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Long time no read, huh ? Well, I have no other excuse but complaining about days having only 24 hours. So many things happens daily in different levels of my life lately that… oh by, I really feel I keep running from one side to another.

Not going to take your time much more. But just to update you a bit, I’ve been InWorldz – exactly, another grid, One which is about one year old only and where the few people in your contact list actually greet you whenever you login, LOL. Of course, it also means that the average users online are about 11 or something.

Blame it on Misty Harley (hey, you know how it is, it’s NEVER my fault, loooool!)! But you see, it’s really hard to resist to get to one virgin place and not trying to do something! And this is how I end up creating my own house and clothes and poses, and Petros is discovering the complex world of sculpties and scripts. And you know what ? We have a whole 1681 prims to play with…. for a mere 5 US$/month.

Ah! And obviously in desperate need of any kind of content creators. Could someone please bring over a couple of decent skins and hairs ? Pretty please ? 😀

Because if you don’t… my land risks looking like this for an endless time, hehehehe

And as for me… one of these days I will have the courage to try something a bit more challenging than this :

Except for the hair (imported from SL), shoes, skin and eyes (freebs InWorldz), I had a GREAT time doing all the rest. Thanks to [ADA] lovely textures, I did my own dress, socks and flying butterflies. Pose by yours trully as well and my own shape. Background is an open source. And all of you who want to visit, you will be more than welcome to Eva Playground in the Railroad Valley sim IW.

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First of all, a small confession. I am very, very lazy. As soon as things start to give too much work and too less fun I tend to put them aside and look around for the next pleasant thing to do. Now, why am I sharing such a not so great information about myself ? Just because this was the main reason I have avoided wearing prim feet/prim toe shoes and sandals, even though I really envied those who were able to make a perfect match with their skins. All those sophisticated huds requiring a license degree to understand them with poor results were far beyond my comprehensin. Until yesterday.

You see, I opened my prim feet sandals folder very carefully, and the very first item said: (AB) SAH girls gift. It had some prims on it, including invisi prims (which I quit wearing with viewer 2 anyway)… and a notecard. A couple of instructions wrote by Aniri Tinkel, owner and designer of Aniri’s Boutique, which I found so detailed and easy to follow that simply couldn’t resist asking her permission to copy it, in the hope to convert some more of you. And really, it is SO MUCH easier than any darn hud, oh gosh! See for yourselves, I’ve shoot some simple unedited pictures with all default windlights so you had an idea of the results.

And with no further delays, here here Ms. Tinkel’s wise advice on how to perfectly match your prim shoes with your skins:

“To start with

Step 1
MAKE SURE YOU MAKE A COPY of the shoes!!!!! we don’t want to create a mess

Now stand on the pose stand

Open advanced menu in SL
– CTRL ALT D – for windows/vista
– CTRL option D – for Mac
– CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+D – linux

then look for UI , click on the arrow and then Show Color Under Cursor

Make sure you have a BLACK background or is going to be very hard to see the numbers 🙂

Then wear one of the shoes for start ( NO invisible prims )
Click on it and choose texture – then 0

Put your mouse on your other SL foot, somewhere above your ankle and look at the numbers showned on your screen. Should look something like : 103 62 48 0 (those are the numbers I see, it depends on the skin you are wearing)

Now we are moving in the Edit window- Texture

Right click on the Shoe, Edit, Edit linked parts and click on the shoes foot

Go to the texture tab

Click on the square where says color and another window should pop up named Color Picker
then were says red type 103 (first number), where says green 61 (second number) and where says blue 48 (third number) (I’ve used my numbers, you have different ones)

Don’t be scared if your shoes turned green or purple first 🙂

Now you should have a darker color than your skin

Look where says Lum and just click on the little arrows until you’ll find a perfect/close to perfect color to your SL skin

Look at the numbers red, green blue and lum, note them (NOTE red, green and blue numbers will change once you change the lum numbers – Those numbers you need to note down, the new ones )

This was the hardest part, and you need to do it only once…until you have a new skin

Step 2

Now go to a place where you can rezz your shoes.. a sandbox is perfect. Put both your shoes on the ground, click on edit, edit linked parts and select the shoes foot and toes by holding donw the shift key when you click on them so you can select more at the same time.

Go to texture tab, click on little square with color, put the numbers you have noted before and you are done :))

For the other shoes you need to follow only the second step once you know your color numbers

You need to put the numbers on for every shoes foot and toes – 12 objects in total. Holding shift key when you click in edit mode (edit linked parts) is very helping. You do it once for all 12 and not one at the time”

Trust me and give it a try. The truth is… I’m not going to take them off any time soon, hehehehe *winks And obviously, to Anira a HUGE thank you for such a comprehensive and most useful help !!

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For a couple of weeks already, me and Clio have been playing around with our Plurk names and after some intermediate versions, we ended up as Miss Smart Ass and Miss Cutie Ass – I suppose you will easily guess who was smart enough to get the name that makes most sense (not me, that’s for sure, lol).

After a quite hectic FL these last days (weeks?) I woke up and issued a national decree stating that today is my official national holiday after a series of hard working days and some not-so-good news related to the state of my private finances, hehehehe

So I went in-world about five minutes after I woke up, a warm cup of tea in my hand and had a stroll at the Pose Fair, where I found some cute frames at the aDORKable Poses stand. I uploaded a background, replaced the frame poses by others from (pda) and there I was all set and waiting for Miss Clio :P. Lucky for me, she had been hanging around on her bikini as well and her awesome sense of humour made her join my idea at once. Below, you will find the result of some really FUN moments, hehehehe – exactly the kind of break I was in desperate need, with an added mistery bonus: how come she changed bikinis and I didn’t even noticed ? LOOOOL Look closely, for the second picture was taken by her, while the others I shoot them myself… notice the difference ? hehehehe

Thank you, my dear Ass cousin, for being such a great pal! Hope you enjoy them as well!

Fully identified Ass Cousins

Picture by Clio herself ! See her different bikini ? LOOOL

Miss Smart Ass, the one and only

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Quoting from the new TOS:
“7.8 You agree to respect the Intellectual Property Rights of other users, Linden Lab, and third parties. You agree that you will not upload, publish, or submit to any part of the Service any Content that is protected by Intellectual Property Rights or otherwise subject to proprietary rights, etc etc…”.

Much has been said and written these last days about the new TOS. Have to admit it myself, when I read those my mind kept saying “oh oh, we’re gonna have problems”. Indeed, they are all over the place already. Most people complaining, designers leaving the metaverse for more friendly OpenSims projects, etc.

Now my simple question… I grew more and more carefull with crediting every single piece I wear when it concerns what I classify as my “Fashion Pictures” (LOL). However, I really enjoy shooting places that are different and creative. Some of them, are totally designed from the root by a single designer, but many use items that were created by other creative minds. In that case, do we have to point out every creator of every single object ? ‘Cause I usually state “this was shot at (name of the sim)” and thought this would be enough. Now, all this legal blah blah in the new TOS got me pretty confused.

And besides of that… I have to previously ask each creator if I am allowed to shoot and publish my picture in my Flickr stream or blog, for instance ? I am not too sure whether all those designers out there will be happy with the hundred daily notecards they will be forced to reply. But well, if that’s what we’re supposed to do, guess I’ll just limit my photoshooting sessions and in that case no premium Flickr account will be needed anymore – my wallet will for sure be happier, lol. For I really can’t picture myself distributing notecards for every bird, tree or piece of grass, soil texture etc that may be shown in just one picture… and then waiting for them to get back to me…

All in all, maybe all of this will come to be a good thing. We can all take the chance to re-evaluate whether it’s still worth to be a resident and to keep spending a part of our monthly very real budget with it. There’s so many things drawing our attention constantly that it’s probably a waste of energy sticking to a platform that gets more and more confused and indiferent to the people who feed them…

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With so many things going on, I totally forgot to mention my contribution to the Two Three Six Five blog project was published on the 26th of March. Just in case you would like to share some experience either related or unrelated to Second Life, please feel free to join us – I personally find it awesome to learn about so many people who populate this metaverse of ours !

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One of the reasons I was dying for April to start was to follow the Crazy Arse Hair Hunt. On Easter Friday I suddenly realised that was the H day so I immediately stopped everything I was doing and headed to the Hunt Starting Point. The detailed notecard about this hunt was VERY challenging and specifically mentioned we should not count on “normal hairs”. Also, there would be no hint giving nor a blog on the hunt, just because the hunt items would be all in plain sight and no farer than 20 meters away from the landing point.

Well, some of them were, others not really. The fact that the item was a sphere did not helped much either but anyway I was able to do it in just one day, since there were only 40 stores joining in.

As often with most of the hunts on the first day, some of the items were not yet set up in the stores. Others were not simply set for sale. Because we had no other option than collecting each and every item, each time we got stuck I would send the owner and designer a polite reminder where I asked for their help at least in providing the next landmark so I could proceed – not only me, of course, since with time a small brotherhood of hunters had gathered and we were doing this together.

I had the most pleasant surprise when Rose Columbia from NeVerMind replied to my notecard in the nicest way and promptly offered me her item, thus sparing me the pain of going back to a place I had scanned inch by inch before. Not happy with that, a few moments later I received another IM from her allerting me to another item that was still not set for sale some couple of spots aways… and offering me a notecard with all the landmarks of the involved stores. Gosh, this was like a gift from heaven to me and the half a dozen fellow hunters that were gathering efforts to end this task and totally saved our lives! Each time we came to a place where we faced a problem with the item, I sent a new notecard to the owner/designer and we were able to move on to the next place.

One thing is certain – most of the designers got back to me in the most friendly way and hurried to correct it. Even though this is something we already count with on a first day of a hunt, there being no hint blogs, groups, etc, would make us simply stuck to a place until the owner/designer was kind enough to come along and help us.

The opposite also happened. From another owner of I got a reply that went something like:
[22:24] name deleted: Could we possibly have a better warning of how things are to be run in a more clear notecard for future references to that I don’t need to be spammed out the ass with IMs about a hunt item not being up? Roflmao..

She may have mistaken me with someone connected to the organisation of the hunt. I can easily imagine how annoying it should be to get a zillion notecards about the same matter. She wasn’t probably in one of her best days. Still, I don’t think that’s a suitable way to adress a customer. Next time, I will surely refrain myself from any action – lesson learned. But as far as I am concerned, that’s a shop I will not return to… and oh boy, I had brought home so many demos from there, lol !

Honestly? I think some designers should get themselves some store managers and stick to what they do best ;P

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It’s been a while. In between work and family, guess I have been sleeping. I have like a decade or so of sleep to catch up, so I am now sleeping for 10 hours in a row… and it looks like I needed that very much. One of these days I might just write a whole post on depression and the burn-out syndrome, but for the moments these are two subjects I try to keep out of this blog. I start to feel people are awaking to the consequences of pushing themselves over the limit, and that would be the reason for me to write it, much more than grumbling about any imaginary or real misery that may have happened to me, lol.

Moving forward – a major piece of information. If you’re still not aware of the Spring Bazaar going on, well you should immediately run… I mean, teleport, obviously, lol – well, just go there, ok ? Hope that, like me, you’re able to find all your favourite designers there *winks. Don’t forget to grab all the 1L$ Easter Eggs along the way, most of them are really a catch ! And did I mentioned every items there are 50L$ or less ? I did not ?? Oh my, shame on me! Anyway, that’s how I ended up with two almost similar Scribble outfits, hehehe… Aren’t they simply awesome ?

There’s a lot of other matters wandering around in my mind, but I rather keep it simple and will split all of that into several different posts – just as far as I can keep myself awake, writing is something that simply can’t be kept inside of me 😀

Until there, do yourselves a big favour and enjoy every minute of your lives, deal ?

Fashion details:
Hair: [ Love Soul ] Hair color sample-Auburn (hence the tag, but I surely love this hair, lol)
Skin: Touche’ Bria Tan – Cornflower
Outfits:~Scribble~ May Flowers Dress Prim (left side) and ~Scribble~ April Showers Dress (right side)
Flats: [astraia] Peep Flat
Poses by esme for (pda)

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