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When we first moved to Sable South Shores back in July last year, Piu and me we bought this house:

This is a Mirat house, with only 66 prims (optional 44 prim version for a lighter use), a very popular option from Parker McTeague which can be found at Park Life,. I always thought Parker’s creations were the ideal option for people who can’t afford to spend much but are keen on living on a decent, nicely texturised place – and since they are copy and mody, they give you full freedom to customise it to your own personal taste.

When we moved to 100Limite, the house came along with us. Recently, as we started thinking we would need a room for our sldaughter Eva, I grew a bit weary of it. I started playing around with textures but… errr… let’s just say that some of the changes didn’t go as I expected, lol.

I then decided to give my virtual shoes some work and went chasing for a new hous. We wanted to keep the garden in the front yard and didn’t want a closed skybox. We were looking for something cozy and warm, with a large living-room and two sleeping-rooms but unfortunately after days spent visiting all sorts of places I became disappointed. The house of my dreams was nowhere to be found.

And then one day I suddenly remembered I had this in my inventory:

This is called the Moku Tiki, a work from Eric Domela which I bought at Tiki Huts Prefabs Bamboo Furniture Palms-Virtual Designs last year, while I was setting up the Summer Tropical Resort. Again, it had been a great buy with the added copy and mod advantages. As I rezzed it and had a good look at it, an idea started sneaking into my mind. I had some doubts that I would be able to grab that small hut and turn it into the house I was picturing in my imagination, but I finally decided I had nothing to loose and should give it a try.

It took me a whole day of work. Rezzing hut after hut, taking a wall here and applying there, closing doors and windows when needed, linking and unliking to be sure I didn’t forgot a thing, aligning textures… woot! However, at the end of the day, this was the result:

I am quite happy with the final result. Most of all, it represents for me another proof that in SL everything is possible, for everyone. Even those with few to zero building skills are able to put together some nice thingies, don’t you think? For me, who have no particular skills, it is such a huge pleasure to notice I can nevertheless do a bit on my own 😀

After the house was placed, we could hardly wait to start decorating it. Our living room inherited all the furniture of the previous version, with just a couple of paintings I bought at Aral Levitt’s Bahia Tiki store.

Because the living room turned up to be absolutely huge, we were able to set up a tv room – which previously stood on the roof, LOL. Now we can watch tv in rainy days and even in winter, when it’s snowing outside.

Eva’s room on the ground floor was entirely decorated with items she found at the Lost Bunnies Hunt – didn’t cost us a single linden and ended up a coloured cheerful place for a 6 year’s old.

And finally… our own very simple, rustiq with a touch of ethnic room. Furniture in here is a mix of free items (Nepal, BareRose and different hunts) with some adorable Belle Belle creations. They turned up pretty well when put together and gave the whole place a particular atmosphere of cozyness and warmth.

*sits on the sofa and looks around with a sigh of happiness.

Yay! Isn’t SL just amazing ? I sort of built a whole house, hehehehe *winks*
Well, of course not really, but the feeling of looking at something that was born out of my own imagination, even if it was based on Eric Domela’s original work, it’s pretty awesome! Mmm… maybe I should send him a picture of this ? hehehehe

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I spent most of the afternoon rebuilding our home garden today. Then, as the day faded, me and Petros headed to BareRose and picked up the special “Hug a Tree” costumes. Along with each outfit came a tree, that put together with the other helped me to set up a very special spot.


As the night moved on we melted into our branches and became one with Mother. I looked around and sighed… for I knew I was home.

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