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Hold my thoughts in your hand. They are our thoughts, I know, for we share the same mind.

Take my dreams away with you when we say goodnight. They are our dreams, I know, for we meet there as well.

Breathe my happiness. It is our happiness, I know, for ours is the smile and the laughter we offer each other night and day.

Keep my feelings close to you. They are our feelings, I know, for our heart is but one.


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One of the things me and Petros have been doing during these last days is going through the stands at the Hair Fair – like walking calmly (even because one cannot run due to lag, lol) through one sim per evening and collecting a bunch of demos which we try later on at home… and yes this has been loads of fun. Some of the hairs we get hold along the way are just too funny and have given us great moments of laughter, hehehe

Walking around, it’s impossible not to notice that this year most of the designers decided to put a price of 1L$ on their demos. I do have some reserves against this kind of behaviour – it is true that 1L$ may be nothing at all to those who have full pockets, but imagine someone who can just afford some two or three hairs – I am sure they will limit themselves to free demos, and isn’t that a shame ?

Another thing that immediately caught my eye is the care that some of the designers have put in setting-up their stands. Woot ! These people don’t only sell hairs, they are true artists and willing to share with us their skills… yes, I have some troubles not being partial and feel like buying only from these ones, hehehe. Leave you here just an example of what I’m saying – this is the stand of BP*, and it certainly deserves a long visit… hopefully I’ll get back there and take some more pictures of other stands I totally enjoyed.

And finally, I HAD to stop in front of Crimson + Clover Booth and look at THIS hair (yes, sweetie this is where you close your eyes, lol).

Yes, that is a foetus inside the hair – like a placenta, I suppose. On the back, a glass tube links your spine to the baby over your head and you’re able to see the “amniotic liquid” passing from one to another.

I had received the demo of this hair previously, by means of a FashCon notice. And the moment I tried it for the first (and single time, lol) I was shocked. Yes, very few things in any world still shock me at this point. This one did. Have to confess that me and Petros, we were not even able to talk about it – which tells a lot, since we talk about just everything under the sky and beyond lol. As time went by, I couldn’t deny my fascination towards it. No doubt it is a proof of creativity. No doubt, this is what designers are meant to do… push the limits ahead and make us think. Be different and fearless of risk. Dare to move forwards. Undoubtedly, C+C have done all that ! Then again… shouldn’t there be a limit anywhere ? Or simply… not ? LOL

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A successful quest

The best treasures are those you find without even hunting for them. However, when two people have the same goal, there is nothing like adventuring together into the world, hand in hand.

This evening, me and Mylord Miklos went out for a quest. (Mmm…. we had been hunting for hairs previously at the Hair Fair, but not much to tell about that, besides the fact that I don’t like paying for demos and that most freebies suck – the industry however has notably improved within this last year. Note to self: write a post on the Hair Fair, lol).

Ok, so I digress lol. Me and Mylord Miklos departed from our cove in search for a long lost treasure. We were faced with tremendous challenges, to a point of me thinking we would never succeed in finding what we were looking for.

However, and mostly thanks to Mylord’s bravery, we were able to achieve our goal and thus we took possession of some invaluable goods.

We headed to the nearest castle to rest our tired limbs…

not for long, though, for we were suddenly invaded by a foreign army. Sir Petros had to take his dragon form in order to retaliate… and in good time he did so, for the foreign ones quickly retreated to their own lands.

Oh dear Goddess… can I have more of this ? *smiles and bids farewell as a Lady should do (even though I am a witch, that’s not a knowledge common humans should hold about me – therefore, most of the times I simply wander amongst the crowd as if I was one of them).

There… out of point again ? Mmm… maybe yes – and isn’t that great ? ahahahahaha

Note to the readers: now, rush to Bare Rose and join the treasure hunt ! Oh I’m so sure you won’t want to miss it !!

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Holding hands

You looked deeply into my eyes. I reached my hand and held yours. The Goddess was watching us, and I know she was smiling.

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Thanks a bunch !

For being who you are. For being there. For sharing with me one of the most important moments of my SL. For the lovely gifts. In particular, for your warm feelings. A very very special THANK YOU to Katie who thought of everything and set a wonderful environment for us all – and yay, can’t wait for the baby shower next month ! 😀

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Told ya

Holly goddess ! I’m such a louser driver in-world ! Just a few hours ago, I was discussing with some friends who would be the faster one getting into water and I had bet I would win any race. So… after the gathering, we headed home, and had to try out our news BMWs (another amazing creation of Joaoluis5858 and a most kind gift – thaaaaanks a bunch !).

Errr… while Petros was driving like an expert, I rezzed my car on the beach, jumped in and… yes… landed in the nearest lake, AHAHAHAH

He tried to help me and used his own car to push me out of there… I speeded up… and a nanosecond later found myself at the bottom of the sea. Alright, sweetie, I know you got a bit worried with my lack of reaction. But I wasn’t injured… was just trying to wipe my laughing tears away from my eyes so I could at least remove the car from there. And at the end… it stood nicely parked, didn’t it ? *smiles and winks

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August 26, 2008

FL holidays are a door shut against time. You asked me what day was today and I did’nt knew what to reply. Then you told me – today is August 26, 2008. And right afterwards you gave me the most wonderful of the gifts. Yes, it is true… I never had a moment like this, Mylord Petros Miklos.

And now, just because of that, the readers will have to put up with the song below. Yes, I could pretend I felt something else and I’d post a really cool song. But this was the way you made me feel, and this was the song I immediately started singing after you were gone, so… things are as they are, please bear with my melty mood and my moment of true happiness.

Something good – Sound of music

Perhaps I had a wicked childhood
Perhaps I had a miserable youth
But somewhere in my wicked, miserable past
There must have been a moment of truth

For here you are, standing there, loving me
Whether or not you should
So somewhere in my youth or childhood
I must have done something good

Nothing comes from nothing
Nothing ever could
So somewhere in my youth or childhood
I must have done something good

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