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Sorry, I’m in a hurry. But I thought this picture turned out good so I couldn’t wait to post it, LOL.


Only two pieces of advise come with it:

a) Join the Sn@tch group – every week there’s amazing gifts in the store, some of them for everyone, others are group-only. This amazing ballerina outfit came entirely for free, and isn’t it simply awesome ?
b) Go to Chouchou. You have to, if you never went there before! And shoot as many pictures as you’re able to, hehehe

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With such a fine male model at reach of hand, I don’t really know why I never blogged some male fashion before. Well, I will do that more often from now on. For a premiere, I had to start with one of the best – Laqroki.

Mmm… guess I first have to admit that I discovered the store only recently. However, it was one of those immediate catches as well. Besides the lovely skins which I have been using on an exclusive basis these days. great hairs and female outfits and accessories, it is undeniable they make awesome clothes for male avatars. That was why Piu’s monthversary gift this time was spent there. We bought home a couple of things we really enjoyed – and many more remained for a future visit.

For a start… tcham tchaaaam!! Here’s my babe turned into a model. Yes, I am aware he’s not one of those guys about 3 meters high and a corseted-waist. Oh boy, isn’t that just GREAT? hehehehe


Full fashion details (Piu’s sole responsibility, besides standing, posing and being gorjeous – ah, yes, and making me laugh to a point I was almost unable to shoot a single picture, LOL):
Skin: >TRUTH< Francois [tan] [G]
Tattoo: Xenomorph 2.1 Tattoo *Ink Inc* 2
Eyes: -Belleza- Eyes Magic Emerald
Glasses: Laqroki ~ Casual Glasses “Chrome”
Piercing: ::: B@R ::: Simple Piercing Nose
T-Shirt: Laqroki ~ T-Shirt Highway Trouble
Pants: Laqroki ~ Khaki Shorts Beige
Acessories: (Shiny Things) Compass Bag – black
Socks: sfd ankle socks mens – beige
Shoes: SOREAL City Steps Sneakers (Nut)
Fashion Consultant: Summer Wardhani {not for sale}

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Lucky me I have these oasis in my life. Who here and then offer me some special days – like today.

Funny thing, for years I had a best (girl)friend and then I had a guy I lived with. Then, a series of events made me a bit ceptical about some manifestations of friendship, which changed my whole life completely and turned me into a different person. Nowadays, I rely much more on actions and attitudes than on words. I stopped believe I could encourage people and help them turning into worthy persons. I have accepted people simply don’t change. They are what they are, and one should be VERY cautious and attentive before giving one’s heart away or before offering the “friend” label to anyone.

Today, though, I am able to say that life renews itself. Where once I saw only darkness, sadness and a dead end, I can now notice a path – maybe a hard one, with obstacles yet to overcome, but a way that I am sure leads me to a quiet, peaceful corner in life.

I fell in love with my best friend. Yes, I am aware there’s a popular song telling the exact same thing. This is no song, though. This is my daily life, and a totally new way of experiencing it. Having someone who entirely fulfils my different emotional needs is something uncommon, and had never happened to me before. One may say I am risking too much in placing all the bets on the same number – but that’s how the situation evolved naturally.

Having someone with whom I share absolutely everything, including my insecurity and doubts about our relationship gave me a new perspective of the world. Here is someone I don’t need to push to make things happen, because he will only do whatever he is sure is the right thing to do. Someone who knows how to deal with me each time I fall apart and start pushing everyone away. Someone who instinctly insists with me until I speak what I tend to keep inside, but who also gives me the room to set up my mind whenever I need it. LOL, he even knows how to apply “the silence treatment” which works wonders in making me realise how much I hurt him at times.

I know all too well I am very difficult to deal with, and this is just one of the reasons I recognise in him a particular human quality: compassion. He knows how to listen, he easily understands feelings even when only half-muttered. He is well balanced and puts together reason and heart. Most of all, he is a real human being, not afraid of speaking and facing problems, arguing or discussing matters, which is RARE in guys. A corageous type, who reveals his own fragilities and knows all too well that we both rock the boat, sometimes together, sometimes on our own so the other one can have a rest.

That is why I dare jumping in this cruise together. Because I fully trust him and know he will always do his best. Now… all that remains to be known is where this joint travel will lead us to – and hopefully we will have a lifetime to discover that.

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The cow finally paid me the remaining of her debt – in fact some 30 euros more than what she was due, but since I know she knew how much she owned me, she must have wanted to pay some interests. Too bad I had to ask my lawyer to get into action and thus a part of what I got will go straight to the lawlady’s pocket – but that’s how it works, after all. It is sad that someone I cherished for over a decade had to feel the court of justice on her knees to pay me back – but again, guess actions speak for themselves.

Now, I have a more serious struggle to start. My FL ex-partner, on his side, didn’t even bothered to reply to my lawyer’s letter, where again we asked him to pay me back the half of the house where he lived together for six years. It’s been one year now that I was pushed away from home, half-asleep with anti-depressives. One year he kept living there as if the place only belonged to him, during which he totally ignored my requests to reimburse me of my own half.

Now, his grace period has come to an end. Again, too bad I have to appeal to legal services, but it’s proven now there is no other way to put an end to this story. Too bad it will cost each one of us exactly 918 euros just to start with the legal action – again, me and my kid we’re being damaged just because that shit piece of humanity (yet to be proved he does belong to the human kind, LOL) thinks that if one ignores problems they will simply go away.

Again, guess that’s how things work. But somehow, I can’t help feeling that the Portuguese service of justice encourages those who don’t work, don’t pay any taxes and just live on someone else’s shoulders. Apparently, whenever a respectful citizen who’s been fulfilling his/her civil duties for over 20 years needs to collect his/her own debt, he/she still has to go through a tremendous financial effort in order to get some legal support. Yes, it looks like justice in Portugal is more and more directed only to those who can afford it.

My bad luck. It will not stop me now, however. The race has started, and in the end this clown here will be the last one to laugh *winks*

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Total Betty

I first got acquainted with Total Betty during one of these last hunts. I recall I had a hard time finding the store (not the main store, obviously, just one of their 13 affiliates), not really the egg I was looking for, lol.

Recently I learnt about some new releases through the FashCon group, and a particular joyful set with shorts caught my eye. Today, I headed to their mainstore, only to be totally conquered by the lay-out of the store, the quality and variety of their designs and even the kindness of her staff. A particular thank you to model Bree Mirajkar for making me feel very welcome and for the chit chat. Hope you have a grand return to SL, girl !

Ah! Yes, this is where I shut up ’cause you want to see the pictures, right ? Alright, here they are:

Gemma was the outfit I was telling you about, the one that drew my attention and actually made me visit the store. It can be found in other three colours and is perfect to hang around in a leasure day, feeling comfy yet elegant at the same time. Easily spotted, this is totally a summer(ish) choice !

Rachel was the second item I bought, just because immediately loved the somewhat retro feeling of this set – there was something about it that made me dream of the 70’s and disco, probably the pants *winks. Anyway, later on, as I got dressed, my eyes laid on the delicate lace of the top and on the details of the pants, and I felt so elegant that I couldn’t resist matching it with a Frangipani hat. Too bad no one was getting married at that moment, I just felt so ready to go, hehehe

At that point, my wallet started to resist, lol. I took a mental note to come back soon (even because the clothes are pretty much affordable so it is not that hard to become a regular customer) and slowly moved to the exit. However, I could not go out before taking this Delia mini-dress along as well, its dark green warm colour seemed to be calling my name out loud and in fact it prooved to be a right choice, for I wore it all through the day – with my personal body guard following close, obviously.

Besides the outfits, which most of all seduce us through their amazinly detailed texture and care of composition, there is a whole lot of accessories to be found at Total Betty. Styles vary from daily funny outfits to lovely formal gowns, set in a modern atmosphere that qualifies this store in a very special position, at the same level though apart from the elegant though cold top stores in-world. Akaya GossipGirl and Redsoledrea GossipGirl, the two talended ladies in charge are totally to be congratulated on their nice work and taste!

(For the full fashion details, please consult my flickr stream)

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Nuuanu Hale

(What? Did I place the wrong image in the post?)

I usually find new places through three different methods: a) reading about them in blogs, plurk or getting a reference from a friend; b) shopping sprees; b) sim hopping.

Nuuanu Hale was a discovery of the third kind. By mere chance, jumping from one sim to another in the neighbourhood. At first, it was the exotic name that drew my attention, after some disappointments over the previous landings. Oh, I know I am growing more and more demanding in terms of quality. Not only quality of furniture, clothing, hairs (there’s a whole bunch of things from my early days that I really must delete once and for all, just because what at the time looked amazing, makes me puke these days), but quality in terms of landscaping, organisation and lay-out of the islands. As I learnt myself how to do a few things, whenever I get to a place that brings me nothing new I tend to have a look around, nod in approval (or amaze in horror, lol) and head to the next one. What am I looking for ? Most of all, as with everything I do, I am searching for… knowledge. Food for the mind and the imagination, if you prefer me to be that explicit.

(But… but… this is NOT the in-world!)

Mmm, back to the point. Nuuanu Hale is a combination of hawaiian words, country home of Rabit Minotaur, the owner and builder of the place: Nu’uanu is one of the primary valleys on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, and “Hale” is the local word for “house”. I had the chance of meeting Rabit there, a really friendly guy who at first purchased the sim and started to build it as a place to settle his home and hang out with his friends. As time went by, he decided to open up the place to everyone – and it is a shame there’s so few visits, for this is like a huge surprise box.

(Looking up, I could swear that’s FL sky!)

In fact, when you first get there, you see a small pleasant tropical island, about the size of half a sim, with one of my favourites tree-houses and a Baron Grayson’s pirate ship. Totally worth a visit, the details of Mr. Grayson work never cease to marvel me. But then, after a while, you start looking around and realize you’re at a full-prim sim. You start making some accountacy… now, even if the ship and its contents were hosting something like 2000 prims – where in the goddess name would be the remaining 13000 ?

THEN you find a teleport! AH! And you start applauding Rabit’s ingenious idea! In fact, it looks like he actually built five different sims there! They are displayed at different heights, so that each “level”, as he called them, has its own environment and particular feeling. Now… how simple is that and why couldn’t I think of that before ? LOL

(Then you look down and notice your avatar’s feet are on firm planet-earth-ground)

I am not going to be exhaustive and will let you guys have your full hand of surprises as well. But as far as I am concerned, I would advise you not to miss levels two and three. On this last one, you can find a really fun car racing track that will enable you to set up races with your friends not risking running over someone – and a nicely flavoured saloon with some addictive arcade games. Did I already told you they are addictive ? Well, you can’t complain I didn’t warn you, right?

(Suddenly, you’re not too sure where you are anymore)

My favourite surprise, as a wanna-be in-world photographer, however, was the second level. There, besides Rabit’s nightclub “Serenity”, you will find a awesome Virtual Room, which can be used by anyone. All you have to do is choose amongst 79 different panoramic scenes and enter the room – and believe me, you will instantly forget where you are!!! Ah, you thought you were in a box ? Have a closer look, then ! You can watch any direction, up your head or below your feet and you will know what I mean. The set of backgrounds includes indoor and outdoor scenarios, all of them shot in FL and carefully placed inside a cube. Did I say carefully ? I should have said perfectly instead. Because once the pictures are rezzed, it will be really difficult to identify the corners where the pictures come together. In fact, you will not notice them, for the assembly work is indeed brilliant!

(Well… now you know where you are – and why I was posting these pictures here)

In each level you will also find a detailed notecard with full information on the whole place. And since the owner is often around, you’ll probably have the opportunity to congratulate Mr. Minotaur personally.

Then again… don’t take my word for it. Tp there, watch for yourself – and careful with the addictive gaming tables !! hehehe

Have fun!

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The amazing flower and korn fields at Aught (a place where I find myself over and over again, looks like I cannot have enough of it, gosh!)…


made me curious about Alir Flow’s work, so I headed to her mainstore – The Alirium Gardens. I wasn’t disappointed by the quality of what I saw there, quite the opposite. Came to discover her plants are used in many of my favourite places and gosh… only wish she wasn’t selling her golden korn at 1000L$ the copy pack!


Lucky me, enjoying the place doesn’t cost a bit, so I wandered around for almost an entire afternoon, each step I took leading me to landscapes where my eyes delighted and my sould found peace. Besides the whole garden, there’s some small shops where Alir and some of their friends sell their items. In case you feel like visiting the place, you absolutely have to make a break at the Fall into decay clothing store, by the bookshelf… and then another at the art gallery!


Definitely, a place to go back.

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@ Sn@tch


Ivey Deschanel from Sn@tch has designed hairs! Her first creation was two amazing sets of dreads available in several colours (score for a starter, hehehe), each package including several options that allows us to create different styles with the very same product – something I had never noticed before in SL hairs.

In the picture, I am wearing :::Sn@tch Dreaded Ponies (Red)::: with just the base hair, back pony and V bangs. However, you can wear only the hair base, or combine it either with the Bettie Bangs (short and staight cut), the Dread Ponies (two dread ponies on top of one’s head) or the Dread Puff (updo dreads on top of your head).

If you didn’t drop by the new Sn@tch main store yet, do so. Quite an improvement, when comparing with the old one. Items are now organised in different nicely identified rooms, with a spacious lay-out that allows customers to take their time looking at the items. One of the things that often prevented me from visiting the store for longer periods was exactly the cluttered dark atmosphere and although I understand it went along the general style of most of the outfits, I have to admit this new store fits my own personal taste a bunch more !

Being there reminded me that I have so many Sn@tch outfits in so many different styles – and since I am not feeling that punk lately, I digged into my closet and fond this elegant Starlett ensemble.

Full details:
Hair: :::Sn@tch Dreaded Ponies (Red):::
Skin: M&R Cupcakes – Gemini (Brandy – Cat Eyes – Freckles)
Outfit: :::Sn@tch Starlet:::
Tattoo: :::Sn@tch Badass Tatt:::
Shoes: Style Starts Here! Heels – DANGEROUS Texture and Tint Changing Heels

Happy shopping!

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Leilah is right, clowns can sometimes be creepy. Far from making us laugh, sometimes they make us almost cry – I remember being really young and feeling sorry for them. The sad part of the story, however, is that sometimes we find out we were the clowns in certain circus someone else put out for the tribe’s pleasure *smiles*. In a odd way, guess we all go through these stages once in a while.

Then we grow up and head to the lions’ cage, hehehe. From then on, that part of us who only tried to make others happy, no matter how we felt deep inside will never be back again. That is quite normal… only means we became stronger and fearless 😀

Inevitably… all this talk makes me think of this:

Send in the Clowns – Judi Dench

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The circus has begun !

Beware of the clowns. Or of those you thought were there to make you laugh. They can make you cry when you less expect it. *winks*

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