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I do not think Memorials have to be places frozen in time and space. That was why I put a Xmas tree in Philbin’s Memorial at Portucalis, and now I’ve planted there a Heart of Love.

This is a fund raising charity initiative to help Shir Dryke, owner and designer of Ornamental Life to collect the necessary amount to proceed with her heart transplant surgery. I am sure Maggie would be more than happy to help – and as we are about to have nearly the needed amount, let me urge you all to donate whatever you are able to.

I have dealt closely with lupus before (my kid’s father suffers from that since he was 18 years old) and know HOPE is often what helps them going on… so please, turn your account into a round figure (get rid of those 193 last numbers in it, LOL) and contribute !.

More detailed information in here – and THANK YOU!

UPDATE – On January 22, donations and charity sales have reached a total of 700K L$, thus taking us to our goal. However, the limited edition skin sales will go on for another two weeks. The product of these sales, according to Shir’s wish, will now revert to Relay for Life. To all of you who contributed, again my heartfelt thank you!

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Yesterday, I took away all the Xmas decorations from my land. Did the same at the Philbin’s Memorial – and put back some of Cat’s lovely autumn bushes – and at the Almourol Castle (one of these days will have to think on how to change the landscape there. The castle structure fills most of the tiny lil piece of land, maybe I’ll have to strecht it a bit more and add a forest around it, still have to figure out how will I do that, for I don’t want to close down the water courses even if people don’t sail around as much as they used to when Portucalis was a boat friendly place. But this is something to be thought carefully in the months to come).

My land, that is totally another subject. After the Xmas thingies were gone, I got some free prims (and I know I will manage to get some more) and my fingers got itchy with the will to do something now. On one side, I’d like to keep the winter general theme for the time being. On another, I really would like to make something different. Up to now, I’ve limited myself to put up beautiful but rather normal sites. Well, now I think I would enjoy very much to make a unique installation. I know estate owner Miss Magellan will not mind – and also know Petros usually enjoys what I do.

But the fact still remains that I still don’t know exactly what I feel like doing with the space and the prims. To make it more difficult, I do love the lake, the waterworld, the mountain cabin log and the pirate ship. LOL. I know, lots of things that I’d like to keep, for someone who also would like to make something else.

And now that I come to think of it… it totally reflects my state of mind concerning my whole life. Lots of things in it that I would want to keep – but feeling like making a total turn and do something completely different. The question remains, though… what exactly should I do ? Where should I head now ? So many abstract thoughts and ideas running fast on my mind – and yet, not a clue on how to make them real. Either in my FirstLife and in my SecondOne.

I guess… just the usual feeling at the beginning of another year. So many things to do, some at reach of hand, some others far more distant. So little time for everything. If only I knew which way to go…

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