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The hybrid looked at the stairs that went up and up and for a moment he hesitated. Around him, the world was a pure blank cloud, which hardly let him guess what would be next to the few dark steps he could notice amongst the mist. Very hesitantly, he stepped on the first one… and waited. Nothing seemed to have happened, even though he could be almost sure that the steps were not grounded in any solid basis, just suspended in the air. Then he risked another step, somewhat more confident of himself, and then a third one.

When he got to the fourth step, his bare feet were used already to the rough texture of those strange steps, connected amongst each other and yet not in a physical sort of way. He just had a feeling that something held them together… a powerful will, of an imaginative creator of sorts.

Step after step, up he went through the stairways. Like a spiral going up and up, he had no idea where they were leading him to – but now it was too late to go back, the steps seemed to melt as soon as he took the next one. He mumbled softly ‘I know, I have to move forwards, so the only way is up”. He found himself walking faster and faster, an anxiety growing deep inside of his heart which beat at the same rhythm of his feet, each time quicker. Now, he simply had to know where that path ended.

Along the way, he crossed some other vague figures, hardly perceived among the midst. Some of them were sitting on one of the steps and he nearly stumbled on them. Others were cheerfully singing and dancing in small groups. He could even hear the footsteps of someone climbing up just after him, with the same stubborn and ever faster pace. He didn’t care, was not really interested in stopping and waiting for that other one, didn’t want to know that other person and even less to climb the stairways together. That was a journey of him alone, thus the mere presence of others were totally indifferent and almost surreal. All he cared for was… what would be at the very top of all those stairs ?

A door stood there, before him. Dark as a moonless night, made quite a contrast amongst the midst. Something in that shut, quiet and mute door frightened him, and made him wonder if he should even open it. Was this the mission he was supposed to achieve ? Was this the end of the quest he had gone through all his entire life ?

A sudden blow of wind opened the door for him, and pushed him inside.

‘Inside of what?’ was his first thought, just because the place seemed to be totally desert, not even letting him know either he founded himself inside a room or somewhere outside. The wind had stopped, and had been replaced by a far away soft line of musical notes putted together as if by hazzard. Not being sure where he was stepping on, he dared a couple moves onwards, and noticed the musical notes started to make some kind of sense. The more he walked in (or out?), the more he realized he was in fact listening to song after song… music as he had never listened to before.

He closed his eyes and knew then. He was the wolf man and had to use all his senses – in time, he was now certain, he would use all twenty of them. But for now, he only had to use his ears and let himself float in this new unknown musical world where each and every note came from no other place than from inside of him.

(Story inspired and based on the pictures above all of them by Rio K.). Thanks, sweetie !

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She opened her eyes as if she had been sleeping. She had not, it was but the way she felt it. In reality, she had been walking through some dark sides of the world, brightened up here and there with some spotlights and relief. Some of them had been like suns of brilliance, some had even come from deep inside of her, some others were mere faint lights which quickly dropped her in the darkness.

She had learnt that sometimes she would better stop and wait for the next day to rise. Often, she had simply been too frightened to simply wait and had ran as fast as she could, feeling the rain and thundering all around her, not knowing where she was going, not caring if there was a way ahead or a just another dead end.

Along the way, she had learnt to deal with those too. Those paths that led her nowhere and only made her retreat and withdraw her steps back very, very carefully and slowly not to shatter herself totally.

She shook her head, knowing all too well the journey was not over. Not yet. She blinked and looked at the different arrowsigns in front of her, each of them pointing to a different direction.

She felt the warmth and the stilness of the place, as if time had stopped and was patiently waiting for her.

She tried to look ahead, to find out where each path would lead her. Oh, she already knew where they were all ending. Death was waiting and the very top of them all. That was a fact, and she had also learnt to accept facts.

She realised some of the paths were quite crowded, others had just one or two hardly-perceived silhouettes at different distances and there were one or two which seemed to be totally empty. Amongst the crowd, a figure became clearer and she heard his voice saying ‘you don’t have to choose on your own’. She relaxed, as she understood that in fact, if she would just stand there long enough, someone would come, take her hand, and guide her along one of those paths. Yes, the decision could easily be left to another one.

The relief, though, came and go in a glance. Her heart was shouting no, no, no, no. She made an effort to come out of her daydream and listened closer to what her own body and soul were telling her, then she finally understood they were right. Only her and her alone was entitled to choose which path she was to follow. This was her own journey, and no one else had the right nor the duty of choosing but her.

She could see some of the paths looked smoother, some other were like endless snakes with so many curves. At the distance, she noticed some prairies, forests, the see, high mountains and dried deserts.

Still, she stood there. She knew she would have to take a step before someone else would come over and take her. She sighed, for she had no way of knowing what would happen along a single one of those ways.

She asked her heart to lead her away, and he did. Then, a voice on her head told her that would not be a safe path. Her body was screaming that she was tired and needed a rest urgently. At the same time, her soul was saying ‘each way is a different lesson, so it really is up to you’. Mmmm… that was not really such a help, so she shushed them all.

And then, she felt this smile on her lips… and she took the first of many other steps into one of the paths.

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Holding still

Just because I couldn’t sleep, this song playing in my mind over and over again… maybe I am now able to exorcise it.

David Fonseca and Rita Red Shoes, in one of my all time faves: Hold Still

In this little town
cars they don’t slow down
The lonely people here
They throw lonely stares
Into their lonely hearts

I watch the traffic lights
I drift on Christmas nights
I wanna set it straight
I wanna make it right
But girl you’re so far away

Oh, hold still for a moment and I’ll find you
I’m so close, I’m just a small step behind you girl
And I could hold you if you just stood still

I jaywalk through this town
I drop leaves on the ground
But lonely people here
Just gaze their eyes on air
And miss the autumn roar
I roam through traffic lights
I fade through Christmas nights
I wanna set it straight
I wanna make it right
But man you’re so far away

Oh, I’ll hold still for a moment so you’ll find me
You’re so close, I can feel you all around me boy
I know you’re somewhere out there
I know you’re somewhere out there

Oh, hold still for a moment and I’ll find you
You’re so close, I can feel you all around me
And I could hold you if you just stood still
Oh, I’ll hold still for a moment so you’ll find me
I’m so close, I’m just a small step behind you
I know you’re somewhere out there
I know you’re somewhere out there
I know you’re somewhere out there

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Taking a day off from the last 5 hectic working days in Luzern, I followed the advise of Dagmar and flew for the shooting star hunt – highly recommendable, I did it just as she wrote and it took me just a while to get all 20 items from those lovely japanese stores.

Then I went for a nap… and woke up with this image on my mind – which obviously left me retless until the moment I was happy with what I see.

For some other fast updates: loads of new projects and ideas to try both in my First and in my Second Life. This last FL meeting was indeed very productive and as my mandate comes to an end, I feel there are a bunch of thing out there I really should give some try. Yeah… this is the result of very many encouraging comments to the work I have developped over the last four years and oh boy… do I feel exahusted but so happy and confident in the future !!

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Sometimes, we see things that touch us and leave us speachless.

Discovered via Gerard Vlemmings’ blog, please enjoy Nuit Blanche by Arev Manoukian.

Nuit Blanche from Spy Films on Vimeo.

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There you go. Things often fall on your lap exactly when you needed it. I was searching for something to feed my soul and just discovered ~The TheatRe of the Absurd~, an amazing Flickr Stream that made me drool.

For those who enjoy a bit of abstract and wild dreams placed right in the middle of your eyes and dreams, it’s totally a must see!

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Error - When the day comes to an end

Far behind the day we live today, I often pictured myself walking on a beach of white soft warm sand. I was alone, most of the time, and my white dress swirled around my tanned legs as the wind played around with my hair.

Sometimes, a very young girl holded my hand firmly, almost as if she was guiding my steps. As I turned backwards, however, there was but one pair of footprints by the sea.

This day, I know better. I realised the young girl all dressed in white, like myself… is no one else but me as well. And today, as odd as it may seem, I found in-world the dress I always wore in my dreams. And I knew at that moment that the time had come for me to take refuge in a almost deserted place – was it an Error ?

It never is, going to places we longed to be…

Error - Light
(more dreams in my flickr stream)

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