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My favourites

Once in a while I like to dress a bit classy. And no, nothing to do with gowns… which I only remind using when I was a hostess at Sweethearts, lol. I am usually to lazy to dress up, that is the truth. Sometimes, though, I am lucky and somehow the things that I digg up in my inventory seems to match really nicely.

As it was the case today – with some of my favourites from Sn@tch, Lamb and Curio *smiles

Feeling classy

Skin: :Curio: :GP: Petal FREX [Dark] April-Redbud 1
Eyes: *YourSkin* – EyeReal_brownut
Hair: !lamb. Stargaze – Mango
Outfit: :::Sn@tch Le Jazz Hot:::
Tattoo: **BE**FlutterMe Tat
Flats: Deviant Designs, Black Keys Flats

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It’s not a big secret I’ve been a fan of Ivey Deschanel’s work (Sn@tch) for quite sometime now. Her provocative style appeals to that not-so-mainstream part of me and often make me smile, and those are the main reasons I have joined her subscrthingie group some months ago – ah! that and, obviously, the delicious notecards she sends out every week together with notices of her new releases. That is the way I usually start my saturday mornings, reading Ivey’s notecards with my first cup of tea on hand and enjoying her funny enthusiastic commited words.

When I heard of a Sn@tch VIP Group, I decided to join in, even though that implied leaving yet another SL group – and I am glad I did it, for I quickly understood this would not be just a group to receive some gifties here and there. The first material proof is the picture here under:


What is the pointof all this? Well, be patient and go through Ivey’s words, which I quote right away. I am not changing a single word of hers, for they translate my own feelings – both as a mother and as a SL resident – about the subject:

“I’m the first one in line to protest the plans of Second Life and the Lindens to restrict the search of certain chosen keywords from supposedly non verified avatars. While I understand that children will make their way into the adult grid without the consent or even knowlegdge of their parents and I’ve had first hand experience with this, I don’t believe it is Linden Labs’ job or responsibility to police adult content. Sending all adult content to a separate mainland smacks of segregation, censorship and inequality and will unfairly punish certain content creators, club and mall owners and residents. The adult verification system itself is flawed and easy to manipulate, even for very young children.

This is my opinion and that being said…The fact that certain words will be banned from your search without this flawed verification process is in itself ridiculous. Words do not damage, they are not evil or bad. Even though some words are banned, others will take their place to get the same points across. If we censor now, it leaves the door wide open to censor ANYTHING that any individual deems distasteful or rude. Is that what we want SL to be?

This outfit, though simple, is a statement from me and I hope from a lot of you when you wear it. I ask that you please don’t wear it in PG areas. I do have respect for people who want areas where they can be away from mature content, but I hope you will wear it and I hope it makes people think because after all…they are only words.


PS: Ohhh and welcome to the Sn@tch VIP group! -hugss-“

There – so my advise is: go ahead and join the group!! Easy to do, just look for Sn@tch VIP under Edit/Search/Groups. Take the outfit and wear it as much as you can! At the end of the day, it will probably make as much difference as the previous protests against other LL measures, but anyway… we only have to loose if we don’t even try, right ?

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Sorry, I’m in a hurry. But I thought this picture turned out good so I couldn’t wait to post it, LOL.


Only two pieces of advise come with it:

a) Join the Sn@tch group – every week there’s amazing gifts in the store, some of them for everyone, others are group-only. This amazing ballerina outfit came entirely for free, and isn’t it simply awesome ?
b) Go to Chouchou. You have to, if you never went there before! And shoot as many pictures as you’re able to, hehehe

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@ Sn@tch


Ivey Deschanel from Sn@tch has designed hairs! Her first creation was two amazing sets of dreads available in several colours (score for a starter, hehehe), each package including several options that allows us to create different styles with the very same product – something I had never noticed before in SL hairs.

In the picture, I am wearing :::Sn@tch Dreaded Ponies (Red)::: with just the base hair, back pony and V bangs. However, you can wear only the hair base, or combine it either with the Bettie Bangs (short and staight cut), the Dread Ponies (two dread ponies on top of one’s head) or the Dread Puff (updo dreads on top of your head).

If you didn’t drop by the new Sn@tch main store yet, do so. Quite an improvement, when comparing with the old one. Items are now organised in different nicely identified rooms, with a spacious lay-out that allows customers to take their time looking at the items. One of the things that often prevented me from visiting the store for longer periods was exactly the cluttered dark atmosphere and although I understand it went along the general style of most of the outfits, I have to admit this new store fits my own personal taste a bunch more !

Being there reminded me that I have so many Sn@tch outfits in so many different styles – and since I am not feeling that punk lately, I digged into my closet and fond this elegant Starlett ensemble.

Full details:
Hair: :::Sn@tch Dreaded Ponies (Red):::
Skin: M&R Cupcakes – Gemini (Brandy – Cat Eyes – Freckles)
Outfit: :::Sn@tch Starlet:::
Tattoo: :::Sn@tch Badass Tatt:::
Shoes: Style Starts Here! Heels – DANGEROUS Texture and Tint Changing Heels

Happy shopping!

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