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Home in SL

Today I returned home in SL. To be totally honest, I cannot quite remember how long had it been since the last time I had been there. For the last couple of months I’ve been passing most of my time in-world at Ephemeria – which no longer exists as I built it.

Life has its own timings, I guess. In a way, it is curious that the same day I signed a new rental in FL, I also receive a note from my SL landlord saying I was delayed in paying the tiers, which I had totally forgotten to do. It’s great that at ACS theya re very organized, that way I could simply remove my things and abandon the land.

Anyway, I couldn’t help finding it a bit odd that I was writing dismissal letters both in FL and in SL. With a mixed feeling of sorrow and hope I became conscious that I am moving on and choosing my path, which I expect will be healthier and happier than this last stage of my life.

In SL, I am obviously keeping my home and land in 100Limite and have no intentions of letting it go. At ground level, I might have my neighbours complaining about my sometimes odd tastes in landscaping and building, but there’s where I will now set up the scenarios for my pictures.

In FL, I am finally going back to a proper appartment, after a year and half in a temporary location which was my refuge from a world that I sensed as a threat but actually looks more like a bunker than like a home, lol. My future bedroom will have TWO windows, and oh boy for someone who hasn’t seen much of the day light at home this is a luxury!

But in a way, I am sorry to leave from there. My current landlord is the mother of a dear friend whom I first met in-world. They were a huge help and probably saved my life… and I mean it literally. They gave me a place to hide when my whole life came apart and my fears overwhelmed my senses.

It’s time to move on, however. Now that I finally accepted that my ex-partner is dishonest enough to want me to pay half the house while he asks the court to grant him the whole place with no reimboursement to me, I had to face the fact that I totally misjudged him and for eight years was able to love him and his daughters dearly. I guess that we all make those kinds of mistakes, once in a while in our lives. In a way, I pity him for not being able to support himself and his family and for having to take advantage of other people in order to fulfil his basic needs.

Me, on the other hand, I am on my feet again, in spite of his attempts to bring me down. I am being helped to trust myself again, and I was lucky enough to find this amazing guy who has been standing by my side in so many dark moments, supporting me in every possible way.

Bah, I didn’t intend o write such a long post lol. I belive I needed to landmark the moment, that’s all. I have my head full of images of my new place now and yeah, some of them are a bit… different, let’s say hehehe. In time and with a lil help I will be able to set it up the way I would like it to be. We shall see. Yesterday, I was smiling just before I fell asleep… you know the feeling when you’re coming back home ?

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When we first moved to Sable South Shores back in July last year, Piu and me we bought this house:

This is a Mirat house, with only 66 prims (optional 44 prim version for a lighter use), a very popular option from Parker McTeague which can be found at Park Life,. I always thought Parker’s creations were the ideal option for people who can’t afford to spend much but are keen on living on a decent, nicely texturised place – and since they are copy and mody, they give you full freedom to customise it to your own personal taste.

When we moved to 100Limite, the house came along with us. Recently, as we started thinking we would need a room for our sldaughter Eva, I grew a bit weary of it. I started playing around with textures but… errr… let’s just say that some of the changes didn’t go as I expected, lol.

I then decided to give my virtual shoes some work and went chasing for a new hous. We wanted to keep the garden in the front yard and didn’t want a closed skybox. We were looking for something cozy and warm, with a large living-room and two sleeping-rooms but unfortunately after days spent visiting all sorts of places I became disappointed. The house of my dreams was nowhere to be found.

And then one day I suddenly remembered I had this in my inventory:

This is called the Moku Tiki, a work from Eric Domela which I bought at Tiki Huts Prefabs Bamboo Furniture Palms-Virtual Designs last year, while I was setting up the Summer Tropical Resort. Again, it had been a great buy with the added copy and mod advantages. As I rezzed it and had a good look at it, an idea started sneaking into my mind. I had some doubts that I would be able to grab that small hut and turn it into the house I was picturing in my imagination, but I finally decided I had nothing to loose and should give it a try.

It took me a whole day of work. Rezzing hut after hut, taking a wall here and applying there, closing doors and windows when needed, linking and unliking to be sure I didn’t forgot a thing, aligning textures… woot! However, at the end of the day, this was the result:

I am quite happy with the final result. Most of all, it represents for me another proof that in SL everything is possible, for everyone. Even those with few to zero building skills are able to put together some nice thingies, don’t you think? For me, who have no particular skills, it is such a huge pleasure to notice I can nevertheless do a bit on my own 😀

After the house was placed, we could hardly wait to start decorating it. Our living room inherited all the furniture of the previous version, with just a couple of paintings I bought at Aral Levitt’s Bahia Tiki store.

Because the living room turned up to be absolutely huge, we were able to set up a tv room – which previously stood on the roof, LOL. Now we can watch tv in rainy days and even in winter, when it’s snowing outside.

Eva’s room on the ground floor was entirely decorated with items she found at the Lost Bunnies Hunt – didn’t cost us a single linden and ended up a coloured cheerful place for a 6 year’s old.

And finally… our own very simple, rustiq with a touch of ethnic room. Furniture in here is a mix of free items (Nepal, BareRose and different hunts) with some adorable Belle Belle creations. They turned up pretty well when put together and gave the whole place a particular atmosphere of cozyness and warmth.

*sits on the sofa and looks around with a sigh of happiness.

Yay! Isn’t SL just amazing ? I sort of built a whole house, hehehehe *winks*
Well, of course not really, but the feeling of looking at something that was born out of my own imagination, even if it was based on Eric Domela’s original work, it’s pretty awesome! Mmm… maybe I should send him a picture of this ? hehehehe

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I have been discussing this a bit lately. Mainly because I don’t watch the news on the tv and I don’t read blogs with which I don’t feel identified.

I work in communication-related environments for about 17 years, now. I’ve met journalists and I understand their minds. I also have followed the development of the news industry during all this time. Half a dozen years ago, i discovered the blogsphere and have a long training in reading. In fact, I start reading at the age of four, and never stopped until now.

Because I feel I understand a bit how does the mind of a writer works, along with several changes that I have introduced in my life last year, I also started choosing carefully what I read. What’s the point in having information that will not contribute to one’s happiness ? When you previously know that you will not like what you will be reading, why do you read it ? Don’t you choose the books/authors that you keep under your eyes ? Don’t you choose the music you listen to, the movies you are going to watch ? There…

Oh, I do know things happen, even if i don’t read about them, LOL. I know there is a financial crisis going on, conflicts rose again seriously in the Middle East, Russia and Ukraine have interrupted gaz delivery. I don’t need to watch or listen to the news, my co-workers all talk about those things.

But you know what ? I recognise I have the right to not knowing further details. I don’t want to know everything that is going on. And as far as blogs are concerned, I surely don’t want to know who’s sleeping with who, who’s fighting who, who’s just fell in love or who has befriended their worst enemy. I have my own plethora of all these stories, more than enough to fill about five kgs of book pages if I wanted to write it, hehehe

So yes… you may call me alienated. I am so. Does it bother me ? Not a bit – it’s just my way of keeping out of the way a bunch of things that don’t interest me nor have a positive input to my daily life. May also be interpreted as my own way to say “Fuck off, I really don’t care”

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As I move forward and learn about the world I realize that in this after-life of mine all I can do is sharing my weak wisdom with the younger ones who still struggle to find themselves and drop on them some useful insights, such as the importance of free-choice. After all, life is just a travel through self-knowledge, and it’s up to each one to choose where to go, when, how and with whom.

Thus, if you want to live, open yourself and let the world come into you. Invite people around you to set home in your heart and pick up some divinity to live in your soul. After that, you will only need to let yourself go. Don’t be afraid of hurting or being hurt – it won’t kill you and it won’t kill the ones around you, it will merely teach you all some lessons about life itself. You will fall, for sure, but you will get up on your feet sooner or later. Face the unknown and challenge it to play with you. And before you know it, you will see how fulfilling it all can be.

Above all – don’t waste too much time thinking. Some of the replies are too complex for us to understand their full meaning, so there’s really no point on asking the questions. Therefore, stretch your wings and breathe in and out, deeply. Silent your mind and open your heart… you’ll do just great !

(so, you may ask, what skills do I have to teach classes on Life ? Well, I’ve been there and I’ve learnt – hope that is enough. No, I am no Guru nor have any diplomas. But I’ve been paying attention for the last 42 years and now – while I wait for the next stage to come – is where I have time on my hands to at least try to help you keeping ghosts and fears out of the way :P)

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