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I first met Rio Karlsvalt in Plurk early last year. 25 march 2009 we met in-world and I still remember his new-citizen shape and skin quite well and his amazement when we first visited Chouchou with Iris. He had rezzed February 13th so you see, a new born in this brand new world.

Time went by and the feeling I got is that we soon understood each other pretty well. Him being a real artist (and please go visit his flickr stream and look at his wonderful creations -and *coughs* if there’s a gallery owner out there in need of an original, well, you’ve found it, lol), I quickly understood his sensitive soul had its ups and downs and was easily touched and even easily hurt, for he tended to give all of himself spontaneously. Which, as we all know, is not the most wise attitude to keep in-world, lol.

On the other hand, I also feel he was fast in realising that I am mostly an hermit who enjoys spending my time in-world on my own,which is my way of dealing with a crowded busy professional First Life.

We had times that we spoke often and openly about most everything, then months went by without us sharing a single world. But the connection remained, and was kept alive.

I watched closely as he developped and matured as a person and as an artist, and was really honoured when he invited me to participate in one of his art projects. Since I am far from being a model, I had no patience to simply stay there while he shoot me some pictures, so I took advantage of him being busy and also did my own interpretation of the moment.

So here they are:

Me by him:

Summer W by Rio K

Him by me:

Rio K. by Summer W.

I am vain. Very vain and very proud of my beautiful avatar,I confess. Therefore, me by me, obviously:

Man... I feel like a woman !

Thank you for being a friend, and for putting up with my “go away” moments, dear Rio. Most of all, now that we know each other a bit more, thank you for being… authentic!

*Some of you know it, not sure he does, though – but Rio is the portuguese name for River, and a name that fits him well, I think.

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I am grateful to Truth for their hair sale… babyhoney style is totally me.

I am grateful to GL Designs for their fabulastic 20L$ sale – Punk Kitty suits me great !

I am grateful to Stephen Psaltery from Style Starts Here – amazing strapped boots 😀

I am grateful to my dearest friend anjali Insoo – you RAWCK, girl, I’m delighted your studio and pose stand are copy and you’re generous heart made you feel like sharing it with me *holds tight and kisses*

I am grateful to the beautiful Ana Lutetia who shared her windlight presettings – maybe bit by bit I start shooting some decent pictures *does the banana dance*

I am grateful to Petros for… but have to refrain my gratitude to more private environments, lol

And last but totally NOT the least… I am grateful to my Plurk friends for making me smile.

Yes, even in a rotten day when I’m feeling this sick and can’t eat or drink anything all throughout the day – you guys still keep me going.


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