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I picked up this outfit last Friday during my 50 L$ Friday tour. The first time I tried it on, I realised the glitch pants were missing and so I sent ou a notecard to Keiko Morigi, owner of &Bean, drawing her attention to this flaw. I received today another packet with the full dress now and immediately felt this was a perfect dress for a Sunday stroll.

So here it goes, the cute ‘I Love Vanity and she was never a gimp’ – from a store which I will deffinitely explore further.

Fashion details:
Hair: [ Love Soul ] Hair*033-A*Auburn
Skin: .::Tyranny Designs:: Dinah in Fall -Toast- Radio- w/light nostril-no ban
Earrings: (Dahlinks) BoHo Earring – Gun Metal
Dress: &Bean – I Love Vanity and she was never a gimp
Gloves: .+*AA*+. Knit gloves
Socks: (5th&Oxford) Fair Isle Socks – Cherry
Boots: *Kookie* Armarda boot – Neutral

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New boots!

It’s a widely known fact that women have this particular relationship with their feet… or should I say bluntly with… shoes ? LOL. In FL last month I lost my head with two pair of boots, even though one of them were not exactly something I really needed to have at that point, lol. But simply couldn’t resist it *sighs

Barely a week after this last event, I confront myself in SL with a very similar one. Kookie has just release the most amazing boots I have seen in-world so far (mmm… didn’t I already wrote this before in another post? hehehehe). Well, this time I am telling you guys the truth! (again… *winks).

Now, you HAVE to check this out!And if you are wondering why I am only showing their ad display in the store… well, it’s jsut because 500L$ for a pair of shoes really does sound a bit too excessive. Can we please have a sale right away, Miss Lemon ? hehehehe

PS – Btw, just in case you haven’t visited the Cheesecake sim recently, well, that’s a must visit, I would say. They went through some remodelling latetly and a few mainstores gained some space for new items, hehehe. Totally worth to have a look!

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I believe I had mentioned the Fifty Linden Fridays in here already – yes, I could check it but I’m sort in a hurry to go to work, lol.

I think I started doing the Friday Shopping almost from the start, when the first shops joined to put up this awesome initiative and I soon noticed this gathered a lot of my own faves. Since then, I have to confess that the first thing I do on Fridays whenever I get to work is loggin and spend some cash, hehehe

Yesterday, even though I didn’t buy the Fishy Strawberry 50L$ item, I totally fell for this jeans and top, and I couldn’t resist wearing them at once. That’s a store totally worth visiting and shopping, it gathers so many styles that’s quite impossible for you not to find something that you will like.

Fashion details:
Skin:.::>>CI<<::. (Corrupted Innocence) Eva Skin
Hair: fri.day Tatum
Outfit: *Fishy Strawberry* Equinox Jeans with Poisonous Lotus Top
Bangles: Style Starts Here
Boots: *Kookie* Pomski Coffee Candy Boots
Pose: VOGA
Shot at: Innu

… while shopping after these bargain items I looked around and was again pretty amazed at some avatars who were also doing the friday Tour. Which gave me an idea that I hope I'll have the chance to materialise. *winks

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