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Dreams and Dust

The poet, they say, often dreams so deep that he loses track of his soul in the whereabouts of the universe. Often he chases her, only to find her haunting some strange planets.

They say that once they are together again, the poet sighs with relief and takes her to drink in the source of thoughts and reflexions, to calm her down.

Often she struggles and tries to drag him to her nightmare world,

BL 3_final

…filled with somber characters who despise reason and seduce her to unbound places, where concepts such as peace and silence do not exist.

The poet is said to be weak, too fragile to resist these spells of unborn beings

…inevitably he finds himself in one of those places, arguing with dark ghosts of his future. Hopelessly trying to bring them back to godly endeavors.

Over and over again, he fails. This is a mission he will never accomplish, a quest he will never survive.

So he succumbs. Lays on the desert soil, unable to resist any further.

And the world, any world, all the worlds, keep their unchanging movement around each other.


Images and text by: Summer W(ardhani)
Shot at The Tower and the Quest, temporary installation by Alpha Auer and Frigg Ragu @ Burning Life ’09

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Halloween in 100Limite

Halloween scene at 100Limite

Halloween is not really a popular tradition in Portugal. In fact, I don’t think people around here were even aware that holiday existed some twenty years ago. November 1st is indeed the All-Saints holiday, a catholic day off to celebrate those that departed to other less physical worlds (no, I am not referring to metaverses this time, lol).

I remember having my first halloween parties some 12 years ago, when my son was a very small child. Yes, they are lots of fun, if you are in the right mood, hehehe. But like all the somewhat artificially-imported holidays, it was never a day of much importance to me. Even because I prefer to stay connected to my beloved dead ones in other more private ways – and also because the month of october for the second time in a row stole from me someone who was close at a certain point of my life and therefore I rather forget this month is part of the calendar.

BUT… yes, there is a but. A huge one, lol. The witch theme, on the other hand is a very attractive one when it comes to set-up scenarios. Autumn and dark colours make translate in perfect combinations of oranges and blacks to which I simply cannot resist. That was the reason why, after the TEDEX event came to an end in 100Limite, the sim I live in SecondLife, I suggested to Cat to assemble my own interpretation of a haunted place. I tried to keep away of most stereotypes, even though pumpkins, abandonned houses and spooky trees, along with witches are impossible to avoid in scenarios like these, hehehehe

It was fun to build it up – hope you’ll have the opportunity of enjoying it as well – here, at 100Limite !

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So I wandered a bit around some of the Burning Life sims. and obviously depending on each one’s eprsonal taste, some of the things are pretty basic, other only reveal bad taste, lol. However, some of them caught my attention for different reasons, and I decided to share them with you. If you have some spare time, give them a try and let me know your feelings about it.

You may start by having a look at Out of the Box, Not allowed ? by Cienega Soon. That is what I call a statement ! Impossible to keep indiferent, I would say!

Then turn your brain on a different wave, and enjoy Dripped chocolate (my own title, lol) by four Yip – please remember to turn your video on for an amazing all-senses experience 😀

Right beside you’ll find AuraKyo Insoo’ Theater of Shadows which is now playing The Burning Woman – dedicated to all children and women who were battered and murdered, but never silenced.

If for any reason you don’t have the time to visit Bryn Oh’s Vessel of Dreams, at least watch this machinima and you’ll get an idea.

But then, you will want to go and see the amazing ginormous Gulliver, built by Ub Yifu and Copan Falta. Please take a moment to watch the details closely! ah, and see the small black don Quixote and Sancho Pancha at the left side of the picture ? Well, they’re actually the avatars of these two awesome builders !

I have to admit that seeing so many different ideas co-existing side by side was very refreshing both for my eyes and soul. And while I awed at this and that, I couldn’t help thinking that Second Life must surely gather all the creative minds in the world !

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Soon it will be three years that I dwell in the metaverse, and yet I had never set my feet in the Burning Life event. I know, shame, shame on me.

Until this year, when I got tremendously curious about the joint installation of Alpha Auer and Frigg Ragu, who are two of my top artistic references. Seriously, you guys should follow those links and simply awe at what they do, each in their own areas.

Ahem… off with the fan moment, lol. Went there this morning – as always with big events, I choose to visit on weekend mornings, because of the lag and to be at ease to stare and shoot at will. You know me, I am awkward when it comes to social interaction and tend to avoid them. Sorry about that, it’s just the way I am.

Susequent to the visit this morning to the Tower and the Quest in Burning Life, me and Petros are trying to come up with a mix of images and story that is really tunrning us on, hehehe. I hope it will be ready soon so I may post it in here.

In the meanwhile, I couldn’t resist taking one of the pictures out of the sequence and publish it already. Hope it encourages you to visit the place.

The sleep of the fools

The sleep of the fools

And as if the whole concept and challenge was not enough, the Tower and the Quest project even offers their visitors five complete male and female avatars AND a full hand of poses – of which I am only giving a hint here below (female versions featured only). I really hope you have the opportunity to go through this and many other installations – from the little I saw until now, it’s totally worth our time !



The Chariot

The Chariot

The Fool

The Fool

The Hermit

The Hermit

The Moon (two skins included, the lighter and the darker one)

The Moon (two skins included, the lighter and the darker one)

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Fashion pictures

I wanted to write a bit, explaining how I admire those people who are able to define a style for themselves and stick to it. I wanted to develop this idea a bit and expose my views about mainstream fashion and how it seems I always have some issues with it…. which, ultimately would close with some wit thought about me feeling more and more apart of trends that appear to be followed by most anyone.

The thing is, I didn’t have the time. I’ll have another one of those abroad meetings in one month and have hardly found the time lately to do much – and yes, I know, all those lil farms on facebooks and playing sims3 doesn’t seem to help either, hehehe.

One thing I can’t keep away from doing, though, is shooting some pictures from time to time. And since I am stuck in Ephemeria for over a month now, well… I’m afraid my backgrounds may look familiar, LOL

Anyway, I thought I could share with you my latest two. This time, I embarked in shooting some fashion pictures in a context. The final result is not that bad, and I am proud that CallieCline and Clawtooth both invited them for their flickr groups (ah, let me be proud of it, will you? it’s not that often that I praise my own work, hehehe.

…and without further notice – here they go!

Mixed style

Mixed style

Fashion details:
Skin: [42] skin keys hunt tan (hair)
Eyes: *YourSkin* – EyeReal_brownut
Hair: PIDIDDLE – Balloon Hair – Orange
Shirt: .;:Tyranny Designs::. Lady Like! – melon
Shorts: Doux Petit Dahl !DPD: Stylin Denim Shorts
Socks: Tyranny Designs .::TD::. Bird Hunter Socks -Crow
Tattoo: **BE**FlutterMe Tat
Boots: just b /unisex leather platform boots

No adult content

No adult content

Fashion details:
Skin: Tyranny Designs – .::TD::. Sweet Augustine – 5 -S.O.S Exlusive – Fire Engine
Eyes: Free Speerit – FS eye (cacao)
Hair: Clawtooth – CBC: A place to call home – Strawberry cream
Tattoo: (robin’s egg) belladonna:lepidoptera
Earrings: MIEL – Tor Earrings
Shirt: ~Scribble~ Ladybug Cozy
Pants: *Fishy Strawberry* Equinox Jeans – Siena
Flats: Deviant Designs Black Keys Flats

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Hair !

Just in case you’re not still aware of… there’s a hair hunt going on until the end of October. Besides the cute name “hair today gone tomorrow” (LOL) it helps you discover some pretty nice designers. It’s barely two dozens of shops (I wonder why so few of them joined-in, with so many hair designers in-world) so I guess you’ll get to go through it fast – errr… at least if you do not follow my example and decide to explore each store you didn’t know existed, hehehe

You should look for purple hair brushes (some of them really tricky to find). First hunt location is in here, and the best hints around, as usual, in Maleficent’s blog. Hope you have as much fun as I did! 😀

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My favourites

Once in a while I like to dress a bit classy. And no, nothing to do with gowns… which I only remind using when I was a hostess at Sweethearts, lol. I am usually to lazy to dress up, that is the truth. Sometimes, though, I am lucky and somehow the things that I digg up in my inventory seems to match really nicely.

As it was the case today – with some of my favourites from Sn@tch, Lamb and Curio *smiles

Feeling classy

Skin: :Curio: :GP: Petal FREX [Dark] April-Redbud 1
Eyes: *YourSkin* – EyeReal_brownut
Hair: !lamb. Stargaze – Mango
Outfit: :::Sn@tch Le Jazz Hot:::
Tattoo: **BE**FlutterMe Tat
Flats: Deviant Designs, Black Keys Flats

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From the owners of Kosh (which you should visit NOW, in case you haven’t yet, lol):

i just received a notecard from a store owner warning ppl about this website:


this site is ‘selling’ content from xstreet but not delivering! all items on this page are not set for sale their creators! they are fake!

we searched for our items on this site and found some KOSH items. we did not put any of your items for sale on virtualget!


we are trying to find a solution to get this page closed.

thank you very much ❤

daizy and lyn"

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Well, I know I do! hehehehe

I’ve mentioned it before, so useless to keep repeating myself and let the image speak instead. Do I even need to say it’s a creation of Stitch by Stitch ?

Skin: Unique Megastore
Hair: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tableau/128/128/2
Flats: caLLie cLine

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