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So here it is. What people have been making of themselves in-world.

Yes, I know much has been said about how an avatar expresses our creativity and personality. That is why I am not going to write much on the posts I will be making under this subject. The whole point however is: yes, design has evolved a LOT since I first rezzed almost three years ago. But are desigerns often able to see that people actually have also followed the new trends ? I guess they have an idea from fashionistas and bloggers… and perhaps they keep an eye on the crow. What I intended to do, however, was something a bit different. I aimed at showing common people wearing their amazing creations.

I am NOT reading their profile previously, so these are total strangers to me. If they are known for their work, I am not aware. If they are celebrities of their own right for any reason, I totally ignore that fact. These are simply shots, taken as these men and women went by on their daily affairs. My improvised models were not even told they were being shot. BUT they were asken permission for their pictures to be published, and I’m really happy that each and every one of them said yes.

Yes, it is true – there are pretty amazing avatars in Second Life. People with awesome taste who actually combine the best design in-world with their own creative skills. Now, have a look and see how different we all are. How each one of us has something to state. And one thing that often makes me wonder… can we tell something about them, not knowing them, just from looking at what they have created ? *smiles*

That said… avast with the first pictures:

Apollonia Bertolucci

marilyn Mistwallow

Miri Clowes

Rindou Seesaw

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I was strolling around my garden and the camera twisted inadvertedly – have it ever happened to you? To me, this is a frequent experience, LOL. Anyway, this is how I found a totally unexpected angle.

The light was perfect and I loved the picture. Only when I was about to post it did I found out two major faults that totally mess it up. Anyone able to tell me what they are ? *winks* (no, not you, babe 😛 hehehe)

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