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Steambound was one of the stores I literally discovered in one of the hunts, and was immediately captivated by the rich tone of the textures that Margo Imako used on the outfit pictured below, which was the gist of the SLD Hunt. Curious about the rest of her creations, I headed her main store in Endless Despair (what an amazing name for a sim, hehehe) only to find a small really nice headquarters with a few things I wouldn’t mind wearing myself if I strolled around a bit more at Caledon, for instance.


With an ambience of its own, it surely takes us back to a couple of centuries ago. A quiet place to shop comfortably, away from the mobs… ah and if you take out the upper layers, you’ll notice how lovely are the under ones if you wear them as… lingerie *winks*


Fashion Details:
Hair: Gritty Kitty – Thursday (rusty)
Nails: On the Catwalk – Black
Eyes: *YourSkin* – EyeReal_brownut
Lashes: [LeLutka]-Photoshoot II Lashes
Skin: Laqroki ~ Cleo 04 Peach
Outfit: SteamBound – Discovery Outfit (SLD Hunt)
Jewelry: (Dahlinks) Slave to Love – Rose Gold Heart & Chain
Boots: BAX -Ankle Boot Brown Suede

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I have not the least patience to faulty products, I am afraid. It looks like I will not be able to access adult content with this previous viewer. What a pity, LOL

My pictures are back to normal, now and that’s all that matters. However, I am sure this will mean a serious turndown to lots of users… Never saw a corporate so eager to dig their own grave but oh well, they know what they are doing for sure (not? hehehe)

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I first noticed this in another laptop, and thought it could be the graphic card, therefore I didn’t paid too much attention. However, today I decided to take some pictures around at 100Limite, and although this one didn’t get out too bad…


in this one I began realising something was wrong…


and this one finally conviced that the new viewer changed some settings that I am not figuring out how to put back as they were.


In my screen I can see the reefs top, I keep seeing them whenever I chose take snapshot in the file menu – but then my final picture shows this amazing result. As usual, I chose high res picture in the advanced menu, I set the picture size at 2400 px (this being my regular size for ages) and yet… to get a proper result I have to place my camera way higher than normal…

Guess this will be a viewer to forget – wish I could at least understand why is this happening…

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Are you kidding me ??

Was it really necessary to change the place of the dettach button in the apple pie menu? Gosh, now I keep doing edit appearance all the time, how annoying can that be ?

With so many valuable suggestions in jira and LL is wasting time changing places of buttons ? They seem to have a whole lotta time in their hands atm, no ?

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Yesterday I left a hint, today I am showing a Malt design which is one of the reasons I enjoyed the store so much. And while looking for a place to shoot the background, I discovered Galonge. I was in the mood for a bit of sand, but would have never dreamt I would find that many in just one place. Worth the visit of every desert lovers.

Malt in Galonge_framed

Hair: Novocaine Hair – Haruka – amber
Nails: Vextra Ultra shine Nail Polish #1 (burgundy)
Eyes: PIDIDDLE – Motion Sickness Eyes – MyMind
Lashes: Apparence *ApS* – Prim Lashes Desiree –
Skin: lessthan3 skins – sugar [skittles tan F]
Outfit: .:MALT:. Fashions – Alison Tunic – Purple Patch
Jewelry: *Primagine* Spring Bouquet set
Sandals: Kalnins Shoes – Coquette

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Shopping district

It is scientifically proved that when tired… women shop, as a leisure activity. Well, we also shop when we feel down to compensate sadness and we also shop when we feel happy, to celebrate. It helps airing our minds away, makes us focus on beauty and pushes us into positive focus, thus… women shop a lot, that’s a fact.

I was in fact exhausted as I came back from this recent business meeting abroad, and decided to finally chase some shades I was looking forward to buying some time ago. I headed to Kalnins at Fusion Crossing, where I had noticed a wide variety of models with some amazing built-in features I really enjoyed, such an incorporated radar that notifies you about avatars coming close, an emo option which automatically translates your typed smiles into facial expressions, included facelight, etc.

As I went out of the store, all happy with the new shades hanging on my nose, I noticed some other pretty cool stores around and decided to explore a bit… then decided I had to share this place, for there are ome of the best shops in-world no doubt. Amongst some well-known brands you will be able to find stores such as Indyra, Total Betty, Riker Beck’s Exodi, Blacklace, Sticht by Sticht (gah, one of these days I will loose my mind and buy their entire collection!) and Heart and Sole. There is also Zaara, where I bought the top and short pants I am wearing in the picture, Zhao shoes, Sugar Mill, Pididdle and Fukmi with their funky clothes.

Besides those, you will be able to find some less advertised stores who nevertheless offer high quality products displayed around in nicely decorated rooms.

That was the case of TenderLove, for instance, where lovers can buy the best love HUD I ever saw, with smoothly designed animations that go from cuddling to making out and obviously to sex. These animations don’t make you” jump” from one to another, instead they naturally move and melt to the next one and oh boy, do they look awesome!

There is Cihuae! with lovely jewelry that I had not visited before. Good stones perfectly assembled in original compositions, which is not found that often.

Wild & Demetra is a funny store with male and female outfits, that make you smile as you come in. And yay, I found there my favourite mannequins as well!

Modern Cinderela

Modern Cinderela

Old Friends

Old Friends

And Malt… which was love at first sight. Amongst all the amazing vibrant colours and the luxurious fabric textures they don’t make it easy on us shoppers to choose – and yes, our wallets come out so much lighter than when we first started the shopping spree.

Wish I knew where to start from, LOL!

Wish I knew where to start from, LOL!

No doubt, a place to visit, more than once – at spaces, maybe, so we don’t fall into bankrupcy, hehehe. I wonder if they read my mind before building such a place, for they manage to join most of all my favourites in just one place.

Background: Fusion Crossing; Poses: Ana Lutetia

Background: Fusion Crossing; Poses: Ana Lutetia

*saves the lm of the sim with a huge “fav” tag and runs to the closest mirror – yeaps, it is vanity time now again hehehe

Fashion Details:
Hair: * 0 Style * Pompadour *(Orange)
Nails: Vextra Ultra shine Nail Polish #1 (burgundy)
Eyes: PIDIDDLE – Motion Sickness Eyes – MyMind
Skin: [RockBerry] Eva D Natural FR
Outfit: Zaara Mitya shorts *black* + Nilaya jacket *brown*
Jewelry: (Dahlinks) Rayna Earth Tone Gold set
Boots: Redgrave Black Leather

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It may be a stupid idea, but maybe… jut maye, if different type of creators got together to develop complementary projects, both could win with the situation.

As I window shopping today, I came across some prim feet sandals I really liked. After a while, I finally gave up, at the thought of all the work I would have trying to match the prim feet to at least one of my skins. Then I remember… couldn’t skin designers and footwear designers work together ? I mean, I would love to have sandals matching my favourite skins, like Laqroki, Cupcakes, Unique, YS&YS, for instance. I bet lots of people would buy skins AND sandals that were for sale side by side, just for the sake of looking gorjeous.

I don’t know… but personally I wouldn’t mind paying 1200 L$ for a pack like that… specially if the sandals allowed several different colour options.

Same could happen, for instance, with house and furniture designers, or house and plants designers. Sometimes, we just don’t have the time to set up everything… or just don’t have the taste and prefer to have some kind of products key-in-hand, know what I mean ?

In the meanwhile… I will go on making visual love with sandals I will never buy – just because I am lazy *smiles

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Often, being away is what we need to put things on the places they belong, and find our priorities. Mines are very clear – if you don’t see me replying in-world is just because I am only listening to music in there and doing something else.

I am home now, that is all that matters for the time being. And even though home may not be such a magical place as the one in the picture… there is where I belong.


Magic will always live in here - but sometimes all you need is by your side in other levels of your life

Magic will always live in here - but sometimes all you need is by your side in other levels of your life

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In less than 48 hours I’ll be landing in Brussels. Little time to blog, since all that exists is spend with my FL work at this moment… apart from a few, very few relaxed moments. My suitcase already rests by the bed side. Papers are almost ready, but tomorrow will still be a stressful day.

And then… it will be work every single minute my eyes will stay opened. Lucky for me, there is June 14th, when I’ll return – and I have to admit it, I can hardly wait for that !

Till then, hope you all portuguese people enjoy these coming holidays. Have a rest, have fun, and above all enjoy yourselves! As for the other ones, well weekend is just a couple days away, lol

For the time being… ta taaa! :*

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Just a vanity picture, shot at Ibizarre.


(to continue… yes, this post will be edited later with full fashion details, for I think they are totally worth it – and although you may find it strange, none of the items I am wearing was actually bought at Ibizarre *smiles innocently*). Yeaps, I try not to be too predictible, hehehe

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