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For some time already I’ve been having some problems finding poses for my pictures. Oh, indeed there are awesome posemakers in-world, from those who make awesome carefully designed poses for fashion, like Ana Lutetia, to those who create poses for dramatic artistic purposes, like Frigg Ragu.

Anyway, if you like to take a picture once in a while, I’m sure you know what I mean. Often there is a specific outfit who inspires a particular mood… and how tiresome is it to run Sl and XStreet, etc looking for the perfect pose ?

Well, Petros as always was most encouraging and found me the QAvimator. Me being so lazy and low-tech savy, I immediately fell for it, since I had no problem at all to start playing with it. The first pose, however, was his work… and tcham tchaaaaam, here it is. He named it “credus”, which is the portuguese rough word for “oh… gosh!” LOOOL

We already found a name for this new venture (seen in the title above) and a motto: “We accept on-demand work too… (results not as expected though)” hehehehe

(now, please don’t believe a word I wrote, huh?) We are NOT opening a store, hehehehe

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Been here and there

AOHARU participated in this last 50 Lindens Friday’ event with a pretty awesome jacket which proceeds will be going to one of the Halp Haiti benefits. If I remember it right, this is the first time that AOHARU joins the FLF, and I’m hoping this is but one of many weeks they do it, with or without a special cause behind.

Miel, on the other hand, is a usual joiner of this and I have to admit that I always anticipate their cntribution, for they usually make my day – and we all know that Fridays are all about anticipation, don’t we ? *winks This week, however, the Miel team totally overcame my wildest dreams and launched the most amazing perfect pair of boots I ever saw in-world.

I thought these two items matched quite well and digged a bit in my inventory looking for something that I could wear with them…event though my first thought was to wearing only the jacket and the boots, lol. Anyway, I had them close at hand and chose two of my favourite League items. Hope you enjoy the result. If by any chance you still didn’t join the Fitfy Linden Fridays Group, i would advise you run and do it right NOW! Every week, there’s a handfull of amazing creators offering their items at a more than low price, so it’s more than worth your time !

And now… back to organising my inventory. The Shoes and Acessories Hunt left it in a complete mess… again!

Fashion details:
Hair: [ Love Soul ] Hair*007-A*Brown
Skin: [ROCKBERRY] Jules Red Cross natural/ DKBR/ Cleavage
Jacket: AOHARU_BT_TweedFeminineCoat_Red
Sweater: League WoolStrapped More Torn (part of a dress)
Shorts: League Booty-Shorts~Black
Socks: (5th&Oxford) Fair Isle Socks – Cherry
Gloves: -sD- Knit Gloves [White]
Mouth Accessory: The Golden Fleece – Chamomile
Pose: (pda) Tes Yeux noirs by Izzy

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Urban Flowers

Once in a while, I manage to put up an outfit which I particularly enjoy. Because in SL we are able to wear any outfit we like and do not have to concern about being too short for a long skirt or too fat for a tight dress (*smiiiiiiles*), I have to admit that I particularly like to try different styles, even though I tend to go mostly for casual almost careless and sometimes even odd mix and matches.

Until now, I limited to post the pictures I took of these outfits in my flickr stream (you do not need a link here, do you? jsut scroll down and you will find it on the bottom left of this blog – yes, I am feeling lazy, LOL).

Recently, I thought I could post them in here as well, even though I rarely write anything about them. As with all the other things I post here, this is more about things I like in-world… and about sharing anything I find that may be useful for others. So, don’t really expect deep insightful reviews in here, there are a whole lot other bloggers who do that in the most professional complete way.

And without further comments, here it is, from one of my favourite shops, Concrete Flowers:

Fashion Details:
Hair: ::::IrEn::: Sylvie (reds)
Skin: CHAI NOVA +Freckled Tone 04+ [Chairis A]
Top: Cupcakes- Fun Tee- Basic- Rust
Stockings: Reasonable Desires W-undie land stockings
Gloves: -sD- Knit Gloves [White]
Pose: [LAP] Slex – Cute Charlotte PR4

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The twin islands China and China West will sometime soon be a RP area based on the story of a group of life-boaters who found refuge in these remote lands. Even though the area is still under construction, some of the buldings of the town are up already and they promise to be a very realistic place for those who enjoy this type of entertainment.

However, the China sims are not entirely about RP. In fact, should you dare to fly up to 1993m you’ll have a most extradordinary surprise. I know I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first landed there, upon a most kind invitation from Ms. Mikas Uriza.

Mikas Uriza at the skies of China

And because I keep this old habit of sharing with you the things I find worth our spare time, please be so kind as to jump in and follow the landmark to the skies of China. I bet that, like me, you will have a hard time believing your eyes. I know that just after incredulity, my first reaction was to find out how in the mother’s name were they able to construct such a place. I struggled with my camera and tried to “see” the supposed sphere that just OUGHT to be there somewhere!

If you don't see the limits... how can you tell they exist ?

Well… I couldn’t. I can only guess that a giganormous prim covers that area, because even invisible, it limits your endeavours in the apparent endless “nada” that unveils before your steps. It provides the sky with a very peculiar hand-carved texture that seems to attract all the light around, turning the objects above into ghost-like shadows. It inevitably reminded me of chinese silhouettes on painted paper.

Chinese Silhouettes

To me… it felt like a black and white canvas, where someone had started to draw something and then abandonned it. And oh my, immediately I thought I HAD TO paint that image. I don’t really know if you guys during childhood also had those books to colour where the only thing you used was water and brushes… the colours started appearing as the paper got wet by the contact with the watered brush. Well, that was pretty much the feeling this place rose inside my mind and soul.

I couldn’t resist it… and strongly recommend you run there, NOW! I’d be happy to compare first impressions, hehehehe

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This week and next, some of the stores participating in the initiative 50 L$ Friday will have RED items out for sale. Proceeds from these items will go to the Red Cross, to support disaster relief in Haiti. Please help if you can. Also, there is a skybox set up with amazing (and some exclusive) donated items from tons of different designers here at Scribble.

Fashion Details:
Hair: [DEVIANT] Adria – Crimson – Haiti Fundraiser
Skin: (Milk Motion) special Alice Valentine
Gloves: *League* Fingerless Wool Gloves -Multistripe-
Boots: Shiny Things Comfy Boot
Jacket:{SMS} Another Vintage Jacket Red
Dress: EMA’s le point rouge
Stockings: BOOM Fuzzy Fishnets
(Note: In the picture above, I matched some of this week’s 50L$ Friday items with a couple of my faves already in my inventory)

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