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At the same time they publicly pretend to apologise…
At the same time they privately insult me (see blog post below)…

At the same time their server goes on sending me these kind of messages:
“On Sat, Nov 20, 2010 at 3:02 AM, Stx Tech Server wrote:

The object ‘Stx Tech Server’ has sent you a message from Second Life:
Land: Crashing Waves 1/2 Warning : hi ,message from summer wardhani ,your lease in HIVAOA HOLDINGS will expire in: 4 Days, 23 Hours, 53 Min to avoid eviction please pay asap here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/HIVAOA Holdings/145/227/22

= Stx Tech Server is owned by staxx Hird
= http://slurl.com/secondlife/Stx%20Tech/126/50/4000”

At the same time they are alredy renting the very same land to whoever wants to do it… go to the sim Crashing waves and see it for yourself – no doubt this is a solid trustable company, huh?

Crashing Waves – land for rental

A further information: this land I haven’t abandonned, I had set it for sale to one of the company’s people by 100L$ in the hope to at least receive back the set up fee I had paid them.

Yes, no doubt this is still human error – one after the other, right ? LOL

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Further to the most unfortunate incidents reported on the post below, and after Hivaoa Holdings’ public apologise for their human error, I tried again to have my money refunded. However, this was the result.

[2010/11/18 13:34] Summer Wardhani: Dear Mr. Outlander, further to the unfortunate incident that cost me 3.750 lindens in favour of your company and to the previous contacts with your staff and management, I draw your best attention to this issue:
[2010/11/18 13:34] User not online – message will be stored and delivered later.
[2010/11/18 13:34] Summer Wardhani: https://summerwardhani.wordpress.com/
[2010/11/18 13:34] User not online – message will be stored and delivered later.
[2010/11/18 13:35] Summer Wardhani: thank you, even though I doubt it will solve anything and will help getting my money back…
[2010/11/18 13:35] User not online – message will be stored and delivered later.
[04:24] HIVAOA Outlander: (Saved Fri Nov 19 11:42:02 2010) see yur blog i answered
[04:27] Summer Wardhani: thank you, I replied too. My son is ill and I really don’t have the time for this, all I want is my money back thank you. Am abandonning never Never right now to you. Have a nice day!
[04:27] User not online – message will be stored and delivered later.
[07:53] HIVAOA Outlander: no time neither me
[07:54] Summer Wardhani: I’m happy that we agree – both never never and Crashing Waves are at your disposal, i have left them both
[07:54] HIVAOA Outlander: happy to hear
[07:56] Summer Wardhani: would be happier to hear about my request for a refund, Outlander
[07:56] HIVAOA Outlander: the asnwer is no
[07:56] Summer Wardhani: good to know again, thank you so much for fooling me *smiles
[07:57] HIVAOA Outlander: you drunk again i see
[07:58] Summer Wardhani: and you’re being rude again… not the first time I’ve been treated this way by your company, Outlander
[08:00] HIVAOA Outlander: i dont want snakes here
[08:00] HIVAOA Outlander: then go away no problem
[08:00] Summer Wardhani: I have gone, cause I don’t like to deal with dishonest people either
[08:00] HIVAOA Outlander: you are dihonest
[08:00] Summer Wardhani: hope you don’t run your FL life like you run your second
[08:00] HIVAOA Outlander: not us
[08:00] Summer Wardhani: me ?
[08:00] HIVAOA Outlander: and you insult indian peaiple
[08:01] Summer Wardhani: how was i dishonest ? by paying you full and not being refunded ?
[08:01] HIVAOA Outlander: no blecks in your country
[08:01] HIVAOA Outlander: your mummy didnt never tech you rules
[08:01] HIVAOA Outlander: we did a report
[08:01] Summer Wardhani: who’s indian here ?
[08:01] Summer Wardhani: I’m african, so WHAT ??
[08:02] HIVAOA Outlander: and if you are stroj g enough to give me your rl name and adrees
[08:02] HIVAOA Outlander: i send you a lawer
[08:02] Summer Wardhani: LOOOOOOl I was born in Mozambique, outlander…are you out of your mind ??
[08:02] HIVAOA Outlander: you insiulted the indian peaiple
[08:02] Summer Wardhani: of course,please feel free to
[08:02] HIVAOA Outlander: dont kidding
[08:02] Summer Wardhani: Carla xxxx (full name in here) de Sousa
[08:02] HIVAOA Outlander: i have money
[08:02] HIVAOA Outlander: and i am a rl company
[08:02] Summer Wardhani: hope you’re noting
[08:02] HIVAOA Outlander: i would love to
[08:02] Summer Wardhani: i am rl person
[08:02] HIVAOA Outlander: not sure
[08:02] Summer Wardhani: Rua xxxx (full address in here)
[08:03] HIVAOA Outlander: mpaybe an animal
[08:03] Summer Wardhani: 1350-281 Lisboa, Portugal
[08:03] HIVAOA Outlander: lol
[08:03] HIVAOA Outlander: in your rl picture profile
[08:03] Summer Wardhani: I am Head of the international Affairs of a very respected ONG in my country
[08:03] HIVAOA Outlander: not really lol
[08:03] HIVAOA Outlander: lol
[08:03] HIVAOA Outlander: stop kidding
[08:03] HIVAOA Outlander: i lose time
[08:04] Summer Wardhani: and you are going to be report to linden labs, jsut saying
[08:04] HIVAOA Outlander: go away and stop hurting others people after you drunk better for all
[08:04] HIVAOA Outlander: lol
[08:04] HIVAOA Outlander: we did the same then
[08:08] Summer Wardhani: well… i jsut copied this cnversation to a friend who is married to a pakistanese guy (so you see how racist I am lol)… and she advised me to tell you to keep my lindens as xmas gift… so I hope it makes you all very happy

I am not adding much more, and will let each of you take your own conclusions – even because a very kind friend sheltered me in-world. I would only advise my dear readers not to try this at home… in particular, if you own a business, note that this is NOT the way to treat costumers – either old, new or potential. Act opposite to this example and you’ll see good results, that’s for sure.

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I have been renting the sim called Never Never from Hivaoa Holdings for quite sometime now. These last two months I have hardly been in-world and paying for two thirs or even one third was getting too heavy on my purse, so as the rental period came to an end (five days to let go the sim at this point) I started looking for a new place to settle in.

Since I was happy with my current landlord – Hivaoa Holdings – I thought I could rent a new plot with them and therefore went to their main office. There I found a link to their website, where I found this ad:

I headed to the land in-world to confirm the sales conditions… and found a huge board stating the exact same price.

I contacted one of their staff who was in-world, Ms. anastasia Adder who was most kind. I proceed with paying the set-up fee and then headed back again to their headoffice where I paid what I thought was tiers for 100 days. I send the management (Ms. HIVAOAHOLDINGS Pearl) and one of their… officers (?) Mr. Siddhart Sohmers, the following notecard informing that I was their new tenant:

“Dear friends,
I have been a rentor of Hivaoa holdings for over one year now, renting the HS called Never Never. You may check from my records that I have been a trustful rentor.
Unfortunately, I will not be able to renew Never Never leasing for another month and today I was looking for a smaller place to settle in. I found in your site an advertising for Crashing Waves, came to the land and found a board confirming the information.
I contacted one of your staff, Ms.anastasia Adder and presented her with the images here below and in attach to this notecard.
Subsequently, I bought the land for 100 L$ and then went to Hivaoa Central Office, where I paid 3750 L$ for a rental period of 100 days, as per the information on your server here below:

Hi summer wardhani your rental ► Name: [ Crashing Waves 1/2 ] Region: [ Crashing Waves ]◄ expire in: 0 Days, -1 Hours, -6 Min – Fees amount [3750 L$ for 100 days] ➜ For renew please right clic and choose to pay
[16:00] ATM Stx Central Tier Office 2.5 BTD: Hi summer wardhani thank for renew [Region: Crashing Waves – Land Name: Crashing Waves 1/2] – Your lease will expire in: 99 Days 22 H:53 M

Thank you for your kind attention,
Summer Wardhani”

Now, imagine my surprise when I received today this following notecard from the said officer (?):

“18 November 2010

Thank you for being one of our precious client and staying with us for so long.
Thank you as well for pointing out the mistake of setting the rental server for 100 days instead of 7days for the land L$3750weekly 1875prims 1/2 homestead.

Sorry for the human error. I hope you will be able to forgive us for it. The error has been rectified and you have now 7 days in your rental.
Sorry again.

Siddhart Sohmers
(HIVAOA Holdings)”

No doubt I would be more than happy to be their double rentor for a whole week, right ? Even because I do need lots of lands and lots of prims in order to loggin twice a day to check on notecards and prevent messages from being capped… right ? *sighs – oh boy, these sort of things really make me ANGRY!

So I asked for a refund – and the very rude and impolite reply I got (which unfortunately was kept in my laptop at the office) was something like : “that has to be asked to the administration”.

I really didn’t understood, if this guy was assuming he had made a mistake why had I to bother speaking with the administration because of 3.750 L$? So I replied to him that in my country people who keep other people’s money are called thieves. As you can imagine, the conversation afterwards was not exactly very pleasant, LOL

In the end, as I understood I risked not to see my money again, I took the troube to write a new notecard to the management asking for my money back :

“To the managers of Hivaoa Holdings,
Dear Sirs,

In attach I am resending the notecard I sent yesterday to Mr. Siddhart Sohmers and Ms. HIVAOAHOLDINGS Pearl. I am also sending the note I received today from Mr. Sohmers. As he tells me that refunds are dealt by the management, I am hereby requesting that you reimburse me the amount of L$ 3215 (that is, I deducted from 3750 L$ I paid last evening the due amount for one day rental – I would have never rented the place if I new it would cost me not 3750L$/100 days as advertised on your site and on the board place on the sim itself but 3750L$/7 days – it happens that I am already a rentor of yours and the sim Never Never is due only in 5 other days. Since I am not a business owner or have no use for a second place – was even searching for another smaller plot – why would I need half a sim for a week?).

Please be informed that I have set half Crashing Waves to sale to HIVAOAHOLDINGS Pearl – since I am also due a set-up fee I should have never paid.

I am also returning the sim Never Never today and will abandon land asap. Hope this puts an end t this unfortunate incident which I want to believe is not your organisation’s fault but rather only inefficiency and bad manners from a membrr of your staff (Ms. anastasia Adder with whom I dealt yesterday, on the other hand, was quitehelpful and always kind).

I would also like to inform that I have filed an abuse report n the name of Mr, Sohmers, who was kind enough to reply me that if you/he was/were thieves, he/you would have ejected me and banned me from Never Never right after my first tier payment. I have to admit that having owned 5 full sims myself and being a resident for 4 years now, i was never so badly treated by some minor staff. Even in First life, where I own my apartment and have bought and sold a couple more of them had never had such a treatment from a salesperson.

In conclusion, I expect this matter may draw your best attention and thank you for your refund at your earliest convenience. Me, who only yesterday evening was saying all my friends you had had a brlliant marketing idea and were doing this great promotion, have to admit that am very disappointed at all this.

Kindest regards,
Summer Wardhani”

(the misspellings and typos are all mine, lol)
… next thing I know I was receiving this other notecard:


The entire issue has been brought to the notice of the management of HIVAOA Holdings.
Siddhart has told us about entire conversation he and you had. There was still a scopre for some compensation in terms of 2-3days extra given to you to make up for the error on Siddhart’s side for wrongly putting 100 days in web configuration instead of 7days.
But we have 0 tolerance towards the race attack. You apparently called his country a bad name and he responded to you only with a question to put you in his shoes. This is unforgiveable. He was polite to you and requested you to forgive him to which you responded badly. We can not ingore this fact either.
We do not do refunds. Sorry.
You lands Never Never and Crashing Waves will be reclaimed only when your tier is due in 5 and 6days respectively.
Sorry that you have to file abuse report and had to go through this unfortunate incident. But from our side we can not help you anymore after you calling him bad names.
We hope you had a pleasant stay with HIVAOA Holdings so far until this incident happened.

Kindest Regards
HIVAOA Holdings Management”

To cut a long story short (that is, to go ahead of the racist talk because all who know me and know I was born in Africa and long to go back there are aware of my racist and angry speech LOL and also to go ahead on the fact that they still acknowledge they made a mistake but still refuse to refund me) – I leave you with the final words of Hivaoa Holdings Management representative, after she sent me some printscreen concerning another totally different sim (which is not published because it came to me with no copy permissions)“[13:00] HIVAOAHOLDINGS Pearl: The print shot which was sent was to show you that it was typing error and since entire rental sytem is web based, uploaded from the configuration we set manually on the website to upload on the rental land sign. We can not help you more. Sorry. the print screen was last proof or human error we could give. its upto you to believe it or not. sorry for refunds u can contact HIVAOA Outlander, he has final say.”

Right again. So next, Mr. Outlander will receive a link to this very post blog – my fingers are tired and I am not willing to tell the story over and over again. Will there be any other chapters of this bad film ? It’s all up to Hivaoa Holdings – the corporate that holds your money back *grins

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