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I have had my ups and downs. These last couple of years, well, I was mostly down, and didn’t even bothered much in hiding my state of mind, even though this blog and Second Life™ have been quite efficient ways to drift me away from a series of events that are yet far from being over.

This day, I feel balance coming closer by the minute. And even though I am not very much into advising (being opinative is quite a different thing, lol) I decided to share some of the scatered lessons life has taught me during these recent times. Who knows, they may be useful to others. If not, well, they will no doubt be useful for myself since from now on I will be able to come here and remind me of some important matters:

So here it goes, a bit of my acquired experience:

* Each one of us is the only responsible for our own lives. Therefore, don’t let any one else, whoever that person may mean to you, take control over it. Just don’t. Or you’ll be seriously f***ed up, sooner or later.

* Love yourself in the first place. And in the second. AND in the third. Even if you’re a parent, understand that your child(ren) are human beings on their own and that they will learn their own lessons, in spite of all the efforts you may develop to protect them.

*Love for the others will come as a result. Others will love you as a result of you loving yourself.

*But. Love comes and love goes. In the broader sense of the conceipt, this applies to all types of relationshis. I regret to inform, feelings don’t last forever and they change along the time. Thus, on one side don’t ever take no one or anything for granted in your life. But then again, be also ready to accept that the people you rely upon may just turn their back on you whenever you need most.

*Listen to yourself. Carefully. Your body always has a word to say, your heart as well. Then, follow the paths they show you – and yes, I am aware that far too often they say opposite things, so…. give them both a try, then go back and start all over again.

*Be yourself. Each and every moment. Don’t blame yourself if something went wrong, cause blame is just a social conceipt rooted inside our personalities to keep us “in line”. We all make mistakes, but most of the time we just do whatever we need to do at a certain point. Life is not a popularity game, those who really care will be there for you exactly as you are. The others, pfffft… if they are not, it’s just a sign they were not worth of it.

*Find professional help if needed. Not one of us is a superman or a wonderwoman and therapists are not only for “insane people”. They actually help you find your way back to yourself, when you are at a lost (edited and added after talking to a friend, thought this was really important too).

*Most of all, try not to give up. It is hard and I know it from my own experience – often, it really feels much easier just to let everything drown around. However, there are always ways to go back and start anew. Happiness comes from the inside of you, not the other way round. So… look for things or people that fulfill your soul and give you good vibes. Learn from them, grow up each day and yes, you’re fully entitled to to whatever you feel or need to do with your life – because you are a human being.

Every angel inside and thank you rio for being such an inspiration


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One of my recent posts had a really nice comment where Peter Stindberg summed up his conceipt of Second Life. Today, a friend asked in Facebook whether people would still be around if all the games disappeared from that platform. In both cases, opinions highlighted the fact that these were mostly a mean for people to meet other people and keep in touch with each other.

Well, to start with, I might just agree with all of them. No doubt, my first years in Second Life were of discovery of others. Other people, coming from other countries, with different experiences and skills. It was a ride, indeed. A vertiginous one, no doubt.

Then, I had some unfortunate experiences with groups – some experts on human behaviour call them tribes. That was most disappointing and even disturbing. As time went by, I noticed that I had developped a standard behaviour of leaving any community where I felt I was slipping in. I fell apart from any groups of my own nationality, then I droped from Plurk and recently I have been quieter and quieter in Facebook.

Not to mention Second Life. Where I found myself choosing isolation more and more often. I gave up attending any of the said “social events”, well, except for concerts – there, I feel totally anonymous and I do not have to speak to anyone if I do not feel like it.

I still enjoy a good one-to-one chit chat or deep conversations with a few people with whom I remain connected. But for the most part ? Well, I admit that I prevented a lot of people from even noticing if I am online or not. In fact, one of the things I really don’t like in Second Life is that someone who IMs you immediately finds out whether you are online or not. And then, the only option is replying back, or the interlocutor may think you are rude – and those who knock on my door these days, all of them are people I really respect, trust, and whose friendship is important to me. But at times, I really wish there was a way I could get back to them on a later moment, as in Flickr, or even Facebook. In these, we are able to show ourselves up whenever we feel like it… if not, we can simply loggin and out without a trace.

Now, you may think this serioulsy spoils my Second Life experience. Well, it honestly does not. Quite the contrary, I believe. I am able to do all the things I enjoy. I attend all the exhibitions I have an interest for… just not only during the premiere. I visit all the sims I am curious about… just not only when there’s any major event going on. I communicate with everyone that matters to me… just not only during parties, contests or any other sort of gathering that implies more than 3 people together at the same time on the same place.

I am well aware that for most of you out there join any of the so called social networks (and let’s face it, this is how Second Life is perceived my the majority) as a mean to stay in touch. I often wonder why the heck do I keep joining so many platforms where people are expected to participate actively, if I already know that I will only post and read what interests me… I do not intend to have loads of contacts, I do not aim at being popular or even accepted. All I want… well, I guess that’s still what I wanted at the beginning of this journey, only I did not know how to do it. I want to understand the human behaviour and the reasons that make people act the way they do. I wish to challenge myself and shoot the best pictures that I can or set-up the most beautiful landscapes my skills allow me to. I enjoy jumping from SL to FB to Flickr and AU in order to appreciate the different initiatives and work. I have a great pleasure in commenting anything that draws my attention and to share with others the works of art that unveil before my eyes. However, it is important that I am able to do that on my own timing, according to my own convenience… and humour. Why? Because I learn faster and deeper if I am not involved in group activities. I am more objective and I am less able to jump into fast conclusions if I am not a member of the crew. My balance is better kept if I keep my independent path.

To a point that whenever I come across a stranger I tend to fly away really fast, just to avoid that person to feel tempted to speak to me. Simply because, most of the time, I really don’t feel the need to speak to nobody. Now, do you want to know the most curious thing? There are others like me around there!

So now you know. If you spot me, and the next minute I am not there, if you invite me over to your event and I do not attend, well… it is only because me and groups is not a pleasant combination. It does not mean, however, that I am not paying attention or that I am absent. For I am neither. I am just… following the path I chose for myself, alone in the metaverse.

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Last week, during my working travel to Brussels with a colleague, I found myself trying to explain him what was Second Life all about. Last time I had done that, I remember babbling something about “leasure time”, “entertainment” and “having fun”. Time went by, though and last year I began watching Second Life with different eyes. And these days, the more I explore and discover, the more I think that SL is a privileged platform for artists.

I know Linden Lab strives that SL becomes a corporate-oriented platform and does their best to develop the metaverse in order to fulfill the virtual needs of First Life Business. However, I don’t really think that is how residents are taking it. In fact, I look at some sims and I cannot help thinking that the in-world allows us all… to play God himself.

Then, I bump into places like Immersiva and my hearts misses a throbe. For true. Because in places like this it is impossible not to feel that here is where you find the ultimate expression of the art. Does anyone doubt that a sim may include all possible ways of expression? It can put together the traditional arts with new multimedia techniques, which ultimately opens up infinite possibilities as far as creation is concerned.

Oh, most of the time one may not even be able to aprehend what the artist tried to communicate. Other times we may disagree with the main message of the site. One thing for sure, it is quite impossible to remain indifferent. More than that, looking at art in-world inevitably changes the way we look at and interpret art in general. Have you been to an exhibition lately ? Didn’t you suddenly felt that just maybe the artist could have expressed him/herself more completely should he/she be able to build a gallery more suitable to their work? If only he/she had been able to draw the sky above and the soil below your feet, together with every piece that is in place ? Ah yes, an amazing painting will always delight our soul and an expressive sculpture will always speak with our heart… but don’t you just feel that pieces of art need to be included in an environment that is able to optimize their message and that help us, mere voyeurs, understand their meaning?

You may find places like Immersiva arid and naked, empty of emotion. But at the same time, have you noticed that the place is filled with life ? Yes, maybe a different kind of life, but surely Miss Bryn Oh’s vision of it! From a personal point of view, I tend to connect more easily to nature-landscaped sims. BUT.

It’s a challenge beyond words to try to understand a mind so diverse and so rich that conceives such a unique universe. Thanks to Second Life, that is no longer a role only for immaterial beings that we worship – it is something at the grasp of our own hands… only thing we have to do is to stop thinking in terms of what we know, let our mind wander… and dare exposing before others’ eyes the visions of our souls.

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I was going to write about a place I found earlier today, then I started thinking how I came across this sim: Tpglourenco Forcella showed me his last video shot at Pixel Dreams, a place impossible not to fall in love with. As I watched his machinima, I realized they had used a lot of [Organica] items, which are one of my favourite landscape suppliers. This thought made me go back to Pixel Dreams to explore a bit more and I noticed the amazing waves. Which on its turn led me to Las Islas – Casa del Mar, where I awe at Naiman Broome’s creations. I had a peek at his profile and decided to visit Havre de Paix to take a Look of the Day picture.

End of chapter.

Only because this made me extrapolate and realise how easily in our lives one thing leads to another. I often hear people say we have to live each day at a time… but in reality, each day is but a preparation for the next day to come. Look around and think of the life you lead, today. Then, revisit yesterday. See ? Not difficult to understand that you wouldn’t be where you are now if you hadn’t go through all the things you experienced in the past. I have this great job today, with supporting and understanding bosses only because I endured really hard times and unbelievable pushing directors all my life. My amazing boyfriend, I would have never met him if I had not endured the poor relationship I was having at the time. The new cozy apartment I am moving into was discovered as I took my son to school.

I can’t but feel that all the pieces of the puzzle are fitting their own place now. That often you have to feel really lousy before you are ready to receive perfection in your life. Sometimes, we are simply blinded by people around us and events happening one after the other, and you don’t have the time to think what it is that makes you happy. And you know what? That is not a problem, for life itelf will find the right timing to make you stop and re-think your priorities. If you think that is a drawback… well, it is not. It is just an offer of whoever is out there looking for us, a chance to start all over again. An opportunity to grow and become wiser. Like a time-out, you know? A period to take the trash out and clean off the dust.

This is the best way I can describe all I ent through during these last two or three years. I am arriving now at my new destination… and I am sure this will be one full of sunshine and hot days, soft waves dancing beneath my feet and birds singing among the palm trees.

And now, I am off to live this day fully… because I know it will lead me to new and peaceful paths that I will be walking along with my beloved ones.

(Fashion details:
Skin:Tea Lane ~TL~ Agave Skin – Candi(freckle)
Hair: [ Love Soul ] Hair*004-A*Brown
Sweater: *BOOM* Tamed Anya’s Orange
Pants: Doux Petit Dahl !DPD: The Jeans [Faded Black]
Boots: ETD Heather Boots (Cognac)
Jewelry: *Ticky Tacky* Banjee Girl Jewelry Set)

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Ephemeral, unedited

Ephemeral, unedited

… I celebrate my 1000th day in-world, up until midnight SLT. A special thanks to Ms DeCuir who kindly draw my attention to this fact, and a BIG hug to the Emerald Viewer designers who included such a cool feature on their work, hehehehe

I am sometimes a bit supersticious and tend to see signs… where there are any, often, LOL.

I don’t know… I crave for something… wish I new what it was !

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