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At home

Yes, my own beach – and I believe it will not be a “normal” beach for too long, hehehe. Anyway, I’m leaving the frame for the time being. Be welcome to use it for your own pictures if you want to. Just have to look for it at the far southeast end of the sim 100Limite.


*has a last look around, making sure she hasn’t forget anything, takes her bag and goes out of the door

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You know, sometimes I just crave for perfect places… and I am lucky enough to find them in Second Life often.

And now, I have a small confession to make – I do love to live in 100Limite, but here and then I NEED to plunge my feet in an unknown see and sit my but on wet sand. What can I say? In FL, I was born in a continent where the ocean was warm and we beaches were accross the street – if even there was any street to be crossed, lol.

I firmly believe that’s where my fascination towards the vastness of the sea was born. And yesterday, I sat in awe… at a place I am so unable to describe, that is better shown in an image.


Meet Billingsgate – a name that made me smile as I walked across the thin thong of sand. Nothing there, apart from sand, sea and sky. There is not even music, nothing that may distract you from your inner thoughts. A place ideal to click on the pause button. From life, from everything.

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Unedited - Shot at Montagne di Sogni

Unedited - Shot at Montagne di Sogni

What is hapiness all about ? Perfect moments, when time comes to an halt and nothing seems to matter except for the beating of one’s heart…

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Yesterday I left a hint, today I am showing a Malt design which is one of the reasons I enjoyed the store so much. And while looking for a place to shoot the background, I discovered Galonge. I was in the mood for a bit of sand, but would have never dreamt I would find that many in just one place. Worth the visit of every desert lovers.

Malt in Galonge_framed

Hair: Novocaine Hair – Haruka – amber
Nails: Vextra Ultra shine Nail Polish #1 (burgundy)
Eyes: PIDIDDLE – Motion Sickness Eyes – MyMind
Lashes: Apparence *ApS* – Prim Lashes Desiree –
Skin: lessthan3 skins – sugar [skittles tan F]
Outfit: .:MALT:. Fashions – Alison Tunic – Purple Patch
Jewelry: *Primagine* Spring Bouquet set
Sandals: Kalnins Shoes – Coquette

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Embryo in a web

It was the first of many revisits, I am sure. Yesterday, Embryo reminded me what SecondLife is all about. Magic. Creativity. Absence of limits. The feeling of actually being side by side with geniuses who wander amongst us, mere humans.

The virtual world may cease to exist one of these days. The memory of these art works will nevertheless remain embedded in our souls and minds, webbed in our pictures and deeply entagled in the way they change us, each and everyway.

It is all about becoming immortal in an ever-changing environment.

siestabril, you will be immortal in my very own remembrances. Thank you.

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Error - When the day comes to an end

Far behind the day we live today, I often pictured myself walking on a beach of white soft warm sand. I was alone, most of the time, and my white dress swirled around my tanned legs as the wind played around with my hair.

Sometimes, a very young girl holded my hand firmly, almost as if she was guiding my steps. As I turned backwards, however, there was but one pair of footprints by the sea.

This day, I know better. I realised the young girl all dressed in white, like myself… is no one else but me as well. And today, as odd as it may seem, I found in-world the dress I always wore in my dreams. And I knew at that moment that the time had come for me to take refuge in a almost deserted place – was it an Error ?

It never is, going to places we longed to be…

Error - Light
(more dreams in my flickr stream)

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Summer Sunset, by yours trully. Background shot at Chouchou – thanks to Windlight Settings and a little help from picnik, which again demonstrates just anyone can do decent shots in-world *wide smile*.

Well, I couldn’t resist, so here it is:

Summer Sunset_framed

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As from today, my blog has a new header picture. If I have patience to understand some tids and bits of CSS this will not hopefully be the last change you will see around *winks*. I do enjoy the lay-out a lot but I would like to give it a more summerish feeling, thus I will try to change some of the background colours. Don’t expect it to happen today or tomorrow, though, I will need some time to have a deep look at those complicated codes… and I am a slow learner.

Anyway, now the thing is – I have changed the header picture. The main reason being, of course, that as SL jumps ahead, me as well, I have been trying new paths to my image in-world. I really loved the previous picture, even because it was created by late Miss Marguerita Philbin, who some of you may know passed away in FL last October.

But really… I don’t have that giraffe neck no longer, my eyes are brown as in FL and I have put some weight, which also comes a bit closer to the physical me. I only wear make-up for pictures (again, as in Fl I only wear make-up for important meetings or… dates? hehehe) and most of the time this is my daily skin. Yes, although I obviously respect private choices, I am not a particular fan of avatars almost two meters high and skinny beyond possible.

This new image now corresponds much more to me hanging around in-world. The sea keeps being an element I cannot live without, in any part of my live and there it is… a beautiful background shot at Chouchou and subject to some editing.

Hope you like it – but well, if you don’t, at least I do so it will stay like that for sometime now, hehehehe.

*opens up the CSS changes tab and tries to understand it*

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Cover girl


Hehehe… give it a try at PhotoFunia! I’m sure you’re going to enjoy it a LOT!

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I am going to withdraw everything today… but decided to frame-up and post some of my favourite sights over there. At least, it will endure in my memory easier this way… and I already have a theme for the next one, which should happen in about a fortnight!

So here they are: just behind the Whale Graveyard Bay, there’s this abandonned hunted village:



Some of the houses were a courtesy of Mr. Jaxx Convair, a portuguese resident who happens to be a very good friend and a skilled builder – he did them himself (and you ought to see his full medieval place, complete with high defensive walls and a castle filled with the most pleasant corners).



Then by mere chance I discovered one of the village’s house has a really interesting window, and I simply couldn’t resist a in-and-out perspective.



One of the cliffs made me think about spring time and long bicycle rides along the countryside… It is probably a habit I should take out of the graveyard of my memories as well…


And because the place was so dry, I felt the need to have some water bursting from the land… jsut like that:


Finally, at the southwest corner, I placed the anchors and some fishing tools… then through windlight magic the place turned blue and I found my favorite lil corner in the whole sim…




These were three mad days. Building a whole sim in such a short period and unable to do any terraforming was quite a challenge. Of course, the fact that I kept looking over my shoulder to check if the owner was around also was a push lol. Now… should I send him over these pictures as well and thank him for his more than kind contribution ? 😀 I have to admit that he WAS the major contributor for all this !!

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