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One of the reasons I was dying for April to start was to follow the Crazy Arse Hair Hunt. On Easter Friday I suddenly realised that was the H day so I immediately stopped everything I was doing and headed to the Hunt Starting Point. The detailed notecard about this hunt was VERY challenging and specifically mentioned we should not count on “normal hairs”. Also, there would be no hint giving nor a blog on the hunt, just because the hunt items would be all in plain sight and no farer than 20 meters away from the landing point.

Well, some of them were, others not really. The fact that the item was a sphere did not helped much either but anyway I was able to do it in just one day, since there were only 40 stores joining in.

As often with most of the hunts on the first day, some of the items were not yet set up in the stores. Others were not simply set for sale. Because we had no other option than collecting each and every item, each time we got stuck I would send the owner and designer a polite reminder where I asked for their help at least in providing the next landmark so I could proceed – not only me, of course, since with time a small brotherhood of hunters had gathered and we were doing this together.

I had the most pleasant surprise when Rose Columbia from NeVerMind replied to my notecard in the nicest way and promptly offered me her item, thus sparing me the pain of going back to a place I had scanned inch by inch before. Not happy with that, a few moments later I received another IM from her allerting me to another item that was still not set for sale some couple of spots aways… and offering me a notecard with all the landmarks of the involved stores. Gosh, this was like a gift from heaven to me and the half a dozen fellow hunters that were gathering efforts to end this task and totally saved our lives! Each time we came to a place where we faced a problem with the item, I sent a new notecard to the owner/designer and we were able to move on to the next place.

One thing is certain – most of the designers got back to me in the most friendly way and hurried to correct it. Even though this is something we already count with on a first day of a hunt, there being no hint blogs, groups, etc, would make us simply stuck to a place until the owner/designer was kind enough to come along and help us.

The opposite also happened. From another owner of I got a reply that went something like:
[22:24] name deleted: Could we possibly have a better warning of how things are to be run in a more clear notecard for future references to that I don’t need to be spammed out the ass with IMs about a hunt item not being up? Roflmao..

She may have mistaken me with someone connected to the organisation of the hunt. I can easily imagine how annoying it should be to get a zillion notecards about the same matter. She wasn’t probably in one of her best days. Still, I don’t think that’s a suitable way to adress a customer. Next time, I will surely refrain myself from any action – lesson learned. But as far as I am concerned, that’s a shop I will not return to… and oh boy, I had brought home so many demos from there, lol !

Honestly? I think some designers should get themselves some store managers and stick to what they do best ;P


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Last week, I was following flickr links and came over Monicuzza Babenco’s blog – Feel Beautiful. As soon as I looked at her pictures, I started drooling over the skin she was wearing. It was a wonderful smooth skin, and… it had hair painted ON the head (yes, you know, that area we usually don’t have a single hair) !!

I went on reading her blog (and awwweing at her pictures, lol) and realised she was the actual designer of those wonderful skins. Considering that I have been looking for a good hairy female skin for almost two years now, you can easily imagine I droped by YS&YS (Your SKin & Your Shape) as soon as I could.

Unfortunately, the new Summer line (yessss, that’s how they are called, lol) presented again the same issue I had come across before: there are skins for blondes, brunettes and even red-haireds… but those beautifully painted curls over the heads were either too dark, too light, or simply too out of tone for me to choose any of them.

Right… at that point, faith decided to have a party and put Leilah Nishi in my IM. When I mentioned Monicuzza to her, Leilah immediately started praising the italian designer both as a professional and as a real sweet person – and this was all the incentive I needed to message Ms. Babenco and make her aware of my rants (hehehe).

Yesterday evening, as I slowly unpacked some more stuff from the late SLD Hunt, Monicuzza knocked on my virtual door. And the result was this skin below:

YSYS skin

It costed me exactly the same amount as any other skin in the store. It costed Monicuzza some extra work and three previous demos until both of us and her friend Monyka Benelli were fully satisfied with the result. I have to confess I felt a little guilty for keeping her up way beyond her bedtime but awww… now I have a skin that will allow wearing different hair styles – some of which I absolutely love but couldn’t help thinking they were too much of a wig for me to spend any lindens on them.

Ah, no doubt this is me in my best vain mood, LOL! But please, have a closer look at the pictures above! I did not edit them at all and even used the most harsh lights I could get to show how they behave under different err… weather conditions ? hehehe

The face is beautiful, with perfect eyebrows. The freckles oh myyyy, they’re one of the best I saw in-world to this day! The smoothness of the bones on the neck base is extraordinary – yes, human beings have bones in there, but not as pronounced as some skins make us believe, hehehe. A soft light seems to caress the whole skin and highlight the right places. Gosh, even the knees are really well done!

The hair tone is a perfect match for ETD’s carrot tone, however it also works amazingly with Truth hairs as well as with most of my carrot hairs. Monicuzzi included a graceful chignon in each package to wear along your not-that-bald-head… and I have a feeling this would look great with my ballerina tutus *smiles.

A final word of appreciation to Monyka for her nice cumpliments on my shape – and a warm THANK YOU to Monicuzza, for your kindness, availability, sense of professionalism and generosity!

I know now that I will not need posting “skin by…” on my fashion posts for a looong while *winks* – useless to mention it, for I will be wearing this one over and over again. Yeaps, for this is ME.

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I am grateful to Truth for their hair sale… babyhoney style is totally me.

I am grateful to GL Designs for their fabulastic 20L$ sale – Punk Kitty suits me great !

I am grateful to Stephen Psaltery from Style Starts Here – amazing strapped boots 😀

I am grateful to my dearest friend anjali Insoo – you RAWCK, girl, I’m delighted your studio and pose stand are copy and you’re generous heart made you feel like sharing it with me *holds tight and kisses*

I am grateful to the beautiful Ana Lutetia who shared her windlight presettings – maybe bit by bit I start shooting some decent pictures *does the banana dance*

I am grateful to Petros for… but have to refrain my gratitude to more private environments, lol

And last but totally NOT the least… I am grateful to my Plurk friends for making me smile.

Yes, even in a rotten day when I’m feeling this sick and can’t eat or drink anything all throughout the day – you guys still keep me going.


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