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My overloaded FL has been giving me the blues about the time I spent on my own in SL. This picture, celebrating Zaara‘s sales, should have been shot about five days ago at least, lol.

But yesterday, I finally found two minutes to take it, and today another two to crop it and collect the due credit details. So here it is… hoping that in a near future I’m able to return to the things I really enjoy doing inworld (having fun fun fun, loool):

Hair: >TRUTH< Michelle – carrot
Skin: .::TD:: Dinah in Fall – Toast autumn
Necklace: JZ design – Angie Wrapped Pearl Necklace *white*
Bangles: Gypsy Jewel Bracelet White by AliciaKay Kilara
Top: Zaara ZC : 4 Kavi top *charcoal*
Skirt: Zaara ZC : 8 Larin Skirt prims *copper-rust*
Sandals: INTERAZZO Sandal "Goddess" (l) brown-silver
Pose by [doll.]

Open source wall paper

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Sometimes, we see things that touch us and leave us speachless.

Discovered via Gerard Vlemmings’ blog, please enjoy Nuit Blanche by Arev Manoukian.

Nuit Blanche from Spy Films on Vimeo.

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At first, there is nothing but a faint sensation of daylight. Which I totally and inconsciently ignore by keeping my eyes firmly closed. I couldn’t care less if it’s already a new day or yet the night before.

Then, bit by bit, I become conscious of some sounds. It is raining and drops beat softly on my window. The sound is almost imperceptible, but somehow it grows little by little inside my head.

There’s when I realise that I am actually having some thoughts already. Somehow, they succeeded in introducing themselves into my sleepy brain cells. Often they start by fighting each other, most of them grumbling “hush, let me sleep for some more time”, others already telling me I have to do this and that. Without my consent, these last ones start to win the battle, and suddenly I know that I am almost awake now, planning my day, choosing from where to start and what to do next, prioritising… and in days like today, feeling very very happy that I’m alone at home, after so many days with a thousand of people around.

Before I know it, my eyes are wide open. I enjoy the softness of my blankets and the warm in my nest. I know I have a whole day ahead of me to do exactly what I want to, in each and every minute of it. Also know that tomorrow I will be back to responsibilities and obligations, and end some tasks that I had to postpone due to other urgent matters needing my whole attention.

Tomorrow, though. Not today. For the time being, I am just ready to make a cup of tea and start having fun. And suddenly it looks like I can’t wait for another second, I don’t want to waste any more time sleeping and impaciently I abandon my bed and head to the kitchen.

Now, I am fully awake. Gooood morning, rainy Sunday, I’m totally in love with you!

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One of the reasons I was dying for April to start was to follow the Crazy Arse Hair Hunt. On Easter Friday I suddenly realised that was the H day so I immediately stopped everything I was doing and headed to the Hunt Starting Point. The detailed notecard about this hunt was VERY challenging and specifically mentioned we should not count on “normal hairs”. Also, there would be no hint giving nor a blog on the hunt, just because the hunt items would be all in plain sight and no farer than 20 meters away from the landing point.

Well, some of them were, others not really. The fact that the item was a sphere did not helped much either but anyway I was able to do it in just one day, since there were only 40 stores joining in.

As often with most of the hunts on the first day, some of the items were not yet set up in the stores. Others were not simply set for sale. Because we had no other option than collecting each and every item, each time we got stuck I would send the owner and designer a polite reminder where I asked for their help at least in providing the next landmark so I could proceed – not only me, of course, since with time a small brotherhood of hunters had gathered and we were doing this together.

I had the most pleasant surprise when Rose Columbia from NeVerMind replied to my notecard in the nicest way and promptly offered me her item, thus sparing me the pain of going back to a place I had scanned inch by inch before. Not happy with that, a few moments later I received another IM from her allerting me to another item that was still not set for sale some couple of spots aways… and offering me a notecard with all the landmarks of the involved stores. Gosh, this was like a gift from heaven to me and the half a dozen fellow hunters that were gathering efforts to end this task and totally saved our lives! Each time we came to a place where we faced a problem with the item, I sent a new notecard to the owner/designer and we were able to move on to the next place.

One thing is certain – most of the designers got back to me in the most friendly way and hurried to correct it. Even though this is something we already count with on a first day of a hunt, there being no hint blogs, groups, etc, would make us simply stuck to a place until the owner/designer was kind enough to come along and help us.

The opposite also happened. From another owner of I got a reply that went something like:
[22:24] name deleted: Could we possibly have a better warning of how things are to be run in a more clear notecard for future references to that I don’t need to be spammed out the ass with IMs about a hunt item not being up? Roflmao..

She may have mistaken me with someone connected to the organisation of the hunt. I can easily imagine how annoying it should be to get a zillion notecards about the same matter. She wasn’t probably in one of her best days. Still, I don’t think that’s a suitable way to adress a customer. Next time, I will surely refrain myself from any action – lesson learned. But as far as I am concerned, that’s a shop I will not return to… and oh boy, I had brought home so many demos from there, lol !

Honestly? I think some designers should get themselves some store managers and stick to what they do best ;P

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I was going to write about a place I found earlier today, then I started thinking how I came across this sim: Tpglourenco Forcella showed me his last video shot at Pixel Dreams, a place impossible not to fall in love with. As I watched his machinima, I realized they had used a lot of [Organica] items, which are one of my favourite landscape suppliers. This thought made me go back to Pixel Dreams to explore a bit more and I noticed the amazing waves. Which on its turn led me to Las Islas – Casa del Mar, where I awe at Naiman Broome’s creations. I had a peek at his profile and decided to visit Havre de Paix to take a Look of the Day picture.

End of chapter.

Only because this made me extrapolate and realise how easily in our lives one thing leads to another. I often hear people say we have to live each day at a time… but in reality, each day is but a preparation for the next day to come. Look around and think of the life you lead, today. Then, revisit yesterday. See ? Not difficult to understand that you wouldn’t be where you are now if you hadn’t go through all the things you experienced in the past. I have this great job today, with supporting and understanding bosses only because I endured really hard times and unbelievable pushing directors all my life. My amazing boyfriend, I would have never met him if I had not endured the poor relationship I was having at the time. The new cozy apartment I am moving into was discovered as I took my son to school.

I can’t but feel that all the pieces of the puzzle are fitting their own place now. That often you have to feel really lousy before you are ready to receive perfection in your life. Sometimes, we are simply blinded by people around us and events happening one after the other, and you don’t have the time to think what it is that makes you happy. And you know what? That is not a problem, for life itelf will find the right timing to make you stop and re-think your priorities. If you think that is a drawback… well, it is not. It is just an offer of whoever is out there looking for us, a chance to start all over again. An opportunity to grow and become wiser. Like a time-out, you know? A period to take the trash out and clean off the dust.

This is the best way I can describe all I ent through during these last two or three years. I am arriving now at my new destination… and I am sure this will be one full of sunshine and hot days, soft waves dancing beneath my feet and birds singing among the palm trees.

And now, I am off to live this day fully… because I know it will lead me to new and peaceful paths that I will be walking along with my beloved ones.

(Fashion details:
Skin:Tea Lane ~TL~ Agave Skin – Candi(freckle)
Hair: [ Love Soul ] Hair*004-A*Brown
Sweater: *BOOM* Tamed Anya’s Orange
Pants: Doux Petit Dahl !DPD: The Jeans [Faded Black]
Boots: ETD Heather Boots (Cognac)
Jewelry: *Ticky Tacky* Banjee Girl Jewelry Set)

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I do not think Memorials have to be places frozen in time and space. That was why I put a Xmas tree in Philbin’s Memorial at Portucalis, and now I’ve planted there a Heart of Love.

This is a fund raising charity initiative to help Shir Dryke, owner and designer of Ornamental Life to collect the necessary amount to proceed with her heart transplant surgery. I am sure Maggie would be more than happy to help – and as we are about to have nearly the needed amount, let me urge you all to donate whatever you are able to.

I have dealt closely with lupus before (my kid’s father suffers from that since he was 18 years old) and know HOPE is often what helps them going on… so please, turn your account into a round figure (get rid of those 193 last numbers in it, LOL) and contribute !.

More detailed information in here – and THANK YOU!

UPDATE – On January 22, donations and charity sales have reached a total of 700K L$, thus taking us to our goal. However, the limited edition skin sales will go on for another two weeks. The product of these sales, according to Shir’s wish, will now revert to Relay for Life. To all of you who contributed, again my heartfelt thank you!

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Zaara Kohime, the well known indian designer, has recently launched her new sim. Remember those elephants just accross Tesla’s mainstore? I do hope Tesla will keep them, having always found they fitted perfectly – it’s the sort of thing one would NEVER expect to see wandering around some stores, hehehe.

Well, Zaara has now her own sim – which is worth a detailed visit for the textures she has used do catch your eyes… and soul. Enjoy at the sound of pure indian songs, and visit the club accross her main store, opposite to the lake in the middle of the sim. Ah, once you are at the club, don’t forget to click on the floor – you HAVE to try those wonderful bellydances ! And if you are a male, or have brought one along with you, be prepared for a really good laugh, hehehe


After you have checked the central places, take the narrow streets behind the stores, and amaze at the colourful typical indian market and stores. Be careful with the cows around, as you know they are sacred animals in India… and these ones I found them totally friendly, so there is nothing to be afraid of !


Along with the sim launch, Zaara is having a photo contest – read the rules here, and good luck ! In my own opinion, the whole place would need a little more of trees and plants around, but I guess Zaara’s isn’t done with the landscaping part.

And if you think that a place with stores is not one in which you may take good pictures – well, even me, who have no fancy windlight pre-sets and know nothing about post-processing was able to capture these two images. So, just imagine what you can do if you’re a gifted photographer… or even better, a geek at image processing software ! 😀

Indian bath at sunrise

Indian curtains at sunset

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Petros Miklos’ article was chosen as cover story for the most recent edition of the FreeLife Magazine. Some of the pictures not only show one of his favourite toys (you know what I mean… guys and toys hehehe), they also display some images of the beautiful sim we live in.


I do hope you enjoy going through it – his article in particular, but also the other ones. They are shorter this time and I trust, easier to read. From the next issue on, the magazine will undergo several changes, as announced upon the Editorial.

As part of the team, I hope to be counting on you amongst our faithful readers! As Petros’ pumkin (lol) I have to admit that I am terribly proud of him – way to go, babe !!

Wish you enjoy your reading! *mwahh*

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