. The freckles oh myyyy, they’re one of the best I saw in-world to this day! The smoothness of the bones on the neck base is extraordinary – yes, human beings have bones in there, but not as pronounced as some skins make us believe, hehehe. A soft light seems to caress the whole skin and highlight the right places. Gosh, even the knees are really well done!

The hair tone is a perfect match for ETD’s carrot tone, however it also works amazingly with Truth hairs as well as with most of my carrot hairs. Monicuzzi included a graceful chignon in each package to wear along your not-that-bald-head… and I have a feeling this would look great with my ballerina tutus *smiles.

A final word of appreciation to Monyka for her nice cumpliments on my shape – and a warm THANK YOU to Monicuzza, for your kindness, availability, sense of professionalism and generosity!

I know now that I will not need posting “skin by…” on my fashion posts for a looong while *winks* – useless to mention it, for I will be wearing this one over and over again. Yeaps, for this is ME.

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The 24th of May is my most special day in the whole year. You see, I am not those kind of people who fall in love at first sight. Even if something triggers my attention, I usually take months before I understand I got involved with someone… or something.

However, 14 years ago, my eyes fell on someone – who is specially dear to me until this day. Someone who will always keep a special place in my heart until my very last day.

I had to have a pretty good reason to have the house filled with teenage boys this afternoon, wouldn’t I? *sighs*

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Back on the move

I was invited to write for another magazine on a freelancer basis :D. It’s a brand new release, first issue to come out really soon and freedom to write just about any subject I might think of. Well, sort of. I already had come up with a pretty good idea for a regular column and since it was not possible to develop it on FreeLife Magazine, this is the time it will see the light of day – so I guess I’m back on the move writing for a broader audience, yupppieeee!

Keep tuned for further developments ! *winks*

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Embryo in a web

It was the first of many revisits, I am sure. Yesterday, Embryo reminded me what SecondLife is all about. Magic. Creativity. Absence of limits. The feeling of actually being side by side with geniuses who wander amongst us, mere humans.

The virtual world may cease to exist one of these days. The memory of these art works will nevertheless remain embedded in our souls and minds, webbed in our pictures and deeply entagled in the way they change us, each and everyway.

It is all about becoming immortal in an ever-changing environment.

siestabril, you will be immortal in my very own remembrances. Thank you.

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siestabril Nitely, the sorcerer, at work

siestabril Nitely at work

Tranquil light

Tranquil light

Lilac peace

Lilac peace

Magical polaroid

Magical polaroid

When images speak by themselves, there is no use adding any further words. However, there is one I have to place here: Embryo.

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Error - When the day comes to an end

Far behind the day we live today, I often pictured myself walking on a beach of white soft warm sand. I was alone, most of the time, and my white dress swirled around my tanned legs as the wind played around with my hair.

Sometimes, a very young girl holded my hand firmly, almost as if she was guiding my steps. As I turned backwards, however, there was but one pair of footprints by the sea.

This day, I know better. I realised the young girl all dressed in white, like myself… is no one else but me as well. And today, as odd as it may seem, I found in-world the dress I always wore in my dreams. And I knew at that moment that the time had come for me to take refuge in a almost deserted place – was it an Error ?

It never is, going to places we longed to be…

Error - Light
(more dreams in my flickr stream)

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LOL, well I know I do, hehehehe. That is why I became such a huge fan of the subscrthingies all around! Each time I happen to bump into a store I like, I immediately look for their subscrboard and join in! Just imagine what would happen if we didn’t had a group limit, hehehehe

Next to the subscrthingies, I also enjoy a LOT these new Midnight Mania boards! I honestly hope that in time all my favourite stores join in to this trend. Not only customers are able to get some amazing creations for free, this is a really effective marketing tool for designers – an easy way to know how much people do appreciate your work and how many people came to visit your store in a day (isn’t it frustrating when you get to a place and the Midnight Mania board has something awesome in it… but is already locked down?), trials for new products or tests you may be doing in textures, sculpties, etc…

A lot has been said and written on the downsides of this hunt fever accross the grid, however I still find there are more positive aspects in them than otherwise. Most of all, are introducing me to a whole bunch of great designers I never had heard about before and that is undoubtedly a major feature !

And right… I am shutting my fingers now and showing you the pictures.

Total Betty_framed

First one is the May Group Gift from Total Betty, which is a classy and fun style at the same time. I was delighted to receive it not once but twice, since the GossipGirls Akaya and redsoledrea forgot to include the sculpted leggin prims in the first pack and cared enough to correct that asap. Yeaps, that’s what I call customer service ! And since I am speaking about this amazing store, I must not forget they are setting up… a HUNT! Ohhhh, yessss, but not just another hunt, this one’s going to be all about – SHOOOOES! Yeaps, you heard me right, OMG a hunt only for shoes, great thing I recently had my shoe folders organised, now I can mess them up again, hehehe.

It will be called “Cinderella’s Lost Slipper Hunt” and will be going on from July 1 to 31st! If by any chance you are a shoe designer and wish to step in just ask for the application form at the store.


Second outfit of the day is a Midnight Mania group from Morgana Luna and this is how I went shopping today, hehehe. Perfect both to wear in-house or outdoors – though it is waved in lace, it actually covers every bit of you, so you’ll be walking around looking TOO hot, but won’t risk being indiscrete *winks*. The hair is a new discovery for me as well, a creation from EXXESS Designs and also a group gift for those who still try to escape mainstream gorgeous hairs, hehehe

All poses are from Ana Lutetia, to whom I adress my warmest thank YOU! Love the care you put on them so that our torsos don’t get all thorn out, girl! And your generosity never ceases to surprise me… if ever you need a modified tiki house just let me know, k ? 😀

And that’s all for now – have so many things to do I really don’t know where to start from hehehe.

Ah! Relax and be happy, huh ? Life happens, every day, be sure you don’t miss it ! *smiles cheerfully and poofs away*

Complete fashion details for picture 1:
Hair: .:[ Tiny Bird ]:. Fuentes – Ginger
Skin: Laqroki ~ Cleo 04 Peach
Tattoos: *smudge-Tiny Bird-shoulder bird & ::TB:: Black Star Tats (wrists)
Outfit: ::TB:: May Group Gift from Total Betty
Jewelry: .::VDI::. Starry set beige
Shoes: Style Starts Here! Better Than Sex – Amethyst
Poses by Ana Lutetia

Complete fashion details for picture 2:
Hair: EXXESS Designs, Scorpio, (red 3) – group gift
Skin: lessthan3 skins – glam skins 2 [spanish sahara tan]
Tattoos: *smudge-Tiny Bird-shoulder bird & ::TB:: Black Star Tats (wrists)
Outfit: Morgana Luna, ! Nightfall (Midnight Mania gift)
Jewelry: aesthetic, Black Pearls Plastic set
Shoes: Style Starts Here! Better Than Sex – Amethyst
Poses by Ana Lutetia

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