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It has been a while since the last time I shared a song with you. This one has been inspiring me lately, so take it as part two of those thoughts I was telling you about some days ago.

Dedicated to you, who are going through one of those bad, though necessary, lessons of life, here it is… Muse

I am sure you already know this, but just in case, I repeat it again. I am here, whenever you need me.

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I’ve been thinking about this since June 2007 – yay, time does fly! Since then, this idea of a place where people would gather and share experiences has met it’s ups and downs, which developed very much along my own feelings.

During these last few weeks, some of my co-workers at my FL job have been having some issues. Some of them are paying loads to pshychologists and psychiatrics to get some help, and in spite of them I feel they still need to speak to “real people”. As I listened to them and encouraged them to join SL (a place they can relax, meet people from all around the world and keep themselves entertained whenever they are home alone) I have been thinking more and more that I really should go away with this.

As such… I really may give it a try – maybe over the weekend, right after my lunch time (which would be something like 7 or 8 am according to SL time) and gather a group of persons in my own swampy place. Though I don’t like descrimination, this would be a girls thingie only (sorry about that guys, but you know what ? you can always bring your female alt along, hehehe).

The idea would be to ventilate together. That is, to express one’s doubts, angers, or any other feelings we need to let out… like a AA meeting sort of gathering, see what I mean? Everyone would have a chance to speak, and everyone would have a chance to give their opinions on any of the others’ issues. Sometimes, others have been there and found a way out. Other times, we think something is exclusively a problem of our own, and yet so many others have felt more or less the same thing and can help us with their experiences.

Most of all, this would be a privileged time and space to talk about guys, work, kids, friends… anything we may need to drag out of our system. If you are curious about, no I am not a trained therapist… I have been but a user of their services up to now. But I do have some spare time, and I believe I’m a pretty good listener so at the worst scenario, you will know at least someone is listening to you.

There – first session next Saturday, 4th of April then, and it will last at the most for one hour and half. No group will be created for this, I will send detailed informations, landmarks, etc, directly. If you want to preserve your identity, as I said, you may bring an alt. However, I will not admit “peekers” – if I have complains about someone being there with any other intentions than that of helping and being helped, that person will be banned. Period.

If this is something you feel like you would like to join, all you have to do is send me an IM in-world, and you’ll get a reply from me asap. I trully hope this may help – me and you both.

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