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Wish there was a place I could complain about the day having a mere 24 hours that rush through us almost unoticed… And I know it seems I have been very very quiet lately.

But oh no, not really lol. In fact, I’ve been doing something that left me quite excited (and I’m not exactly talking about the two international meetings I will have to attend in the next couple of weeks due to my Fl work, LOL)-

Anyway, I thought I better post anything at all… even though there’s a somewhat long post about something that’s been bothering me lately yet to be published…

For the time being, I leave you with this latest look, my best wishes of a lovely weekend and the promise that you’ll be hearing a bit about my adventures in a short while !

Ah! Can you please do me a favour and take advantage of each and every lil moment of joy that crosses your path ? Many thanks !

Hair: \LoQ/ Leah – Cherry
Skin: Curio :GP: Petal Frex [Light] Beach-Coral 1
Necklace: *Just Me* Funny Bow Grey
Bangle: 37-bracelet-forearm(BK2+W)
Dress: !STC Bella Red 1 60L Weekend Special!
Shoes: Stiletto Moody Pinup (Black Patent Python)
Pose by [LAP]

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First time I looked at Rodriguez Munro’s flickr stream I just couldn’t keep my eyes away. He’s got this special ability to portraits which capture the essence of the person behind the avatar.

That is why I immediately offered myself to reveal a lil secret, only known to those who are closest to me. I am still fighting to be the rainbow I once was. I am still making an effort to actually do something and forcing myself to leave the bed each morning.

But I will get there. Even if for the moment, I’m just a fake sunshine.

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It’s been a while. In between work and family, guess I have been sleeping. I have like a decade or so of sleep to catch up, so I am now sleeping for 10 hours in a row… and it looks like I needed that very much. One of these days I might just write a whole post on depression and the burn-out syndrome, but for the moments these are two subjects I try to keep out of this blog. I start to feel people are awaking to the consequences of pushing themselves over the limit, and that would be the reason for me to write it, much more than grumbling about any imaginary or real misery that may have happened to me, lol.

Moving forward – a major piece of information. If you’re still not aware of the Spring Bazaar going on, well you should immediately run… I mean, teleport, obviously, lol – well, just go there, ok ? Hope that, like me, you’re able to find all your favourite designers there *winks. Don’t forget to grab all the 1L$ Easter Eggs along the way, most of them are really a catch ! And did I mentioned every items there are 50L$ or less ? I did not ?? Oh my, shame on me! Anyway, that’s how I ended up with two almost similar Scribble outfits, hehehe… Aren’t they simply awesome ?

There’s a lot of other matters wandering around in my mind, but I rather keep it simple and will split all of that into several different posts – just as far as I can keep myself awake, writing is something that simply can’t be kept inside of me 😀

Until there, do yourselves a big favour and enjoy every minute of your lives, deal ?

Fashion details:
Hair: [ Love Soul ] Hair color sample-Auburn (hence the tag, but I surely love this hair, lol)
Skin: Touche’ Bria Tan – Cornflower
Outfits:~Scribble~ May Flowers Dress Prim (left side) and ~Scribble~ April Showers Dress (right side)
Flats: [astraia] Peep Flat
Poses by esme for (pda)

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Having one of THOSE FL work meetings tomorrow stop had no time or patience to write much lately stop hope to come back in full force next week stop in the meanwhile suggest all to hit the MM Board at Junemoon’s and get this awesome sheep with a pot of flowers on his head stop

In love with a sheep (insert banana dance in here)

Belated happy saint patrick’s day everyone stop guess this could also be seen as a Thursday Love post stop will be back on sunday, yaaay! full stop

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Ever since I first heard about Melt – an installation on thin ice I have been waiting for the place to be available and jump in. Have to admit that I spent a lot of time yesterday trying to tp there, but unfortunately I was not lucky enough and no parcel was to be found until I finally gave up.

As I woke up today, Melt was my first thought. So I took the chance that the household was still sound asleep and was absolutely delighted as I found myself there just upon my first trial. I will let Radio Signals, the mind behind the whole project speak about it… for no doubt her words are far more appropriate than mine:

“Artists absorb the world around them. Their environments, that which they can feel and touch and see – and that which they can’t. Sometimes that which they can only dream of. They absorb it and translate it into a language that affects us all in some way.

This project is a study of translations. I presented 25 artists within Second Life with a concept of creating art with these words in mind: Drowning. Melting. Polar bears. Arctic. Culpability. Corporate greed. Inevitability. Extinction.

What they have done is breathtaking and beyond any realm of my expectations.

Welcome to Melt – Please explore and involve yourself in this temporary world created here. Interact with it, wear it, enjoy it and immerse yourself in it.

Melt is only open March 6 – March 21, Please feel free to share your experience by adding your snapshots to the Mirror Installations Flickr group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/meltinstallations/

Thank you
Radio Signals”

As for me, I will let images speak – simple photoshootings I took of this venture that gathers some of the best artists and designers in-world. Be prepared to spend some of your lindens as well, therefore do not forget your wallet at home!

Melting bears

One with the sea

One with the sea II

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It looks like Alice has left Wonderland for a while a decided to pay me a short visit these days. For one, there is this new Tim Burton movie with my fave actor Johnny Depp which I will surely not miss. Then, my dear friend anjali Insoo who had visited Never Never spotted this very cute outfit at BareRose and thought I might like it (I am trying hard to keep the sim away from the Alice theme, but it keeps coming back over and over, what can I do? lol). She was awfully kind and offered it to me… and you know what ? She was SO right, lol! I totally loved it and spent hours deciding on how to show it, since it not only comes in two colours (purple and red), it also has all sorts of layer options and both a skirt and short pants versions.

I finally decided on the purple skirt ensemble, and there you go… only I also had this lovely hair to show off and the rabbit told me he would keep my hat so I trusted him. Hmmm – hope he won’t flee away with it, hehehe.

Finally, before I forget, I am again wearing one of Tyranny Designs‘ amazing skins. My current favourites, and yet so many options lacking in my inventory, lol. But I haven’t lost faith and know that bit by bit all the fatpacks will be MINE!

Note: anji, I hope you have the outfit as well, ‘cuz I still want to shot that picture of both of us!

Fashion details:
Hair: [OH]::: (o_x)::: oh my ramen
Skin: .::Tyranny Designs:: Dinah in Fall – Toast -umbra –
Outfit (all included): ::: B@R ::: Lady Hatter (I am not wearing the hat, and the outfit also includes a short pants version)
Shoes: Stiletto Moody Pinup (Black Patent Python)
Pose: [LAP]

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Inspired on the original idea based on First life events, Trace Osterham – a wonderful inworld designer and photographer – decided to launch a similar project for Second Life residents. And the Two Three Six Five was born, which aims at telling short stories and experiences of 365 avatars in the metaverse.

I have to admit that I am really excited at start reading the result. I am sure this will be a blast and the project a major success. Can you just imagine having so many different perspectives in just one place ? Reading about funny lil situations, major romances or achievements? Second Life is such a rich environment that I can barely wonder on the diversity of the stories that can be told.

So here’s a challenge. Come and join, bring your own short story and make us laugh, smile, think or even cry if you want to. Check the guidelines and block a date for you. I can’t wait to read your story!

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…have you ever been in Tigerclaw ? Oh, you haven’t ? Mmm… *secret smile*

Well, if the plaque near the tp point is correct, the place exists since year 2003 – which is at least a proof of longevity and stability, in an environment that changes everyday. The description says it is a battle city and in fact, the whole ambience is that of an rp place.

Guess that would be enough for rp lovers to jump there – but if you are not one, and even you LOVE amazing things… well, you SHOULD go there!

Ah, and while you enjoy your walk, don’t forget to collect the small beige and brown boxes you will find scattered all around. No, they are not to throw away – because in fact they contain the greatest crazyest alternative freebies I have seen in many, many time (and you know I’ve been doing a lot of hunts lately, therefore please give me at least the benefit of doubt, ok ?).

Guess I can start by a bit of fashion. The awesome boots below, as well as both jackets and the belt (oh gosh, that belt is simply something out of any world, hehehe) are given as… yes, I am going to repeat the word again – FREEBIES !


And now that I have noticed the gentlement raising their eyebrows and saying something like “oh nooo, here we go again!” you might want to take a look at the special store wich is clearly identified as FREEBIE HOUSE – and have a blast with the houses and gagdets pictured down here. YES, all those lunatic awesome houses are gifts. As the bycicles as well and some airboards, robot hands etc that only Piu keeps in his inventory (though they are really cool, my ability as a driver in world is not something I am particularly proud of, lol).


And the houses, OMFG!! They are funny, totally different from anything I saw before and with menus allowing to change colours of inner windows, floors, etc. And the funniest of them all, in pink and blue, with bunniez and teddiez – you really HAVE to try them and check all the surprises they carry inside.


Right. NOW I deffinitely need a whole sim to play, hehehehe

PS: Sandy, je suis particulièrement sûre que tu aimeras bien cette place ! ❤

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I am grateful to Truth for their hair sale… babyhoney style is totally me.

I am grateful to GL Designs for their fabulastic 20L$ sale – Punk Kitty suits me great !

I am grateful to Stephen Psaltery from Style Starts Here – amazing strapped boots 😀

I am grateful to my dearest friend anjali Insoo – you RAWCK, girl, I’m delighted your studio and pose stand are copy and you’re generous heart made you feel like sharing it with me *holds tight and kisses*

I am grateful to the beautiful Ana Lutetia who shared her windlight presettings – maybe bit by bit I start shooting some decent pictures *does the banana dance*

I am grateful to Petros for… but have to refrain my gratitude to more private environments, lol

And last but totally NOT the least… I am grateful to my Plurk friends for making me smile.

Yes, even in a rotten day when I’m feeling this sick and can’t eat or drink anything all throughout the day – you guys still keep me going.


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January 31st. A date to keep in mind. A really special moment, listening to his powerful expressive voice and amazing choice of songs. At this really friendly place called the Wild Rover where I’ve found myself spending more than one off morning already !


Besides the songs themselves, HammerFla is an excellent communicator. He doesn’t limit his shows to singing, he actually interacts with the audience. Instead of standing on the stage, he wears a mobile micro and dances around with all of us while singing.

He even danced on the counter. Oh myyyy, he even danced with Me and thanked out loud at the end of it, how often does it happen?! *laughs* (gosh, why is it that I always forget to take pictures ?). I particularly enjoyed an original song about long distance love. Amazing lyrics and a very strong melody – I am trying to have them so I can post them for you to read, I am so sure you will like it as much as I did!! Unfortunately, they are not published anywhere, so I have to keep bothering him and begging for them, lolol.

Here and there, I sometimes listen to people say they get bored in-world. And everytime I wonder why is that, with so many things out there – people, places, activities – yet to be discovered…

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