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As I have written and told many many times, I am not an artist. I simply enjoy putting together beautiful things and create environments. If ever you visit Never Never, you will know very fast what I mean, lol.

But I have a very persistent friend who teased me until I said ok, let’s make an exhibition. Anyway, I am one of those who enjoys experimenting a variety of things at least once in a lifetime (and yes, this will probably be my first and last experience of the kind, promise I won’t torture you, hehehehe).

So here it is. My secret exhibition, because I am unable to deal with more than three people at the same time and place. There is not going to be any launch party nor any kind of gathering. I just placed a handful of very simple original pictures who haven’t been published anywhere – they will only be on my flickrs stream at the end of June, once we close this down.

Even the place is a secret, hehehe. It is not a known gallery, but a most friendly and very openminded place where the owners allowed me to changesome bits here and there according to the general theme of the Exhib – “Beyond the curtains”… and even helped me setting everything up !! (and just in case you guys haven’t noticed it, I totally had the time of my life this morning, hehehe)

If you’re able to find the place, which is hidden somewhere in some people’s profiles, don’t forget to play around with the other games available on the pond just in front of it.

To Dagmar Haiku for being so encouraging, my warmest thank you. To Manuel Ormidale and Paco Pooley, my appreciation and gratitude for letting me feel at home in your place.


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I’m a bit tired, but if I don’t write this right away I know it will join all the other posts I wanted to write and didn’t found the time to do it.

This FL week was not kind to me. More troubles with the IRS Tax guys because of the tax declarations I should have delivered together with my ex-partner. Since he only signed one of the two he had to, and very very recently, I had to pay around 7k euros to the Tax Services. And since he still refuses to reimburse me of the half of the house that we bought together, I even had to face the possibility of selling my own car, which is the only asset I own at the moment (yeaps, he also kept the furniture and all, call me an idiot, I really deserve it, lol).

But then, a old friend offered to borrow some of the money I needed. My darling Petros advanced some more. And even though I will have no Holidays or Christmas fees during the next 3 years or something, at least I hope this is another closed chapter.

Then, with all these things happening (wish it would just all stop once and for all) and my therapist suggesting that I need an urgent break in order to be able to face all these bad news… good things started happening 🙂

In SL, a recent but already very good friend of mine, Dagmar Haiku (who is the adorable tiny elephant fairy godmother in the picture below) encouraged me to take a step I always thought was too far from my poor technical photo skills. More on this one of these days, lol.

When angels turn their back on you

Then, in FL, this amazing colleague of mine dragged me to the theater and to a walk and meditation (while listening to flute and drums) in a nearby mountain – all in the same week! Here’s a small sneak-in of this last event.

Yes, time does fly whenever you’re doing things that fulfill you. And yes, there’s always a friendly hand grabbing yours in times of need.

Not only a bit tired, I feel exhausted and know that I will be in bed really soon. However, I also know that I will fall asleep with a smile on my lips, hope in my heart and very ready to face the two hard working weeks that I have ahead of me. So I raise my eyes to the one who’s keeping an eye on me and say “thank you, from the bottom of my heart – I really needed all this!”

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Wish there was a place I could complain about the day having a mere 24 hours that rush through us almost unoticed… And I know it seems I have been very very quiet lately.

But oh no, not really lol. In fact, I’ve been doing something that left me quite excited (and I’m not exactly talking about the two international meetings I will have to attend in the next couple of weeks due to my Fl work, LOL)-

Anyway, I thought I better post anything at all… even though there’s a somewhat long post about something that’s been bothering me lately yet to be published…

For the time being, I leave you with this latest look, my best wishes of a lovely weekend and the promise that you’ll be hearing a bit about my adventures in a short while !

Ah! Can you please do me a favour and take advantage of each and every lil moment of joy that crosses your path ? Many thanks !

Hair: \LoQ/ Leah – Cherry
Skin: Curio :GP: Petal Frex [Light] Beach-Coral 1
Necklace: *Just Me* Funny Bow Grey
Bangle: 37-bracelet-forearm(BK2+W)
Dress: !STC Bella Red 1 60L Weekend Special!
Shoes: Stiletto Moody Pinup (Black Patent Python)
Pose by [LAP]

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First time I looked at Rodriguez Munro’s flickr stream I just couldn’t keep my eyes away. He’s got this special ability to portraits which capture the essence of the person behind the avatar.

That is why I immediately offered myself to reveal a lil secret, only known to those who are closest to me. I am still fighting to be the rainbow I once was. I am still making an effort to actually do something and forcing myself to leave the bed each morning.

But I will get there. Even if for the moment, I’m just a fake sunshine.

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Sometimes, we see things that touch us and leave us speachless.

Discovered via Gerard Vlemmings’ blog, please enjoy Nuit Blanche by Arev Manoukian.

Nuit Blanche from Spy Films on Vimeo.

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I first met Rio Karlsvalt in Plurk early last year. 25 march 2009 we met in-world and I still remember his new-citizen shape and skin quite well and his amazement when we first visited Chouchou with Iris. He had rezzed February 13th so you see, a new born in this brand new world.

Time went by and the feeling I got is that we soon understood each other pretty well. Him being a real artist (and please go visit his flickr stream and look at his wonderful creations -and *coughs* if there’s a gallery owner out there in need of an original, well, you’ve found it, lol), I quickly understood his sensitive soul had its ups and downs and was easily touched and even easily hurt, for he tended to give all of himself spontaneously. Which, as we all know, is not the most wise attitude to keep in-world, lol.

On the other hand, I also feel he was fast in realising that I am mostly an hermit who enjoys spending my time in-world on my own,which is my way of dealing with a crowded busy professional First Life.

We had times that we spoke often and openly about most everything, then months went by without us sharing a single world. But the connection remained, and was kept alive.

I watched closely as he developped and matured as a person and as an artist, and was really honoured when he invited me to participate in one of his art projects. Since I am far from being a model, I had no patience to simply stay there while he shoot me some pictures, so I took advantage of him being busy and also did my own interpretation of the moment.

So here they are:

Me by him:

Summer W by Rio K

Him by me:

Rio K. by Summer W.

I am vain. Very vain and very proud of my beautiful avatar,I confess. Therefore, me by me, obviously:

Man... I feel like a woman !

Thank you for being a friend, and for putting up with my “go away” moments, dear Rio. Most of all, now that we know each other a bit more, thank you for being… authentic!

*Some of you know it, not sure he does, though – but Rio is the portuguese name for River, and a name that fits him well, I think.

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At first, there is nothing but a faint sensation of daylight. Which I totally and inconsciently ignore by keeping my eyes firmly closed. I couldn’t care less if it’s already a new day or yet the night before.

Then, bit by bit, I become conscious of some sounds. It is raining and drops beat softly on my window. The sound is almost imperceptible, but somehow it grows little by little inside my head.

There’s when I realise that I am actually having some thoughts already. Somehow, they succeeded in introducing themselves into my sleepy brain cells. Often they start by fighting each other, most of them grumbling “hush, let me sleep for some more time”, others already telling me I have to do this and that. Without my consent, these last ones start to win the battle, and suddenly I know that I am almost awake now, planning my day, choosing from where to start and what to do next, prioritising… and in days like today, feeling very very happy that I’m alone at home, after so many days with a thousand of people around.

Before I know it, my eyes are wide open. I enjoy the softness of my blankets and the warm in my nest. I know I have a whole day ahead of me to do exactly what I want to, in each and every minute of it. Also know that tomorrow I will be back to responsibilities and obligations, and end some tasks that I had to postpone due to other urgent matters needing my whole attention.

Tomorrow, though. Not today. For the time being, I am just ready to make a cup of tea and start having fun. And suddenly it looks like I can’t wait for another second, I don’t want to waste any more time sleeping and impaciently I abandon my bed and head to the kitchen.

Now, I am fully awake. Gooood morning, rainy Sunday, I’m totally in love with you!

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