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Shot at Moulin Rouge

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Shoot at Moulin Rouge

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It’s no big secret I’m a fan of Clio Cardiff’s creations. This is one of her most recent releases and goes by the adorable name of Queue de Paon. An outfit that immediately made me run to cabarets (pictures of that to follow – shoot at Moulin Rouge where the hostess immediately loved it as well, LOL).


One of the features I enjoy most in Clio’s dresses are the way the skirts swirl and move gently and I’ve mentioned it before. Well, this is no disapointment – quite the opposite! And a perfect match to the Tousled Isabelle hairstyle by the House of Heart.

And now, since Carnival is not totally over – I’m gonna run and dance the CanCan !! uieeeee !

UPDATE – As I finished to work on the picture above, I thought Clio might enjoy to have it, so I offered it to her in-world. And YAY! Ms. Cardiff enjoyed my picture enough to turn it into a board that she displayed on her store ! *drools*


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One of these hunts we’ve been doing in-world led us unexpectadly to Scribble. At first, it was the funny things at the Home of Sanu store that caught our eyes…


Then, we had a look outside, and before we knew it, we had climbed up the tree – which often happens to us anyway, hehehehe…


From up there we had no problems sighting the cats having their japanese favourite meal..


They were the ones pointing us a quiet spot down at the beach…


Wondering over the soft waves, we became aware of this huge dark building. Curiousity grew stronger than lazyness and we headed there. The travel seemed to last for hours. What had seemed to be a near place revealed itself a huge commercial complex at the end of a long hard walking path. The midday sun shined bright and harsh, the day turned so hot I had to jump on the first bath tube I found…


Feeling freshened up and ready for some more emotions, I followed Petros out – only to immediately fall in love with… Scribble mannequins !


A closer look revealed they were everywhere in the place ! In each corner I laid my eyes on, I spoted one, then another. Each an individual personality, each a different feeling…


I was so much in shock and awe looking at them that I only realized we had become mannequins ourselves when it was already far too late to scream for help…


A spell had been cast upon us. We became still mannequins on a window sill, doomed to look at those other human beings coming and going as they please. Will we ever be able to escape from this frozen reality and catch hold of our lives again ?

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My favourite caffeteria

Is the hospital’s caffeterie. Odd ? Not really, lol. It does have a wide range of products where you can choose from. They do know how to make a “meia de leite” – coffe and mil in a mid-sized mug. Their toasts are one of the bestest I have had in all my life. The service is friendly and fast. The whole environment is warm, quiet and peaceful. And it’s not expensive at all.

As a plus, if you get to find a place by the huge windows, you can watch the water flow gently in the artificial lake just beside. On a lucky bright day, you may even watch the river at the distance.

Surely, it is not the fanciest place in the world. However, it makes us customers feel comfortable within a less than pleasant context. And to be honest, this caffeteria is mainly the reason I don’t mind my weekly visits.

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Still here

For those who question themselves, no I didn’t go nowhere. It’s just that I have this meeting in Prague next week and my professional life is always quite hectic during the previous weeks. It’s just that in-wold there’s this two major grid-wide hunts and I’ve just finished one and am starting another. It’s just that I finally found myself a company to go to the movies and try to go at least once in a week.

And finally… it’s just that some end of days and some start of days are lived in other ways. With all this, I guess blogging and photographing at this point become a bit secondary.

However… I’m still here. Please bear with me – and thank you for being there ! ❤

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Sometimes, the light is simply perfect…


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I found this group on Flickr and thought it would be funny to send a picture once in a while. And because I was so happy with one of the latest releases from Maria Gherardi, today was my first:

Picture shoot at Zero Style

AO: Pixel Dolls, (The New Zero) I mean business with cigarette holder
Hair: Curio – Gertrude (copper)
Top: !STC Valentine Gift Red Hot
Bra: Pixel Dolls, Love Lace ❤ Chemise (ivory)
Shorts: [MG Fashion] Jersey Girl (burgundy)
Socks: [MG Fashion] Knitted Socks (deep red)
Shoes: Style Starts Here, Style! Couture Ankle Boots (red w/o text)
Jewelry: Kiwi Gift Box 07.09.2008

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@ home on a working day

Well, this was totally NOT my fault ! At seven in the morning I was sending e-mails requesting that work came home so I could make myself useful. Unfortunately, work only arrived at 4:30 pm. By that time I was already far too busy taking pictured and trying my most recent skills in… err… post-producing if you want to even though I’m still far from it.

They’re pretty much artisanal yet – but I look at them and I enjoy them (and yes, I’m showing my boobs lolol). My first application to a photo contest, just to see if at least I’m qualified to join in.

This is my favourite :


…the other ones can be easily found on my flickr (oh yesssss, another new one, I finally gave up and opened an account, hehehe). One thing is sure: I had much more fun doing this than the minutes I should have been writing, LOL.

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Blue day

One of my main mottos in life has always been: when you’re not comfortable with the situation you are in you either solve it, accept it and stop whinning or leave.

I never felt comfortable with people playing almighty god and behaving with no respect whatsoever for the others – particularly when they demand from those around them to behave according to the highest standards.

I never felt comfortable with people abusing on others just because they can. I find this despisable, specially when those others provide a service that is of the utmost importance for the “almighty’s” business.

Therefore… for as much as I enjoy working at Sweethearts; for as much as I love the team and have attached myself dearly to many of the hostesses there; for as much as I appreciated the good money I was doing there – I am quitting today.

Yay – I had enough of asshole bosses. Tried them before in FL and didn’t like them, so I’m not for sure having one in SL. :D. This does makes me feeling blue, and I will need some time to forgive the asshole for having ruined my fun… but I’ll get over it with time. Too bad that such a nice place is owned by such a spoiled kid…

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