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It looks like Alice has left Wonderland for a while a decided to pay me a short visit these days. For one, there is this new Tim Burton movie with my fave actor Johnny Depp which I will surely not miss. Then, my dear friend anjali Insoo who had visited Never Never spotted this very cute outfit at BareRose and thought I might like it (I am trying hard to keep the sim away from the Alice theme, but it keeps coming back over and over, what can I do? lol). She was awfully kind and offered it to me… and you know what ? She was SO right, lol! I totally loved it and spent hours deciding on how to show it, since it not only comes in two colours (purple and red), it also has all sorts of layer options and both a skirt and short pants versions.

I finally decided on the purple skirt ensemble, and there you go… only I also had this lovely hair to show off and the rabbit told me he would keep my hat so I trusted him. Hmmm – hope he won’t flee away with it, hehehe.

Finally, before I forget, I am again wearing one of Tyranny Designs‘ amazing skins. My current favourites, and yet so many options lacking in my inventory, lol. But I haven’t lost faith and know that bit by bit all the fatpacks will be MINE!

Note: anji, I hope you have the outfit as well, ‘cuz I still want to shot that picture of both of us!

Fashion details:
Hair: [OH]::: (o_x)::: oh my ramen
Skin: .::Tyranny Designs:: Dinah in Fall – Toast -umbra –
Outfit (all included): ::: B@R ::: Lady Hatter (I am not wearing the hat, and the outfit also includes a short pants version)
Shoes: Stiletto Moody Pinup (Black Patent Python)
Pose: [LAP]

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Inspired on the original idea based on First life events, Trace Osterham – a wonderful inworld designer and photographer – decided to launch a similar project for Second Life residents. And the Two Three Six Five was born, which aims at telling short stories and experiences of 365 avatars in the metaverse.

I have to admit that I am really excited at start reading the result. I am sure this will be a blast and the project a major success. Can you just imagine having so many different perspectives in just one place ? Reading about funny lil situations, major romances or achievements? Second Life is such a rich environment that I can barely wonder on the diversity of the stories that can be told.

So here’s a challenge. Come and join, bring your own short story and make us laugh, smile, think or even cry if you want to. Check the guidelines and block a date for you. I can’t wait to read your story!

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I know every SL blogger has been speaking about this today. The 2.0 SL client is all over in the SLogosphere, in plurk and everwhere else, I would say. I still have a lot to consolidate about it, but my first impressions as a basic user is… I LIKE IT!

I probably am sick, but immediately thought about all the links my babe wants to show me all the time and pictured a scene quite similar to the ones below. Having the net inside SL, for both of us who each day have to sleep apart is no doubt another way of connecting our minds and souls – even when this means that I am farming while the other half of the sofa is fighting against rival tribes, LOL!

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I went back to Cacariou and found another spot that caught my attention. As usual I uploaded it to Picnik, played a bit around with the effects and published it on my Flickr stream as soon as I was happy with the result. This is a great evening therapy that I recommend everyone: do something that pleases your soul each day before going to bed and sleep. You will see it is so much efficient than any sleeping pill, hehehe.

Anyway… as my eyes closed, my mind flippered a bit. I had included the image in a Flickr group called “Sl Art”. Not because I labelled my picture as “artistic” – I rather consider myself a reporter who aims at drawing people’s attention to interesting facts or creations – but obviously because the installation itself is a work of art by Vive VooM.

But then, you see… a photographer in First Life keeps his/her eyes wide open and does his/her best to catch a moment in time. Something that most probably will never repeat itself again. In the atomic world, he or she would only a few seconds tochoose the right angle and light, be fast on the camera trigger and shoot what afterwards will become itself a unique work – it is the whole of these skills and hard work that makes of them true artists as well. Even if we think of a studio photographer trying to shoot the perfect image of a model, we have to recognise abilities and effort put together in choosing the right timing, the best expression and pose, the most suitable post-editing.

And this is where I suddenly choke at what I have been doing. As I wrote already, my first aim when I take those pictures is to communicate and spread the word about those creations that make me drool. But. I couldn’t help feeling that maybe I was also cannibalising their work. I mean, for some minutes I wandered whether I could possibly be taken credits that are not actually mine. Because all I do is…capturing someone’s else work.

Of course I try to show them at the best possible light. I enjoy playing with colours, which often create an environment that is quite different from the default one that people will find upon arrival at that specific place. However, it is not like I have created something. The only merit I trully may deserve comes from the pictures taken in places that I have built myself, which is something I don’t do that often, lol.

Unlike First Life photographers, I had all the time in the world to choose amongt 50 different windlight pre-settings and as many angles as I want, for the scene before my eyes was not to change in the next couple of days… weeks ? 😉 You see, the fishes in this image are not swimming anywhere, lol. They will remain at the same place and be visible for anyone who will visit Cariacou up to the moment their creator decides to replace them by something else. So… in fact, not only there is nothing in that image that is a creation of mine – I am in fact taking advantage of someone’s else work.

So indeed… am I helping these creators in anyway? Or am I simply cannibalising their efforts and taking credits for a final result that is mostly due to their amazing creativity and know-how?

* Couldn’t help making my lil joke around that dreadful song, sorry about that, LOL

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I picked up this outfit last Friday during my 50 L$ Friday tour. The first time I tried it on, I realised the glitch pants were missing and so I sent ou a notecard to Keiko Morigi, owner of &Bean, drawing her attention to this flaw. I received today another packet with the full dress now and immediately felt this was a perfect dress for a Sunday stroll.

So here it goes, the cute ‘I Love Vanity and she was never a gimp’ – from a store which I will deffinitely explore further.

Fashion details:
Hair: [ Love Soul ] Hair*033-A*Auburn
Skin: .::Tyranny Designs:: Dinah in Fall -Toast- Radio- w/light nostril-no ban
Earrings: (Dahlinks) BoHo Earring – Gun Metal
Dress: &Bean – I Love Vanity and she was never a gimp
Gloves: .+*AA*+. Knit gloves
Socks: (5th&Oxford) Fair Isle Socks – Cherry
Boots: *Kookie* Armarda boot – Neutral

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There you go. Things often fall on your lap exactly when you needed it. I was searching for something to feed my soul and just discovered ~The TheatRe of the Absurd~, an amazing Flickr Stream that made me drool.

For those who enjoy a bit of abstract and wild dreams placed right in the middle of your eyes and dreams, it’s totally a must see!

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Second Life often seems to push us over the edge. I mean, as if we couldn’t stop wanting more and more… of just about anything.

This evening, I wanted to see something… different. I looked for places that were not beaches nor mountains, neither forests or deserts.

This evening, I was hungry – and I found Cariacou.

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