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I was going to write about a place I found earlier today, then I started thinking how I came across this sim: Tpglourenco Forcella showed me his last video shot at Pixel Dreams, a place impossible not to fall in love with. As I watched his machinima, I realized they had used a lot of [Organica] items, which are one of my favourite landscape suppliers. This thought made me go back to Pixel Dreams to explore a bit more and I noticed the amazing waves. Which on its turn led me to Las Islas – Casa del Mar, where I awe at Naiman Broome’s creations. I had a peek at his profile and decided to visit Havre de Paix to take a Look of the Day picture.

End of chapter.

Only because this made me extrapolate and realise how easily in our lives one thing leads to another. I often hear people say we have to live each day at a time… but in reality, each day is but a preparation for the next day to come. Look around and think of the life you lead, today. Then, revisit yesterday. See ? Not difficult to understand that you wouldn’t be where you are now if you hadn’t go through all the things you experienced in the past. I have this great job today, with supporting and understanding bosses only because I endured really hard times and unbelievable pushing directors all my life. My amazing boyfriend, I would have never met him if I had not endured the poor relationship I was having at the time. The new cozy apartment I am moving into was discovered as I took my son to school.

I can’t but feel that all the pieces of the puzzle are fitting their own place now. That often you have to feel really lousy before you are ready to receive perfection in your life. Sometimes, we are simply blinded by people around us and events happening one after the other, and you don’t have the time to think what it is that makes you happy. And you know what? That is not a problem, for life itelf will find the right timing to make you stop and re-think your priorities. If you think that is a drawback… well, it is not. It is just an offer of whoever is out there looking for us, a chance to start all over again. An opportunity to grow and become wiser. Like a time-out, you know? A period to take the trash out and clean off the dust.

This is the best way I can describe all I ent through during these last two or three years. I am arriving now at my new destination… and I am sure this will be one full of sunshine and hot days, soft waves dancing beneath my feet and birds singing among the palm trees.

And now, I am off to live this day fully… because I know it will lead me to new and peaceful paths that I will be walking along with my beloved ones.

(Fashion details:
Skin:Tea Lane ~TL~ Agave Skin – Candi(freckle)
Hair: [ Love Soul ] Hair*004-A*Brown
Sweater: *BOOM* Tamed Anya’s Orange
Pants: Doux Petit Dahl !DPD: The Jeans [Faded Black]
Boots: ETD Heather Boots (Cognac)
Jewelry: *Ticky Tacky* Banjee Girl Jewelry Set)


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I have not been able to manage all my lives within the 24 hours period that we are offered each day *smiles*. Had this meeting abroad (Budapest is such a lovely romantic city, I truly recommend it if you’re looking for a travel destination) and then upon my arrival my son was ill with the flu. It turned out that both him and me had to stay home until mid of next week.

With the upcoming moving to another house that was supposed to be a good thing, considering all pros and cons, right ? Well, not really, LOL. I always get very tired after those meetings, since it implies really looong hard working days, and coming back to balnk nights with my kid coughing all the time simply torned me apart. On top of that, I had to take care to a bunch of things related to the move and there… I’m sure that by now you’re able to imagine the whole movie, lol.

With not much time in-world, I still was able to take some minutes and had a quick shopping spree on Friday. Have I told you about Scribble ? One of the bestest sims in-world, a unique design offering visitors an atmosphere that I didn’t find elsewhere. I keep discovering different amazing details each time I set my feet there… and I couldn’t wait to dress up in one of their most recent creations.

Hope you like it as much as I do:

Fashion details:
Skin: Curio,:GP: Petal FREX [Light] April-Redbud 1
Hair: [ Love Soul ] Hair+Cap*003
Outfit: Scribble~Scribble~ Lodge Sweater / Skirt
Stockings: a piece of candy – lally light grape
Boots: !STC Suede Boot Coffee
Shot @ Spear Island

Ah! Brrrrr it’s darn cold outside!

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Bella Bombast is the name behind the lovely designs of Uzuri. She’s versatile enough to create the most amazing outfits as well as eye-catching jewelry, great shoes and even amazing eyes and rich-texturised ethnic skins.

Useless to brag about the quality of her creations. Just have a look at them for yourselves:

Skin: Unique
Hair: Fishy Strawberry
Outfit, sandals and jewelry: Uzuri
Pose: Amaris
Shot at Warrick

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Avatars, not Dolls – II

Hope you do not mind me sharing some thoughts once in a while, together with the images. I have been wandering why I keep stumbling with gorjeous avatars in some of my favourite stores… but not that much in concerts, for instance. Have you ever had a good look around while attending a live concert in-world ? And gosh, I am not only referring to the audience. Obviously I will not refer any names but for heaven’s sake… don’t ALL musicians earn enough in-world to get themselves a decent look ? So why on earth do some of them insist on a less than miserable newcomer look ? Is that a marketing strategy that I am not aware of ?

Because as can be seen in the examples below, residents do their best to look awesome, with great results… so why can’t they ?

Latisha Carlucci


Carrie Scorfield

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So here it is. What people have been making of themselves in-world.

Yes, I know much has been said about how an avatar expresses our creativity and personality. That is why I am not going to write much on the posts I will be making under this subject. The whole point however is: yes, design has evolved a LOT since I first rezzed almost three years ago. But are desigerns often able to see that people actually have also followed the new trends ? I guess they have an idea from fashionistas and bloggers… and perhaps they keep an eye on the crow. What I intended to do, however, was something a bit different. I aimed at showing common people wearing their amazing creations.

I am NOT reading their profile previously, so these are total strangers to me. If they are known for their work, I am not aware. If they are celebrities of their own right for any reason, I totally ignore that fact. These are simply shots, taken as these men and women went by on their daily affairs. My improvised models were not even told they were being shot. BUT they were asken permission for their pictures to be published, and I’m really happy that each and every one of them said yes.

Yes, it is true – there are pretty amazing avatars in Second Life. People with awesome taste who actually combine the best design in-world with their own creative skills. Now, have a look and see how different we all are. How each one of us has something to state. And one thing that often makes me wonder… can we tell something about them, not knowing them, just from looking at what they have created ? *smiles*

That said… avast with the first pictures:

Apollonia Bertolucci

marilyn Mistwallow

Miri Clowes

Rindou Seesaw

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I believe I had mentioned the Fifty Linden Fridays in here already – yes, I could check it but I’m sort in a hurry to go to work, lol.

I think I started doing the Friday Shopping almost from the start, when the first shops joined to put up this awesome initiative and I soon noticed this gathered a lot of my own faves. Since then, I have to confess that the first thing I do on Fridays whenever I get to work is loggin and spend some cash, hehehe

Yesterday, even though I didn’t buy the Fishy Strawberry 50L$ item, I totally fell for this jeans and top, and I couldn’t resist wearing them at once. That’s a store totally worth visiting and shopping, it gathers so many styles that’s quite impossible for you not to find something that you will like.

Fashion details:
Skin:.::>>CI<<::. (Corrupted Innocence) Eva Skin
Hair: fri.day Tatum
Outfit: *Fishy Strawberry* Equinox Jeans with Poisonous Lotus Top
Bangles: Style Starts Here
Boots: *Kookie* Pomski Coffee Candy Boots
Pose: VOGA
Shot at: Innu

… while shopping after these bargain items I looked around and was again pretty amazed at some avatars who were also doing the friday Tour. Which gave me an idea that I hope I'll have the chance to materialise. *winks

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Home in SL

Today I returned home in SL. To be totally honest, I cannot quite remember how long had it been since the last time I had been there. For the last couple of months I’ve been passing most of my time in-world at Ephemeria – which no longer exists as I built it.

Life has its own timings, I guess. In a way, it is curious that the same day I signed a new rental in FL, I also receive a note from my SL landlord saying I was delayed in paying the tiers, which I had totally forgotten to do. It’s great that at ACS theya re very organized, that way I could simply remove my things and abandon the land.

Anyway, I couldn’t help finding it a bit odd that I was writing dismissal letters both in FL and in SL. With a mixed feeling of sorrow and hope I became conscious that I am moving on and choosing my path, which I expect will be healthier and happier than this last stage of my life.

In SL, I am obviously keeping my home and land in 100Limite and have no intentions of letting it go. At ground level, I might have my neighbours complaining about my sometimes odd tastes in landscaping and building, but there’s where I will now set up the scenarios for my pictures.

In FL, I am finally going back to a proper appartment, after a year and half in a temporary location which was my refuge from a world that I sensed as a threat but actually looks more like a bunker than like a home, lol. My future bedroom will have TWO windows, and oh boy for someone who hasn’t seen much of the day light at home this is a luxury!

But in a way, I am sorry to leave from there. My current landlord is the mother of a dear friend whom I first met in-world. They were a huge help and probably saved my life… and I mean it literally. They gave me a place to hide when my whole life came apart and my fears overwhelmed my senses.

It’s time to move on, however. Now that I finally accepted that my ex-partner is dishonest enough to want me to pay half the house while he asks the court to grant him the whole place with no reimboursement to me, I had to face the fact that I totally misjudged him and for eight years was able to love him and his daughters dearly. I guess that we all make those kinds of mistakes, once in a while in our lives. In a way, I pity him for not being able to support himself and his family and for having to take advantage of other people in order to fulfil his basic needs.

Me, on the other hand, I am on my feet again, in spite of his attempts to bring me down. I am being helped to trust myself again, and I was lucky enough to find this amazing guy who has been standing by my side in so many dark moments, supporting me in every possible way.

Bah, I didn’t intend o write such a long post lol. I belive I needed to landmark the moment, that’s all. I have my head full of images of my new place now and yeah, some of them are a bit… different, let’s say hehehe. In time and with a lil help I will be able to set it up the way I would like it to be. We shall see. Yesterday, I was smiling just before I fell asleep… you know the feeling when you’re coming back home ?

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