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I have not the least patience to faulty products, I am afraid. It looks like I will not be able to access adult content with this previous viewer. What a pity, LOL

My pictures are back to normal, now and that’s all that matters. However, I am sure this will mean a serious turndown to lots of users… Never saw a corporate so eager to dig their own grave but oh well, they know what they are doing for sure (not? hehehe)


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I first noticed this in another laptop, and thought it could be the graphic card, therefore I didn’t paid too much attention. However, today I decided to take some pictures around at 100Limite, and although this one didn’t get out too bad…


in this one I began realising something was wrong…


and this one finally conviced that the new viewer changed some settings that I am not figuring out how to put back as they were.


In my screen I can see the reefs top, I keep seeing them whenever I chose take snapshot in the file menu – but then my final picture shows this amazing result. As usual, I chose high res picture in the advanced menu, I set the picture size at 2400 px (this being my regular size for ages) and yet… to get a proper result I have to place my camera way higher than normal…

Guess this will be a viewer to forget – wish I could at least understand why is this happening…

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Are you kidding me ??

Was it really necessary to change the place of the dettach button in the apple pie menu? Gosh, now I keep doing edit appearance all the time, how annoying can that be ?

With so many valuable suggestions in jira and LL is wasting time changing places of buttons ? They seem to have a whole lotta time in their hands atm, no ?

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