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Wrapping up year 2009


All things considered, I’m glad this year is over. To me, and to all of you out there, I wish 2009 brings you:


In that order, because the subsequent depends on the predecent ones…

That you may find the path that will lead you to happiness, knowing that, first of all, each and everyone of us has to rely on his/her own self above all things and above all the others. Listen to the voice that lives inside of yourself, and follow it. Try to balance your head advices with your heart feelings and everything will be just fine. And when in doubt – do nothing. Exactly, stay quiet. Time will make you see clearer inside of you and will help you find the way out… or in, depending on which way you need to go, hehehe

Blessed be !

*smiles and blows a kiss*


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League’s fan


To comfort myself from my recent hair flop (see post below) I went to pick up League‘s latest release. This has been one of my favourite stores for many months already (I recall posting their first Steampunk outfit when I still lived in Tuscany, so you see) and I fell in love with this outfit as soon as I laid my eyes on it.

A great wool-knitten dress, with a preciously detailed texture. Amazing sleeves that cover half of your hand (I tend to be nuts about these in FL, lol). Two different prim skirt styles, a tight one and a really fluffy one with a lacelike bottom. A slouchneck with two amazing nanny-pins. Great high socks (my preferred height, I totally dislike socks that only go a bit higher than our knees, they make them look really thin!), legwarmers and even boot-feet!

Yay, I’m in love ! (and thanks anji for letting me use your studio, I’ve been having loads of fun hehehe)

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Hair problems


I loved KUROTSUBAKI hairstyles ever since I spotted them at AnaLu’s blog. I’ve been keeping their demos in my inventory for ages and couldn’t decide buying one just because they didn’t have my hair colour and I’m not patient enough to spend time looking for the exact tone and re-colour all those prims.

Today however, I decided to give it a try. After all, the hairs are really cheap – only 100L$ each colour – so I figured out I had not much to loose.

Hair on my head, I flew back home and started re-colouring. Not easy to get the exact colour I wanted to, and it took me just a few minutes to find out why. The problem there was not only the colour, but the fact that KUROTSUBAKI hair textures suck! Yeaps, beautiful styles, lousy textures. I digged in my inventory, pulled out some textures I caught along the way and tried them on. Argh, that was awful – now I know where the store’s textures come from, anyway lol! Went to Xstreet SL, bought a single coloured-texture that looked like my favourite orange-carrot tone and … blhargh again! All the good hair textures seem to be sold in all-colour packs and are really expensive. The single tones, far cheaper, are not good enough, though.

This led me to a dilemna… should I pay a bunch of dollars just to have ONE decent carrot hair texture ? Or should I just stick with a hair that I will hardly wear ? Oh dear, time made me more and more demanding with the quality of prims I put over my ole self!

Thus… anyone out there with a suggestion on what to do ? I wouldn’t mind paying a bit for a single good texture – there has to be other options between one lousy 30L$ texture and a full 3000L$ pack!! And the design of the hairs is really sweet…

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Thank you

This Christmas, dear Goddess, I only want to tell you that I am grateful.

Because my fridge is full and I don’t starve.
Because my feet are kept warm and I have no cold.
Because my bed is cozy and embraces me each evening when I lay my head on my pillows.
Because there’s soft music playing out loud on the radio.
Because the tv plays my favourite tv series over and over again.
Because my cat plays with my hands and challenges me to play with her.
Because of these couple of friends who love me and care about me. They make me laugh and bear with my endless rantings always there, always trying to make me thinking otherwise, always pulling me towards the light.
Because of this awesome guy who stands by my side and is the rock and pillar on which my balance is built each day.
Because of this extraordinary son of mine who’s so responsible and attentive and sweet and who, I am sure, will be an amazing adult one of these days. It is the mission of my life to help him fulfiling all those dreams that live inside of him, even though he’s not still aware they are there.

I may not be yet in peace with the world, dear Goddess. There is still too much anger and resentment in my soul. I still feel I was robbed and cheated and betrayed.

But I do hope that bit by bit all these ugly feelings may go away. With your help, the day may come when I’ll get rid of all that and may even forgive those who abused my good faith.

For now, I just wanted you to know that I feel grateful for everything you have given me. I look around and feel protected and safe. I look at the sky and know you are there, everywhere, and you will always be. And as long as you give me the strenght to wake up each day and face the world outside, I know everything will be allright.

So, I guess, most of all, sweet Goddess – thank you because you didn’t quit on me and helped me not to surrender to dispair. The greatest gift you gave me this year, after all, was… life.

Forever grateful,

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Pick your profile

For an avid profile reader as me, Picks sometime tell a lot more than the general tab in everyone’s profile. You see… the main tab only lets you know what the person him/herlself wishes you to know. It works like… self-marketing, of course!

Picks, on the other hand, reveal a lot. They tell whether you’re a place person, a wonderer and explorer or if you’re a people’ person, of the kind that breads an extense family in-world. They show the others if you’re business oriented or easy-going. And beyond those pieces of information that lay public for anyone to see, they also let us know whether you’re more on the practical side or on the dreamer one, often giving us hints on what you find aesthetical on or your own lifestyle…

Me… I suddenly realized my picks are like a moveable grave, filled with people and places that no longer exist, either for me or objectively speaking. Thus… after the re-shapping, it’s about time to get rid of dead bonds. They are but weight upon one’s shoulders. Guess I will keep Maggie’s entry, just because I like to speak with her sometimes. The rest, I’m sure LLs have a hungry trash bin, hehehe

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Reshaping #2

There – my new me. Exactly as I feel I am inside. 😀


You ought to be near me to check how much smaller I am these days, though *winks* Anyway, I guess you can always compare with the picture on the blog header and notice my neck doesn’t seem to be a giraffe one no longer… and the differences on eyes, mouth and chin, hopefully

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Yes, I had heard of Plurk before. And read of lots of SLers using it. As I heard of Twitter and never joined. As more recently I’ve heard of Multiply and didn’t even bothered cheking it.

In a kind of odd way maybe, I’m not really much into social networking. My FaceBook, for example, is abandonned most of the time and each time I open it oooohh boy, it’s hours going through all the gifts and sending gifts back. I have to admit it, that’s something that I’ll check once in a while whenever I really have nothing else to do… which doesn’t happen that often.

Plurk, however… I find it really entertaining. For someone like me, who I’m mostly a voyeur of the human nature, it is a delight for my vampire eyes, no doubt, ahahaha

So… I trully recommend it to everyone. It allows you to stay in touch with your friends, and even the whole world if you want to. And in the way through, you take a peak into people’s heads, hehehe

Oh yeah!! I have a new toy ! Weeeeeee! *biiig smile*

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