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I haven’t write much, lately. For all that matters, I haven’t speak much as well, lol. One of those stages, you know, when all you need is to be quiet and enjoy the peace around you, absorb what happens with and around you and keep… still.

Because me in first life equals me in second life, the same feeling applies when I am in-world. Just to make things clear, I am not trying to avoid you. I just am feeling comfortable on my own, that is all.

Today, however, I knew I had to share this place where I suddenly found myself while exploring the wilderness out there *smiles*. I am not going to describe it, because – again – the place touched me deep and i do not feel like sharing that much, hehehe. The pictures I shot there will speak for myself. The only thing you need to know is that you’ll find both light and darness at [XIV]. Most images below are from the dark side… hope you feel inspired to capture the light 😉 Enjoy !

XIV - Entrance

XIV - Time & Music

XIV - Time & Books

XIV - Dark Side

XIV - Darkness me

XIV - Lightness me

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Shot at Delicatessen

Shot at Delicatessen

Amazing dress by Miel. If you haven’t visit this store yet, you better ruuuun !

Picture shot at the lovely Delicatessen, in Porto Island.

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siestabril Nitely, the sorcerer, at work

siestabril Nitely at work

Tranquil light

Tranquil light

Lilac peace

Lilac peace

Magical polaroid

Magical polaroid

When images speak by themselves, there is no use adding any further words. However, there is one I have to place here: Embryo.

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…have you ever been in Tigerclaw ? Oh, you haven’t ? Mmm… *secret smile*

Well, if the plaque near the tp point is correct, the place exists since year 2003 – which is at least a proof of longevity and stability, in an environment that changes everyday. The description says it is a battle city and in fact, the whole ambience is that of an rp place.

Guess that would be enough for rp lovers to jump there – but if you are not one, and even you LOVE amazing things… well, you SHOULD go there!

Ah, and while you enjoy your walk, don’t forget to collect the small beige and brown boxes you will find scattered all around. No, they are not to throw away – because in fact they contain the greatest crazyest alternative freebies I have seen in many, many time (and you know I’ve been doing a lot of hunts lately, therefore please give me at least the benefit of doubt, ok ?).

Guess I can start by a bit of fashion. The awesome boots below, as well as both jackets and the belt (oh gosh, that belt is simply something out of any world, hehehe) are given as… yes, I am going to repeat the word again – FREEBIES !


And now that I have noticed the gentlement raising their eyebrows and saying something like “oh nooo, here we go again!” you might want to take a look at the special store wich is clearly identified as FREEBIE HOUSE – and have a blast with the houses and gagdets pictured down here. YES, all those lunatic awesome houses are gifts. As the bycicles as well and some airboards, robot hands etc that only Piu keeps in his inventory (though they are really cool, my ability as a driver in world is not something I am particularly proud of, lol).


And the houses, OMFG!! They are funny, totally different from anything I saw before and with menus allowing to change colours of inner windows, floors, etc. And the funniest of them all, in pink and blue, with bunniez and teddiez – you really HAVE to try them and check all the surprises they carry inside.


Right. NOW I deffinitely need a whole sim to play, hehehehe

PS: Sandy, je suis particulièrement sûre que tu aimeras bien cette place ! ❤

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The amazing flower and korn fields at Aught (a place where I find myself over and over again, looks like I cannot have enough of it, gosh!)…


made me curious about Alir Flow’s work, so I headed to her mainstore – The Alirium Gardens. I wasn’t disappointed by the quality of what I saw there, quite the opposite. Came to discover her plants are used in many of my favourite places and gosh… only wish she wasn’t selling her golden korn at 1000L$ the copy pack!


Lucky me, enjoying the place doesn’t cost a bit, so I wandered around for almost an entire afternoon, each step I took leading me to landscapes where my eyes delighted and my sould found peace. Besides the whole garden, there’s some small shops where Alir and some of their friends sell their items. In case you feel like visiting the place, you absolutely have to make a break at the Fall into decay clothing store, by the bookshelf… and then another at the art gallery!


Definitely, a place to go back.

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One of these hunts we’ve been doing in-world led us unexpectadly to Scribble. At first, it was the funny things at the Home of Sanu store that caught our eyes…


Then, we had a look outside, and before we knew it, we had climbed up the tree – which often happens to us anyway, hehehehe…


From up there we had no problems sighting the cats having their japanese favourite meal..


They were the ones pointing us a quiet spot down at the beach…


Wondering over the soft waves, we became aware of this huge dark building. Curiousity grew stronger than lazyness and we headed there. The travel seemed to last for hours. What had seemed to be a near place revealed itself a huge commercial complex at the end of a long hard walking path. The midday sun shined bright and harsh, the day turned so hot I had to jump on the first bath tube I found…


Feeling freshened up and ready for some more emotions, I followed Petros out – only to immediately fall in love with… Scribble mannequins !


A closer look revealed they were everywhere in the place ! In each corner I laid my eyes on, I spoted one, then another. Each an individual personality, each a different feeling…


I was so much in shock and awe looking at them that I only realized we had become mannequins ourselves when it was already far too late to scream for help…


A spell had been cast upon us. We became still mannequins on a window sill, doomed to look at those other human beings coming and going as they please. Will we ever be able to escape from this frozen reality and catch hold of our lives again ?

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I found this group on Flickr and thought it would be funny to send a picture once in a while. And because I was so happy with one of the latest releases from Maria Gherardi, today was my first:

Picture shoot at Zero Style

AO: Pixel Dolls, (The New Zero) I mean business with cigarette holder
Hair: Curio – Gertrude (copper)
Top: !STC Valentine Gift Red Hot
Bra: Pixel Dolls, Love Lace ❤ Chemise (ivory)
Shorts: [MG Fashion] Jersey Girl (burgundy)
Socks: [MG Fashion] Knitted Socks (deep red)
Shoes: Style Starts Here, Style! Couture Ankle Boots (red w/o text)
Jewelry: Kiwi Gift Box 07.09.2008

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It’s called Unintended Water. Me and Petros were there briefly and the place seems to be filled with wonderful surprises. A full review to come out – but for the time being I didn’t want to loose this image:


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January 31st. A date to keep in mind. A really special moment, listening to his powerful expressive voice and amazing choice of songs. At this really friendly place called the Wild Rover where I’ve found myself spending more than one off morning already !


Besides the songs themselves, HammerFla is an excellent communicator. He doesn’t limit his shows to singing, he actually interacts with the audience. Instead of standing on the stage, he wears a mobile micro and dances around with all of us while singing.

He even danced on the counter. Oh myyyy, he even danced with Me and thanked out loud at the end of it, how often does it happen?! *laughs* (gosh, why is it that I always forget to take pictures ?). I particularly enjoyed an original song about long distance love. Amazing lyrics and a very strong melody – I am trying to have them so I can post them for you to read, I am so sure you will like it as much as I did!! Unfortunately, they are not published anywhere, so I have to keep bothering him and begging for them, lolol.

Here and there, I sometimes listen to people say they get bored in-world. And everytime I wonder why is that, with so many things out there – people, places, activities – yet to be discovered…

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Petros’ read in ikas peek-a-boo about Macbeth Island. I’ll prevent from repeating Ika Cioc’s detailed description and insights – go and read her blog instead!

It was all her fault anyway, that we went for a stroll there and found the island is everything she tells us… a place with a unique feeling.

My favourite corners ? The place where the dark castle suddenly gives place to a green and pink coloured gardened corridor…


… that slowly transforms itself into a gloomy somber place, where hands try to release themselves from the columns to grab you and the floor screams words of pain to your ears…


And also the west point – where it is impossible to avoid this feeling of emptiness and desolation…


Don’t forget to pick up the different books you will find along the way. They deliver precious hints on interactive activities and memorable excerts of the Play itself. Surely a place you will not want to miss !

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