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With so many Valentine’s item being constantly released all over the grid, I had my task very much easied by another of Clio Cardiff’s releases: the naughty Drousilla dress.


The pictures display the red version. Hope you’re able to notice the lovely assymetrical drawn lace work and how the skirt flows nicely around one’s legs (gloves and stockings are not a part of the outfit, though). The folder includes the perfect underwear allowing you to wear this outdoors as well – but follow my advise and give it a try without any of those beneath the actual dress… and be prepared to see your special one drooling over you…


❤ Is it too early to wish you Happy Valentine’s Day ? Mmm… oh well, sorry about that, you’ll just have to put up with my romantical moods I guess *winks


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No, my monthversary gift wasn’t the sun – though Petros takes me to the moon every night. Then again, you see, it’s not too hard to keep a girl happy, even when she insists on writing silly wish lists just to confuse her partner, hehehe

What’s the secret ? The most obvious of them all – keep it simple ! In my case, it totally made my day to be led to one of my favourite stores (League, in this case) and be asked… to choose whatever I wanted, hehehe

And since this is one situation where a girl should never be shy… so I did, LOL. I chose a set which is sold separately, thus allowing us to match a top with leggings. I had drooled over it during previous visits, but had always bought something else instead – so this was my chance, I made a party out of it and took home three different tops and some new leggings.


YAY! I do love you, babe !! *grabs Petros’ hand and drags him home, closing the door behind the two of us*

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Wish list

Apparently, someone was in great trouble yesterday. To ease your day, babylove, here goes my wishlist :

* sun * beach * a house in Bora Bora * four homestead sims where I can build the swamp of my dreams and disappear for three months while displaying objects randomly around * work from home * double pay-check at the end of the month (so I could afford tiers of said homestead sims) * a lawyer to take care of my pending issues on the basis of a final percentage over my reimbursement * dinner at “O Madeirense”, my favourite restaurant

See ? Now you cannot complain, you have eight whole items where to choose from… and no, don’t need to thanking me for making your life so much easier – you know I do it all for love !! ❤

Ah! If anyone else feels an unexpected generous mood, I am not picky as to who is offering, hehehehe *winks*

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