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This week and next, some of the stores participating in the initiative 50 L$ Friday will have RED items out for sale. Proceeds from these items will go to the Red Cross, to support disaster relief in Haiti. Please help if you can. Also, there is a skybox set up with amazing (and some exclusive) donated items from tons of different designers here at Scribble.

Fashion Details:
Hair: [DEVIANT] Adria – Crimson – Haiti Fundraiser
Skin: (Milk Motion) special Alice Valentine
Gloves: *League* Fingerless Wool Gloves -Multistripe-
Boots: Shiny Things Comfy Boot
Jacket:{SMS} Another Vintage Jacket Red
Dress: EMA’s le point rouge
Stockings: BOOM Fuzzy Fishnets
(Note: In the picture above, I matched some of this week’s 50L$ Friday items with a couple of my faves already in my inventory)

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“Typhoon Ondoy [Ketsana] in Black September – The worst storm in 50 years hits Metro Manila triggering floods, landslide, power outage and stranding people in rooftops and malls. The storm kills 72 and hundreds missing. About 400 mm [15.75 inches] of rainfall in just 6 hours. The president declared a state of calamity.”

This weekend our friends in and out of Second Life™ were badly affected by the typhoon flooding in the Philippines. Miabella Foxley, Shai Delacroix and Kriss Lehmann are setting up a collection in SL that will be directly donated to the Philippine Red Cross. We are asking our friends and contacts to please help us raise money for the Filipino residents that were victimized by Typhoon Ondoy/Ketsana.

Donations will be accepted via a kiosk at Botanical, as well as Casa Del Shai and other locations. You can also donate directly at the Red Cross Philippines website link below. As I also reside in the Philippines, I will be personally donating 50% of all Botanical sales made in the next two weeks to local Filipinos who are in need of assistance.

Please take a moment and help make a difference to those who have lost their houses and possessions from the flooding.


Botanical @ Straylight
Casa del Shai

Thank you for your generosity,
Kriss Lehmann, Botanical Owner

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Mid-way to the end, I try to gather my feelings on this. To start with – if it is a fair, shouldn’t prices of the exhibited creations be lower than at the stores ? After all, this is a way to promote the designers’ work – as I wander up and down, I bump into store names that I had never heard before. Sure, this is not something specifically applying to this one fair, I’ve thought about this before. In FL, whenever I go to a fair, I do expect to pay a lot less than in regular stores! I’ve seen one stand or another with special fair prices… but that’s about four or five amongst dozens… hundreds ?

Secondly, I wished some designers wouldn’t just stuff their stands with every single piece they have created up to now. Again, I think a fair is like a business card or a teaser – you should be able to see some of the designer’s best creations, then if they made you curious or get you to drool all over the place, you get the lm to the store and up you go. Cluttering a stand is the best way to make me look at it superficially – after a couple of hours looking at stands, one does grow a bit weary of watching small squared boards that take too long to rezz. So, I guess I’d prefer simplicity on this side.

And finally… I always take a particular pleasure finding a nicely decorated stand. Depending on the designer’s personal taste and line of work, surely I have my preferences – but at least whenever I see someone trying to create some environment in their stand I know that person isn’t simply throwing down vendors on the walls and floor.

I really enjoyed some of them – but at Ivalde’s stand I totally felt at home. it almost didn’t felt like a stand at all, let alone being at a fair. This is a store I hardly buy anything, for their particular style doesn’t meet mine. But the country-like display really made me want to rest there for a while and just feel proud of my ARC of 403 😀

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I do not think Memorials have to be places frozen in time and space. That was why I put a Xmas tree in Philbin’s Memorial at Portucalis, and now I’ve planted there a Heart of Love.

This is a fund raising charity initiative to help Shir Dryke, owner and designer of Ornamental Life to collect the necessary amount to proceed with her heart transplant surgery. I am sure Maggie would be more than happy to help – and as we are about to have nearly the needed amount, let me urge you all to donate whatever you are able to.

I have dealt closely with lupus before (my kid’s father suffers from that since he was 18 years old) and know HOPE is often what helps them going on… so please, turn your account into a round figure (get rid of those 193 last numbers in it, LOL) and contribute !.

More detailed information in here – and THANK YOU!

UPDATE – On January 22, donations and charity sales have reached a total of 700K L$, thus taking us to our goal. However, the limited edition skin sales will go on for another two weeks. The product of these sales, according to Shir’s wish, will now revert to Relay for Life. To all of you who contributed, again my heartfelt thank you!

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