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After three months of an emotional rollercoaster, the doctor finally looked at me with a serious look on his eyes and declared “we concluded this is not bad. Off you go, schedule another echo for early July and do NOTHING more!”

Yupppieeee, I’m a healthy gal! I’m really lucky because this guy is a modern one, should it be an old school doctor and I wouldn’t escape surgery. As it is, he will only take the decision to take the tumours out in case they grow over 4 cms.

This means I have three months ahead of me to focus on much more pleasant things, to concentrate on work, my kid and my bf… and to LIVE! And yes, I know I haven’t been in-world for the whole week – I am not going to disappear, I’ve just been doing other things but will drop by anytime !

To all those who sent heart-felt messages of support and encouragement, my most sincere thank you – you will never know how much I appreciated them at times I felt lost. To those who sent messages just because you wanted to know if I was going to die soon – sorry, you’ll have to wait a bit further to celebrate… and please, don’t bother sending them, I had enough of false friends thank you 😀

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Sometimes it does put me to think. About 1/4 of my gross income goes to taxes – my contribution to this democratic state we live in. However, the roads have bigger and bigger holes, kids have a better education whenever parents can afford a private school and when it gets to health… oh boy!

You see, I am lucky because my employer includes this really cool health insurance plan in our global salary benefits. Thanks to this insurance, I have been through a whole lot of treatments, clynical tests and medical appointments since mid January. But – yes, there is a but. I was supposed to go through another biopsy tomorrow. This time, a very specific one. But – again, another one – when they called me from the hospital confirming the time of this exam they were careful enough to let me know this was not covered byt the health insurance policy. I mean, not covered at all! and because this is such a specific thingie, it would cost me 300 euros!!!

Now, I really can’t complain. I live comfortably with what I earn, me and my kid, I can afford a small house downtown and even am able to save some spares from time to time. I can take my car to the garage for some repairing whenever need be and on Christmas and Holidays entitle myself to some extravangaza or other. Now… when I start to think what happens to those who don’t have any health insurance (which is the standard in our main portuguese population) I can’t help wondering… what do they do ? How do they manage any health issue that comes out of the flue epidemic season ?

Something IS very wrong with our democracy, when a government is not even able to guarantee health to their citizens. Again, I am very lucky, since I work in a medical environment I already made some contacts in order to find another option – because I do need to be subject to that biopsy. Now… what about those millions of others who are not this lucky ?

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My favourite caffeteria

Is the hospital’s caffeterie. Odd ? Not really, lol. It does have a wide range of products where you can choose from. They do know how to make a “meia de leite” – coffe and mil in a mid-sized mug. Their toasts are one of the bestest I have had in all my life. The service is friendly and fast. The whole environment is warm, quiet and peaceful. And it’s not expensive at all.

As a plus, if you get to find a place by the huge windows, you can watch the water flow gently in the artificial lake just beside. On a lucky bright day, you may even watch the river at the distance.

Surely, it is not the fanciest place in the world. However, it makes us customers feel comfortable within a less than pleasant context. And to be honest, this caffeteria is mainly the reason I don’t mind my weekly visits.

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