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Ephemeral, unedited

Ephemeral, unedited

… I celebrate my 1000th day in-world, up until midnight SLT. A special thanks to Ms DeCuir who kindly draw my attention to this fact, and a BIG hug to the Emerald Viewer designers who included such a cool feature on their work, hehehehe

I am sometimes a bit supersticious and tend to see signs… where there are any, often, LOL.

I don’t know… I crave for something… wish I new what it was !

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4th of July

… you better join them – that’s how the old saying goes, right ? hehehe, just kidding. The truth is that once again, the grid got flooded with red-blue-and-white items of all sorts, from outfits to firecrackers, poofers and all sorts of awesome useful thingies 😀

Then again, at the end of the day this 4th-of-Julymania gets to be funny, as soon as you decide to take the most out of it and endure it not only with patience but even… with joy!

This being said… I sincerely wish you all americans out there an awesome holiday filled with peace and fun. Celebrate at will, for the party time is yours now!

A very happy 4th of July to you all ! ❤

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After three months of an emotional rollercoaster, the doctor finally looked at me with a serious look on his eyes and declared “we concluded this is not bad. Off you go, schedule another echo for early July and do NOTHING more!”

Yupppieeee, I’m a healthy gal! I’m really lucky because this guy is a modern one, should it be an old school doctor and I wouldn’t escape surgery. As it is, he will only take the decision to take the tumours out in case they grow over 4 cms.

This means I have three months ahead of me to focus on much more pleasant things, to concentrate on work, my kid and my bf… and to LIVE! And yes, I know I haven’t been in-world for the whole week – I am not going to disappear, I’ve just been doing other things but will drop by anytime !

To all those who sent heart-felt messages of support and encouragement, my most sincere thank you – you will never know how much I appreciated them at times I felt lost. To those who sent messages just because you wanted to know if I was going to die soon – sorry, you’ll have to wait a bit further to celebrate… and please, don’t bother sending them, I had enough of false friends thank you 😀

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