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Hot Summertime

I know, everyone on the northern hemisphere keeps complaining that it’s too hot and everyone’s just waiting for Fall to come or even Winter.

So… What about a fresh summer fruit salad ? *laughs

Hair: >TRUTH< Julia Streaked – copper
Skin: *Leafy*Miso Loom
Face Tatoo: [Stellar] Freckle Face Tattoo
Nails: seshil nail flower purple
Dress: Lemania Indigo Designs- Orange Julius (includes shoes not shown in the pic)
Pose by dfo!

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Some colour

I am very well aware this blog has been all too serious lately. So, time to put some colours around, and introduce you to two of my recent fave outfits, hoping that they may help your own shopping sprees:

Hair: [Aden] Autumn (Hazel)
Skin: .:::GARAGE:::. Elli skin
Dress: BeBe DoLL Designs – Dina Dress
Ring: {theosophy} Melville Ring
Scarf: Adjunct – Bohemian Scarf
Socks: [bubble] Lace Knee Bands
Sandals: {theosophy} Dowlais Sandal (River)
Pose by dfo!

Hair: !lamb. Soma – Rotten Carrot
Skin: .::TD::. Sweet Augustine – 5 -S.O.S Exclusive – Fire Engine
Freckles: [Stellar] Freckle Face Tattoo
Hands tattoo: [Plastik]-Feather-Faded-
Dress: Mimikri – Calypso (black)
Socks: **Malizz Yiyuan creation**GirlySocks(orange)
Flats: ShinyThings – Criss cross ballet flat (black)
Bangles: Topaz Square~Black Bangles~ Fem
Necklace: YUM *Candyum Necklace
Pose by dfo!

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Initially I created a doll in InWorldz so that the place would have a girl in that playground. Then, I thought I could make a couple more, lol. So I did. Of course, the textures on their dresses are not mine, neither are their hairs – and believe me, it’s a pain to find a hair which is not too primmy.

It was made as a gift for my Ass cousin in Plurk, Clio Cardiff… but then I just couldn’t help it and had to place them in Never Never as well.

So yes… LL is messing up, the grid was down and still as problems. But as far as I’m concerned, while I’m still able to loggin and have fun well – that was always my one and only purpose for being there in the first place, hehehehe

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Long time no read, huh ? Well, I have no other excuse but complaining about days having only 24 hours. So many things happens daily in different levels of my life lately that… oh by, I really feel I keep running from one side to another.

Not going to take your time much more. But just to update you a bit, I’ve been InWorldz – exactly, another grid, One which is about one year old only and where the few people in your contact list actually greet you whenever you login, LOL. Of course, it also means that the average users online are about 11 or something.

Blame it on Misty Harley (hey, you know how it is, it’s NEVER my fault, loooool!)! But you see, it’s really hard to resist to get to one virgin place and not trying to do something! And this is how I end up creating my own house and clothes and poses, and Petros is discovering the complex world of sculpties and scripts. And you know what ? We have a whole 1681 prims to play with…. for a mere 5 US$/month.

Ah! And obviously in desperate need of any kind of content creators. Could someone please bring over a couple of decent skins and hairs ? Pretty please ? 😀

Because if you don’t… my land risks looking like this for an endless time, hehehehe

And as for me… one of these days I will have the courage to try something a bit more challenging than this :

Except for the hair (imported from SL), shoes, skin and eyes (freebs InWorldz), I had a GREAT time doing all the rest. Thanks to [ADA] lovely textures, I did my own dress, socks and flying butterflies. Pose by yours trully as well and my own shape. Background is an open source. And all of you who want to visit, you will be more than welcome to Eva Playground in the Railroad Valley sim IW.

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For a couple of weeks already, me and Clio have been playing around with our Plurk names and after some intermediate versions, we ended up as Miss Smart Ass and Miss Cutie Ass – I suppose you will easily guess who was smart enough to get the name that makes most sense (not me, that’s for sure, lol).

After a quite hectic FL these last days (weeks?) I woke up and issued a national decree stating that today is my official national holiday after a series of hard working days and some not-so-good news related to the state of my private finances, hehehehe

So I went in-world about five minutes after I woke up, a warm cup of tea in my hand and had a stroll at the Pose Fair, where I found some cute frames at the aDORKable Poses stand. I uploaded a background, replaced the frame poses by others from (pda) and there I was all set and waiting for Miss Clio :P. Lucky for me, she had been hanging around on her bikini as well and her awesome sense of humour made her join my idea at once. Below, you will find the result of some really FUN moments, hehehehe – exactly the kind of break I was in desperate need, with an added mistery bonus: how come she changed bikinis and I didn’t even noticed ? LOOOOL Look closely, for the second picture was taken by her, while the others I shoot them myself… notice the difference ? hehehehe

Thank you, my dear Ass cousin, for being such a great pal! Hope you enjoy them as well!

Fully identified Ass Cousins

Picture by Clio herself ! See her different bikini ? LOOOL

Miss Smart Ass, the one and only

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Inspired on the original idea based on First life events, Trace Osterham – a wonderful inworld designer and photographer – decided to launch a similar project for Second Life residents. And the Two Three Six Five was born, which aims at telling short stories and experiences of 365 avatars in the metaverse.

I have to admit that I am really excited at start reading the result. I am sure this will be a blast and the project a major success. Can you just imagine having so many different perspectives in just one place ? Reading about funny lil situations, major romances or achievements? Second Life is such a rich environment that I can barely wonder on the diversity of the stories that can be told.

So here’s a challenge. Come and join, bring your own short story and make us laugh, smile, think or even cry if you want to. Check the guidelines and block a date for you. I can’t wait to read your story!

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I know every SL blogger has been speaking about this today. The 2.0 SL client is all over in the SLogosphere, in plurk and everwhere else, I would say. I still have a lot to consolidate about it, but my first impressions as a basic user is… I LIKE IT!

I probably am sick, but immediately thought about all the links my babe wants to show me all the time and pictured a scene quite similar to the ones below. Having the net inside SL, for both of us who each day have to sleep apart is no doubt another way of connecting our minds and souls – even when this means that I am farming while the other half of the sofa is fighting against rival tribes, LOL!

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For some time already I’ve been having some problems finding poses for my pictures. Oh, indeed there are awesome posemakers in-world, from those who make awesome carefully designed poses for fashion, like Ana Lutetia, to those who create poses for dramatic artistic purposes, like Frigg Ragu.

Anyway, if you like to take a picture once in a while, I’m sure you know what I mean. Often there is a specific outfit who inspires a particular mood… and how tiresome is it to run Sl and XStreet, etc looking for the perfect pose ?

Well, Petros as always was most encouraging and found me the QAvimator. Me being so lazy and low-tech savy, I immediately fell for it, since I had no problem at all to start playing with it. The first pose, however, was his work… and tcham tchaaaaam, here it is. He named it “credus”, which is the portuguese rough word for “oh… gosh!” LOOOL

We already found a name for this new venture (seen in the title above) and a motto: “We accept on-demand work too… (results not as expected though)” hehehehe

(now, please don’t believe a word I wrote, huh?) We are NOT opening a store, hehehehe

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Well, I know I do! hehehehe

I’ve mentioned it before, so useless to keep repeating myself and let the image speak instead. Do I even need to say it’s a creation of Stitch by Stitch ?

Skin: Unique Megastore
Hair: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tableau/128/128/2
Flats: caLLie cLine

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Quckie tip (part II)

Don’t take my word for granted, watch for yourself *smiles*


Complete outfit from Mix & Match, a special created for the S.O.S Hunt. Shoes included. Hair is from Lamb, and skin from Curio. Yay, I feel girlish, lol!

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