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As I have written and told many many times, I am not an artist. I simply enjoy putting together beautiful things and create environments. If ever you visit Never Never, you will know very fast what I mean, lol.

But I have a very persistent friend who teased me until I said ok, let’s make an exhibition. Anyway, I am one of those who enjoys experimenting a variety of things at least once in a lifetime (and yes, this will probably be my first and last experience of the kind, promise I won’t torture you, hehehehe).

So here it is. My secret exhibition, because I am unable to deal with more than three people at the same time and place. There is not going to be any launch party nor any kind of gathering. I just placed a handful of very simple original pictures who haven’t been published anywhere – they will only be on my flickrs stream at the end of June, once we close this down.

Even the place is a secret, hehehe. It is not a known gallery, but a most friendly and very openminded place where the owners allowed me to changesome bits here and there according to the general theme of the Exhib – “Beyond the curtains”… and even helped me setting everything up !! (and just in case you guys haven’t noticed it, I totally had the time of my life this morning, hehehe)

If you’re able to find the place, which is hidden somewhere in some people’s profiles, don’t forget to play around with the other games available on the pond just in front of it.

To Dagmar Haiku for being so encouraging, my warmest thank you. To Manuel Ormidale and Paco Pooley, my appreciation and gratitude for letting me feel at home in your place.

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First time I looked at Rodriguez Munro’s flickr stream I just couldn’t keep my eyes away. He’s got this special ability to portraits which capture the essence of the person behind the avatar.

That is why I immediately offered myself to reveal a lil secret, only known to those who are closest to me. I am still fighting to be the rainbow I once was. I am still making an effort to actually do something and forcing myself to leave the bed each morning.

But I will get there. Even if for the moment, I’m just a fake sunshine.

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Sometimes, we see things that touch us and leave us speachless.

Discovered via Gerard Vlemmings’ blog, please enjoy Nuit Blanche by Arev Manoukian.

Nuit Blanche from Spy Films on Vimeo.

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Ever since I first heard about Melt – an installation on thin ice I have been waiting for the place to be available and jump in. Have to admit that I spent a lot of time yesterday trying to tp there, but unfortunately I was not lucky enough and no parcel was to be found until I finally gave up.

As I woke up today, Melt was my first thought. So I took the chance that the household was still sound asleep and was absolutely delighted as I found myself there just upon my first trial. I will let Radio Signals, the mind behind the whole project speak about it… for no doubt her words are far more appropriate than mine:

“Artists absorb the world around them. Their environments, that which they can feel and touch and see – and that which they can’t. Sometimes that which they can only dream of. They absorb it and translate it into a language that affects us all in some way.

This project is a study of translations. I presented 25 artists within Second Life with a concept of creating art with these words in mind: Drowning. Melting. Polar bears. Arctic. Culpability. Corporate greed. Inevitability. Extinction.

What they have done is breathtaking and beyond any realm of my expectations.

Welcome to Melt – Please explore and involve yourself in this temporary world created here. Interact with it, wear it, enjoy it and immerse yourself in it.

Melt is only open March 6 – March 21, Please feel free to share your experience by adding your snapshots to the Mirror Installations Flickr group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/meltinstallations/

Thank you
Radio Signals”

As for me, I will let images speak – simple photoshootings I took of this venture that gathers some of the best artists and designers in-world. Be prepared to spend some of your lindens as well, therefore do not forget your wallet at home!

Melting bears

One with the sea

One with the sea II

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There you go. Things often fall on your lap exactly when you needed it. I was searching for something to feed my soul and just discovered ~The TheatRe of the Absurd~, an amazing Flickr Stream that made me drool.

For those who enjoy a bit of abstract and wild dreams placed right in the middle of your eyes and dreams, it’s totally a must see!

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Second Life often seems to push us over the edge. I mean, as if we couldn’t stop wanting more and more… of just about anything.

This evening, I wanted to see something… different. I looked for places that were not beaches nor mountains, neither forests or deserts.

This evening, I was hungry – and I found Cariacou.

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Last week, during my working travel to Brussels with a colleague, I found myself trying to explain him what was Second Life all about. Last time I had done that, I remember babbling something about “leasure time”, “entertainment” and “having fun”. Time went by, though and last year I began watching Second Life with different eyes. And these days, the more I explore and discover, the more I think that SL is a privileged platform for artists.

I know Linden Lab strives that SL becomes a corporate-oriented platform and does their best to develop the metaverse in order to fulfill the virtual needs of First Life Business. However, I don’t really think that is how residents are taking it. In fact, I look at some sims and I cannot help thinking that the in-world allows us all… to play God himself.

Then, I bump into places like Immersiva and my hearts misses a throbe. For true. Because in places like this it is impossible not to feel that here is where you find the ultimate expression of the art. Does anyone doubt that a sim may include all possible ways of expression? It can put together the traditional arts with new multimedia techniques, which ultimately opens up infinite possibilities as far as creation is concerned.

Oh, most of the time one may not even be able to aprehend what the artist tried to communicate. Other times we may disagree with the main message of the site. One thing for sure, it is quite impossible to remain indifferent. More than that, looking at art in-world inevitably changes the way we look at and interpret art in general. Have you been to an exhibition lately ? Didn’t you suddenly felt that just maybe the artist could have expressed him/herself more completely should he/she be able to build a gallery more suitable to their work? If only he/she had been able to draw the sky above and the soil below your feet, together with every piece that is in place ? Ah yes, an amazing painting will always delight our soul and an expressive sculpture will always speak with our heart… but don’t you just feel that pieces of art need to be included in an environment that is able to optimize their message and that help us, mere voyeurs, understand their meaning?

You may find places like Immersiva arid and naked, empty of emotion. But at the same time, have you noticed that the place is filled with life ? Yes, maybe a different kind of life, but surely Miss Bryn Oh’s vision of it! From a personal point of view, I tend to connect more easily to nature-landscaped sims. BUT.

It’s a challenge beyond words to try to understand a mind so diverse and so rich that conceives such a unique universe. Thanks to Second Life, that is no longer a role only for immaterial beings that we worship – it is something at the grasp of our own hands… only thing we have to do is to stop thinking in terms of what we know, let our mind wander… and dare exposing before others’ eyes the visions of our souls.

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