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This mixed outfit was what I intended to wear for the post entitled “Eco-hippie-chic thingie” below:


But you know what ? The minute I put on the shorts, I felt like freezing to death, hehehe. I know there are much colder places than Lisbon at this time of year, but oh goddess, it IS freezing in here, lol.

Then, I chose the turtled-neck sweater and the jeans, boots on my feet, and immediately felt comfortable and at ease. Somehow, however, the thought of what I had done and felt lingered on my mind all through these days. I know, maybe it doesn’t make much sense. But no doubt, when I’m feeling cold I am incapable of wandering around in-world as if it was Summer all year long. I should however, shouldn’t I ? But I can’t. And now that I already tried to made my point I am hurrying back home and sit by the fireplace… maybe with my pyjamas and my slippers on, hehehe

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Xmas songs

I am a total fan of Xmas, always have been for as long as I can remember myself. These last two years, though, I have to admit it was a bit hard to pretend that I was actually enjoying myself. This year, I feel I am recovering back. Because I lost all my Xmas decorations for the shitty guy, I have to buy it all again this year. But then again, it’s a chance of having a whole new set of Xmas thingies and ooooh boy, I have been marvelled at what I’ve seen !

All this of course means that I will probably be writing a lot about it until the 24th December hehehe. But today, what I fell like sharing is a couple of Xmas songs.

Along with all the season, I absolutely love Xmas tunes. From the classical ones to those that for one reason or another entered my soul at a given moment. At home, I already started to listen to my old CDs, hehehe. But there are some I have to keep on this memory album.

And to start with, a short trip to my careless youth:

Last Christmas – Wham

And it wouldn’t be fair not to post THIS!

Do they know it’s Christmas ? – Live Aid
A song that always, always, always makes me cry and smile.

But that’s exactly what Xmas spirit is all about – crying and smiling at the same time.

UPDATE – Oh darn, I simply can’t resist going some years further and listen to this GENIAL version:

Christmas is all around – Billy Mack
From one of my all time favourite movies, Love Actually.

UPDATE 2 – Somebody please stop me ! Oh well, since no one come, here goes another one I found trully exhilarating 😀

All I want for Christmas is You – Mariah Carey, a version specially dedicated to all Johnny Depp fans (yaaaaaay!)
Uhhh… useless to say who I want for Xmas, right ? AHAHAHAH!!

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Eco-hippie-chic thingie

This is what I was talking about on the post below. Not too sure which of my neighbours is more to blame on it but one of them it is, for sure !!


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I think I will definitely enjoy this eco-hippie-chic way of life that I am heading to, hehehe. Suddenly all the things I see around me seem to point that way. Even music. Yeah, for I am so sure that the guys on the radio put this on only for me earlier this morning. And I couldn’t wait to share it with you all, who enjoy a certain bohemian…

The Dandy Warhols – Bohemian like you (uncensored video – watch out!!)

Have fun ! We’re just two days away from a long weekend – and me personally for a whole week and half of holidays. Freezing as hell outside but oh boy, I am looking forward for these days that are so close now !! Weeeeeee!

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Busy evenings

There are evenings like these. So many things to do that one doesn’t know exactly where to start from.

*me sighs and looks at her todo list:

– finish article for FreeLife Magazine that was due yesterday
– treat pictures for article and send everything
– change into eco clothings *winks
– take pictures
– treat other pictures
– finish power point presentation and send it away

uff… is it possible that I am totally unable to be quiet ??

Then again, on the bright side of life – I can do all those things and others as well ahahah

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Lately I’ve been re-discovering some of my deepest pleasures of my earlier days in-worlds. I’ve been exploring some new places and I went back to some of my favorites as well. Today, I returned to Inspire Space Park. It’s a place that always fills me with peace and serenity. The never ending chit chat doesn’t disturb at all and is often amusing.

And here and there one may find some unusual images that warm up your soul… such as this one:

Felines at sleep

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Free lessons

If any of you ladies don’t know how to place bangs properly…


or how to stretcht your hair…


…I am available to explain to you – for free!! Believe me a solution exists at reach of your hand, there is no need to hang out like this!

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Sable no more

Yesterday, we said goodbye to South Sable Shores. It seems that lately this is all I do, saying goodbye to places where I once was so happy.


Now, the time has come to connect to new places. Petros and me, we came to the conclusion that the important things are those we keep in our hearts. Beautiful places can be built wherever we decide to settle but memories and feelings are to be carried inside of us. Thus… we took our luggages and step after step we are moving on. The future is today, and it is up to us to draw it as best as we are able to.

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fromLinden Lab – Support
dateFri, Nov 21, 2008 at 2:55 AM

Hello! I have completed your island transfer request. Your account has been billed the island transfer fee.
Molly Linden

To the new owners of Portucalis, M2life Paravane and Marga Ferrer, my warmest and best wishes !

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Are you online?

During the whole period where I was close to the music scene in-world, I had a long list of contacts. REALLY long. People kept offering me friendship in concerts and parties, and I accepted them all. It was very useful, since I was graduating as a professional spammer and most of the days needed to annoy everyone inviting them over to orangelife Holmer’s gigs.

Time went by and slowly but firmly I feel my steps leading me back to who I am. And who is that ? Oh, surely someone who would like to have an impact and help making the world a different place. In FL, thanks to my job, I believe I achieve that once in a while – at least I think I contribute actively, even if at an almost insignificant level, to draw attention of European health authorities to a number of issues.

In-world, I rather make a difference at personal level. I like to share my own experience and my brains to help people finding themselves and assuming their inner wishes. I know myself how hard it is sometimes to find a path of our own, and how useful it is to have someone listening to us whenever we just need to think out loud. Each one of us has to look for his/her own solutions, those that really makes us happy – and this is not an easy task, with the tribes around constantly trying to force you going the way they want.

Humm… and all of this, why ? Well, simply because I finally cleaned-up my contact list. I got rid of all the spammers and people I couldn’t remember who they were (sorry guys but you see, I seldom attend any social events now). I kept some names on it – those who still mean something. After the clean-up, I removed the ability of being seen online to most of them. Of course, this is mostly an illusion of privacy, since you can always check if someone is online just by going to groups you know the person is in, or by looking at his/her statuts on the edit/search/people menu.

Anyway. I feel that being able of easily checking whether someone is online is a privilege and should be kept only to those with whom one keeps an active relationship. You know what I mean – those few we speak almost everyday ? The ones you open your heart to ? That handful of people that you know are there for you ? Those you can actually feel how they are doing from the third written line? Exactly, those are the ones.

I am still available to speak with anyone that knocks on my door, most of the time. I will reply every IM – as I always did. However, the objective importance of the subject that brings them to me will dictate the speed of the answer. I know by know that most of the issues find their own solution if you simply don’t interfere.

You see… I had a time when I had so little to myself, a time where I belonged totally to others. Where my evenings where spent running from one side to the other, solving an issue here, attending a party there, supporting someone elsewhere.

Now, I became selfish. My time in-world, is just my time. I will share it with those that I choose. This is the time where I am just me, not the person others would want me to be. To fulfill my dreams and fantasies’, not anyone else’s. Thus, if you don’t see me online and you wish to share something fun, feel free to knock on my door. Now, if you don’t see me online and need to tell me all about your worries and concerns; or if you just want to rant about something or someone; or even if you just want to pretend that you are concerned… don’t bother, hum ? There are currently about 70.000 users online most of the time – I am sure there are plenty of kind souls just waiting to listen to you. I am not one.

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