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A quickie, just because a day only has 24 hours and each & every one of them are totally filled-up at this point. In any case, I couldn’t miss the opportunity of sharing with you guys that I am exhibiting a couple of works at The Amore Peduto Gallery in-world. One of the images is an absolute original which hasn’t been published anywhere else – a shot of a place called Lusíadas, which is a must see !

Thank you to Michiel Bechir who was kind enough to invite me and to Daisy Haefnir, the owner who welcomed me so warmly. Even if you don’t usually visit art galleries on a regular basis, this place is deffinitely worth a stroll, for it has nothing to do with traditional galleries lay out. Beware, you may even loose track of time hanging around in there 😉


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Taking a day off from the last 5 hectic working days in Luzern, I followed the advise of Dagmar and flew for the shooting star hunt – highly recommendable, I did it just as she wrote and it took me just a while to get all 20 items from those lovely japanese stores.

Then I went for a nap… and woke up with this image on my mind – which obviously left me retless until the moment I was happy with what I see.

For some other fast updates: loads of new projects and ideas to try both in my First and in my Second Life. This last FL meeting was indeed very productive and as my mandate comes to an end, I feel there are a bunch of thing out there I really should give some try. Yeah… this is the result of very many encouraging comments to the work I have developped over the last four years and oh boy… do I feel exahusted but so happy and confident in the future !!

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As I have written and told many many times, I am not an artist. I simply enjoy putting together beautiful things and create environments. If ever you visit Never Never, you will know very fast what I mean, lol.

But I have a very persistent friend who teased me until I said ok, let’s make an exhibition. Anyway, I am one of those who enjoys experimenting a variety of things at least once in a lifetime (and yes, this will probably be my first and last experience of the kind, promise I won’t torture you, hehehehe).

So here it is. My secret exhibition, because I am unable to deal with more than three people at the same time and place. There is not going to be any launch party nor any kind of gathering. I just placed a handful of very simple original pictures who haven’t been published anywhere – they will only be on my flickrs stream at the end of June, once we close this down.

Even the place is a secret, hehehe. It is not a known gallery, but a most friendly and very openminded place where the owners allowed me to changesome bits here and there according to the general theme of the Exhib – “Beyond the curtains”… and even helped me setting everything up !! (and just in case you guys haven’t noticed it, I totally had the time of my life this morning, hehehe)

If you’re able to find the place, which is hidden somewhere in some people’s profiles, don’t forget to play around with the other games available on the pond just in front of it.

To Dagmar Haiku for being so encouraging, my warmest thank you. To Manuel Ormidale and Paco Pooley, my appreciation and gratitude for letting me feel at home in your place.

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First time I looked at Rodriguez Munro’s flickr stream I just couldn’t keep my eyes away. He’s got this special ability to portraits which capture the essence of the person behind the avatar.

That is why I immediately offered myself to reveal a lil secret, only known to those who are closest to me. I am still fighting to be the rainbow I once was. I am still making an effort to actually do something and forcing myself to leave the bed each morning.

But I will get there. Even if for the moment, I’m just a fake sunshine.

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I first met Rio Karlsvalt in Plurk early last year. 25 march 2009 we met in-world and I still remember his new-citizen shape and skin quite well and his amazement when we first visited Chouchou with Iris. He had rezzed February 13th so you see, a new born in this brand new world.

Time went by and the feeling I got is that we soon understood each other pretty well. Him being a real artist (and please go visit his flickr stream and look at his wonderful creations -and *coughs* if there’s a gallery owner out there in need of an original, well, you’ve found it, lol), I quickly understood his sensitive soul had its ups and downs and was easily touched and even easily hurt, for he tended to give all of himself spontaneously. Which, as we all know, is not the most wise attitude to keep in-world, lol.

On the other hand, I also feel he was fast in realising that I am mostly an hermit who enjoys spending my time in-world on my own,which is my way of dealing with a crowded busy professional First Life.

We had times that we spoke often and openly about most everything, then months went by without us sharing a single world. But the connection remained, and was kept alive.

I watched closely as he developped and matured as a person and as an artist, and was really honoured when he invited me to participate in one of his art projects. Since I am far from being a model, I had no patience to simply stay there while he shoot me some pictures, so I took advantage of him being busy and also did my own interpretation of the moment.

So here they are:

Me by him:

Summer W by Rio K

Him by me:

Rio K. by Summer W.

I am vain. Very vain and very proud of my beautiful avatar,I confess. Therefore, me by me, obviously:

Man... I feel like a woman !

Thank you for being a friend, and for putting up with my “go away” moments, dear Rio. Most of all, now that we know each other a bit more, thank you for being… authentic!

*Some of you know it, not sure he does, though – but Rio is the portuguese name for River, and a name that fits him well, I think.

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For a couple of weeks already, me and Clio have been playing around with our Plurk names and after some intermediate versions, we ended up as Miss Smart Ass and Miss Cutie Ass – I suppose you will easily guess who was smart enough to get the name that makes most sense (not me, that’s for sure, lol).

After a quite hectic FL these last days (weeks?) I woke up and issued a national decree stating that today is my official national holiday after a series of hard working days and some not-so-good news related to the state of my private finances, hehehehe

So I went in-world about five minutes after I woke up, a warm cup of tea in my hand and had a stroll at the Pose Fair, where I found some cute frames at the aDORKable Poses stand. I uploaded a background, replaced the frame poses by others from (pda) and there I was all set and waiting for Miss Clio :P. Lucky for me, she had been hanging around on her bikini as well and her awesome sense of humour made her join my idea at once. Below, you will find the result of some really FUN moments, hehehehe – exactly the kind of break I was in desperate need, with an added mistery bonus: how come she changed bikinis and I didn’t even noticed ? LOOOOL Look closely, for the second picture was taken by her, while the others I shoot them myself… notice the difference ? hehehehe

Thank you, my dear Ass cousin, for being such a great pal! Hope you enjoy them as well!

Fully identified Ass Cousins

Picture by Clio herself ! See her different bikini ? LOOOL

Miss Smart Ass, the one and only

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I went back to Cacariou and found another spot that caught my attention. As usual I uploaded it to Picnik, played a bit around with the effects and published it on my Flickr stream as soon as I was happy with the result. This is a great evening therapy that I recommend everyone: do something that pleases your soul each day before going to bed and sleep. You will see it is so much efficient than any sleeping pill, hehehe.

Anyway… as my eyes closed, my mind flippered a bit. I had included the image in a Flickr group called “Sl Art”. Not because I labelled my picture as “artistic” – I rather consider myself a reporter who aims at drawing people’s attention to interesting facts or creations – but obviously because the installation itself is a work of art by Vive VooM.

But then, you see… a photographer in First Life keeps his/her eyes wide open and does his/her best to catch a moment in time. Something that most probably will never repeat itself again. In the atomic world, he or she would only a few seconds tochoose the right angle and light, be fast on the camera trigger and shoot what afterwards will become itself a unique work – it is the whole of these skills and hard work that makes of them true artists as well. Even if we think of a studio photographer trying to shoot the perfect image of a model, we have to recognise abilities and effort put together in choosing the right timing, the best expression and pose, the most suitable post-editing.

And this is where I suddenly choke at what I have been doing. As I wrote already, my first aim when I take those pictures is to communicate and spread the word about those creations that make me drool. But. I couldn’t help feeling that maybe I was also cannibalising their work. I mean, for some minutes I wandered whether I could possibly be taken credits that are not actually mine. Because all I do is…capturing someone’s else work.

Of course I try to show them at the best possible light. I enjoy playing with colours, which often create an environment that is quite different from the default one that people will find upon arrival at that specific place. However, it is not like I have created something. The only merit I trully may deserve comes from the pictures taken in places that I have built myself, which is something I don’t do that often, lol.

Unlike First Life photographers, I had all the time in the world to choose amongt 50 different windlight pre-settings and as many angles as I want, for the scene before my eyes was not to change in the next couple of days… weeks ? 😉 You see, the fishes in this image are not swimming anywhere, lol. They will remain at the same place and be visible for anyone who will visit Cariacou up to the moment their creator decides to replace them by something else. So… in fact, not only there is nothing in that image that is a creation of mine – I am in fact taking advantage of someone’s else work.

So indeed… am I helping these creators in anyway? Or am I simply cannibalising their efforts and taking credits for a final result that is mostly due to their amazing creativity and know-how?

* Couldn’t help making my lil joke around that dreadful song, sorry about that, LOL

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