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Been a while

Somehow, I grew used to keep my thoughts to myself.

I still remember that at a point I had this total need of writing what I thought, what I felt. Not only that, I felt I had to disclose them as publicly as possible. Cannot even explain exactly why I used to feel like that.

Of course I can guess a number of reasons. I thought my reasonings and feelings were too pressing for me to keep them inside of me, or sharing only with the only person who is really close to me – close enough for me to share my inner thingies, I mean. I might have also felt that I really had some important knowledge to share. I might be convinced that the things I had to say could make a difference.

With time, I got… I dunno – tired ? Dried ?

I’m not sure. What I know these days is that I really havenothing of interest to share. Both my First and my Second lives are pretty quiet currently, and fulfilled enough.

The need of sharing them, however… is gone. And for the time being, this (and all the other blog cooperation) come to a stand by.

At least until my story comes to another turn.

To all of you who have been there, reading me (and I AM surprised that some readers still drop by every day), my heartfelt thank YOU. I am sure we will meet again, someday.


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