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I ended up last week at the hospital. I started this one on that same place, again. And this week, it will be done only as I will get out of it.

I keep myself as busy as I can so I don’t think much about it, but the truth is that I am concerned. Not because of me. As long as the pain stays away, I do just fine. But I do worry about this little guy that is of my flesh and blood. If something happens to me, it will have more than a strong impact on his life.

There… exactly the same concern that prevented me from doing the ultimate silliness about one year ago, is hanging on my mind again. Life is indeed funny. Too bad I feel too tired to laugh along.

PS – let me publicly thank Petros, the sweetest guy in the world, for sticking around during these times. I really don’t know how I would have dealt with this day if it wasn’t for you. :*

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At least now I know

It is not my mind playing tricks on me. It’s not me turning into a coward or trying to find excuses not to leave home. It’s not me being afraid of the world out there. It’s not me craving for attention.

It’s just plain physical illness. It may be painfull. But I do know what to count with, and I know I will be strong enough to deal with it.

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