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It will go away sometime between today and tomorrow, so just in case you didn’t have the chance to visit my not-that-secret exhib, you can still do it, for it’s still in Lust4Art Gallery… and this is a sample of what you might find in there:

What he left behind


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As I have written and told many many times, I am not an artist. I simply enjoy putting together beautiful things and create environments. If ever you visit Never Never, you will know very fast what I mean, lol.

But I have a very persistent friend who teased me until I said ok, let’s make an exhibition. Anyway, I am one of those who enjoys experimenting a variety of things at least once in a lifetime (and yes, this will probably be my first and last experience of the kind, promise I won’t torture you, hehehehe).

So here it is. My secret exhibition, because I am unable to deal with more than three people at the same time and place. There is not going to be any launch party nor any kind of gathering. I just placed a handful of very simple original pictures who haven’t been published anywhere – they will only be on my flickrs stream at the end of June, once we close this down.

Even the place is a secret, hehehe. It is not a known gallery, but a most friendly and very openminded place where the owners allowed me to changesome bits here and there according to the general theme of the Exhib – “Beyond the curtains”… and even helped me setting everything up !! (and just in case you guys haven’t noticed it, I totally had the time of my life this morning, hehehe)

If you’re able to find the place, which is hidden somewhere in some people’s profiles, don’t forget to play around with the other games available on the pond just in front of it.

To Dagmar Haiku for being so encouraging, my warmest thank you. To Manuel Ormidale and Paco Pooley, my appreciation and gratitude for letting me feel at home in your place.

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Dead is final. Or not.

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but unable to go to bed before posting this, LOL.

Not sure yet about this terrain, LOL

Not sure yet about this terrain, LOL

Welcome to Ephemeria

Ephemeria - terraforming

Still terraforming, but could not resist planting a couple of things before heading to bed. Feel free to have a feeling of the place if you want to… tomorrow it will probably be a bit different, hehehe

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Looker Lumet was kind enough to shoot some images on my first temporary installation, about two weeks ago. It’s currently displayed at the Avatrait Gallery, included in a joint exhibition which premiere was today. I strongly encourage everyone to go there and have a look at the amazing works some of the finest photographers in-world are making.

Thank you, Mr. Lumet, it was a real pleasure attending and watching my dream amongst so many wonderful pictures.

Sidenote – if you visit Looker’s blog, you’ll notice on the right-side column his first work in-world. It’s called Hypothermia and dated as of November 11, 2007. This was in fact a joint project between him and my alt Sand Posthorn… and oh boy did we have fun making that!!

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I am going to withdraw everything today… but decided to frame-up and post some of my favourite sights over there. At least, it will endure in my memory easier this way… and I already have a theme for the next one, which should happen in about a fortnight!

So here they are: just behind the Whale Graveyard Bay, there’s this abandonned hunted village:



Some of the houses were a courtesy of Mr. Jaxx Convair, a portuguese resident who happens to be a very good friend and a skilled builder – he did them himself (and you ought to see his full medieval place, complete with high defensive walls and a castle filled with the most pleasant corners).



Then by mere chance I discovered one of the village’s house has a really interesting window, and I simply couldn’t resist a in-and-out perspective.



One of the cliffs made me think about spring time and long bicycle rides along the countryside… It is probably a habit I should take out of the graveyard of my memories as well…


And because the place was so dry, I felt the need to have some water bursting from the land… jsut like that:


Finally, at the southwest corner, I placed the anchors and some fishing tools… then through windlight magic the place turned blue and I found my favorite lil corner in the whole sim…




These were three mad days. Building a whole sim in such a short period and unable to do any terraforming was quite a challenge. Of course, the fact that I kept looking over my shoulder to check if the owner was around also was a push lol. Now… should I send him over these pictures as well and thank him for his more than kind contribution ? 😀 I have to admit that he WAS the major contributor for all this !!

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My first temporary sim installation can be visited in here, Bonaire29. Everything will be removed by Monday night… if the owner doesn’t return all the objects back to my inventory in the meanwhile, that is.

This is also a public invitation, therefore. You are all more than welcome to visit and take your own pictures, rezz your own accessories whenever needed. Hope you enjoy it !

Anchors Graveyard – Image simply framed and signed

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